It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 7:

As companion animals recognized worldwide, cats and dogs occupy all corners of human life.

People can be roughly divided into three categories according to the degree of favorability toward plush-a small number of cat slaves, a small number of abusive pets, and most of them are respectful.

Aunt Su belongs to the “respect as a guest” type. When cats, cats and dogs pass by her, she will not approach or kick, just hide away, but she will also help when encountering small animals asking for help.

You can not love but it won’t hurt.

She is more concerned about whether cats and dogs will carry germs on their bodies, or if they have to take a bite to get a rabies vaccine, so it is a common idea to stay away and there is no problem.

There has not been any type of “animal cruelty” in the Kyushu community. Most of the residents are dynamically distributed between “respect like a guest” and “cat slaves and dogs”. Especially many residents and families are busy with work and do not have the energy to take care of small animals. Just sucking cats and dogs, and seeing Huatang in the community also slippery today, I feel very happy.

It is commonly known as a vain party who does not take the initiative and does not promise to be irresponsible.

Not everyone is a heavy plush control like Bai Hefei and Han Lan. They really treat cats and dogs as friends and family members. Even if they share the same meal, they don’t mind. Talking about cats and dogs is even more talkative. If you can The five-year life span was given to the master, and the first one rushed to sign up.

Han Lan, who was holding Huatang, looked at the fluffy in his arms, with slightly sour eyes, thinking of his bibimbap, a border collie.

“Oh, Xiao Han, don’t cry, hurt your eyes.” Aunt Su can’t understand how cats and dogs can be family members, but she feels sorry for Han Lan. Seeing her expression become sad again, she can’t worry about letting her put the cat down and put it down. The mat was laid out for her to sit down.

“It’s okay Aunt Su, I just want to bibimbap.”

The beauty was in tears, pale and haggard, and gently tickled Huatang with her slender fingers, taking two deep breaths, without speaking.

Aunt Su couldn’t persuade her, so she could only turn around and go to work. She always felt that the tomatoes that the black cat had stepped on had to be washed twice, even with plastic wrap.

Huatang lay comfortably in Han Lan’s arms, and immediately understood why the unruly king asked a group of palace ladies to pinch their legs and peel the grapes in the TV series. It really felt good.

He patted Han Lan’s waist with his tail, and Huatang urged Han Lan to peel the melon seeds for herself. Without grapes, melon seeds would do.

The evil cat is so unreasonable.

The household manual said that as long as Huatang is willing to eat, there is no food taboo, but Han Lan is still very worried about the problem of heavy salt, so he did not go to the table to fry the seasoned melon seeds and peel them up. .

Residents who have never kept pets may not be so careful. They want to give small animals what they eat, but Han Lan has kept pets and knows that heavy oil and heavy salt can damage the kidneys of cats and dogs, so she is very concerned about this.

The original flavor, no plum and pepper and salt are delicious!

Huatang stepped on her front paws a little dissatisfied, but turned her head to look at Han Lan’s profile, and slumped back.

If Bai Hefei, he would be educated by Mao Maoquan, but Han Lan is so good-looking that cats like it, forget it!

This is a double-label privilege belonging to the villain.

Han Lan was born in elementary school, with a clear and ethereal temperament. When she was selected by the director in high school, she became a hit with a fluttering white costume. Since then, she has entered the entertainment industry and became the “goddess of ancient costume” in the hearts of countless people.

She is different from the mixed-race look she has preferred over the past two years. She looks elegant and aura, with a touch of charm at the end of her eyes. Under makeup, she can be dignified and charming, and her appearance and temperament are quite oriental and classical. Savor carefully.

Anyway, when Huatang looked up from the bottom, she felt satisfied, but didn’t like the sadness and weakness between Han Lan’s eyebrows.

The cat likes a warm, healthy, and energetic life texture. Her hind paws steadily stepped on her body and stretched out. She patted Han Lan’s eyebrows with the pads of her front paws, trying to pat away the sickness that she didn’t like.

All are taken away, so don’t get sick, and don’t lose your life~

Huatang often runs outside. The tender and soft texture of the meat pad is different from that of the domestic cat. It is a bit frosted and rough. However, the gentle movement of the patting between the eyebrows made Han Lan a little itchy and smiled, holding the front of Huatang. Claw, kissed the tip of her ear.

“Did I frown just now?” Han Lan encountered some problems in her career a few years ago, and she always frowned subconsciously. The bibimbap she raised was very gentle. Every time she saw Han Lan frown, she would squeeze over to act like a baby .

If Han Lan doesn’t eat on time, Bibimbap will take the initiative to come to her; Han Lan shut down the house and threw the script, Bibimbap is not afraid, so he lie on the corner of the carpet to accompany her; Han Lan is emotionally out of control and shrinks in the corner in pain, too Bibimbap hurriedly turned around, plunged into her arms and made trouble, not to make her sad.

Huatang always has some spirituality and gentleness similar to bibimbap.

Aunt Su felt distressed that Han Lan accidentally miscarried after losing the bibimbap. She couldn’t accept this reality for a while, so she moved out and calmed down for a few days.

But in fact, Han Lan knew that this was not the case.

She and her husband were married for three years, and each was busy with work. They wanted to push the birth of a child two years later. Anyway, there are many pregnant women in their 30s and 40s, and Han Lan is still young and in no hurry.

But the mother-in-law was very dissatisfied. She always felt that her daughter-in-law was an actor out for filming, kissing and hugging other actors, and there was a lump in her heart.

She didn’t believe that this was work. A woman wouldn’t care if she didn’t have a child, so her mother-in-law reminded her every year, and the annoying Han Lan and her husband had quarreled several times.

If she doesn’t turn her face with her elders, then she can get angry with the other’s son.

Bibimbap is a dog who has been with Han Lan for many years, sensitive to human emotions and standing beside Han Lan unconditionally.

Whenever Han Lan quarreled with her husband, she stayed by Han Lan’s side vigilantly, as if the other party dared to do something in the next second, the dog would rush over and bite.

As a result, the mother-in-law somehow heard that the daughter-in-law’s dog was about to bite her son, and she was immediately anxious.

Contraception failed. An unexpected child, Han Lan, who was not yet mentally prepared, temporarily turned off the script in his hand and wanted to rest for half a month and think about it.

The mother-in-law was even more dissatisfied when she watched her daughter-in-law go out to walk the dog every day, so that Han Lan made a decision that she regretted. She sent the bibimbap back to her family, thinking about picking it back in a few days, anyway. The mother-in-law will leave in a few days and can’t control what she does in her own home.

Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law knew that she could not control the lives of the couple, thought of a wicked way, and carried Han Lan on her back, and used the excuse of taking the bibimbap home privately, and threw the bibimbap away after being injured.

A domestically raised Border Shepherd had his leg broken and was thrown in the outskirts. He didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. Anyone looking for him could only see some blood stains. The dog was gone.

After solving the bibimbap, the mother-in-law thinks she has won the game, and she is still a little smug. The daughter-in-law can’t do it with her!

Yes, Han Lan didn’t do anything with her mother-in-law. After she called her husband and asked if the address of her mother’s home was given by him, she called her agent and assistant by herself. The divorce, abortion and moving were resolved in one day.

“Han Lan, are you crazy?!” After the husband received the call, the more he thought about his wife’s reaction, the more he felt wrong. The person who usually protects the bibimbap in his palms shouldn’t be so calm after knowing that he also mixed his hands!

As a result, as soon as he came back, he saw that Han Lan’s abortion operation had ended and the divorce agreement had been brought out.

For a dog, you sent a two-month-old child to a divorce?

Han Lan was held by her agent, her face was pale but her eyes were resentful, “I said, Bibimbap is my family.”

Had it not been for the husband to stir up the water, the maiden family would not have asked her mother-in-law to take away the bibimbap without a phone call. No one thought that the mother and son could still play this hand.

She invited a lot of people to help herself find bibimbap, but according to the blood on the spot, the possibility of bibimbap survival is really unlikely. Someone might pick it up for a snack, and the bones are gone.

Don’t talk to her about love and maternal love. Bibimbap came first.

If it wasn’t for murder and crime, Han Lan was ready to stab the mother and son.

The two-month-old embryo is only a mass of cells. Han Lan has the right to dispose of her body. She glanced at her husband who was annoyed by her poisonous wife, and used her fingertips to pinch his face, “Bibimbap We are not finished.”

If you know that being a poisonous woman can keep the bibimbap, then Han Lankan is like a sweet potato, but now everything is late, and she hates her carelessness.

She had just had a miscarriage, and her health was really bad. She left her agent and lawyer to toss the mother and the son. She invited Aunt Su, a nanny who had taken care of her, and moved to the Kyushu community with excellent security and attention to the privacy of residents last week. .

Han Lan doesn’t want to turn his family affairs into entertainment news for others to give pointers.

Bibimbap became an incurable scar in her heart, and she regretted that she couldn’t sleep all night, so why did she take a step back and send the bibimb away?

The whole world of bibimbap is her. Han Lan trusts her, relies on her, and is willing to cooperate with her when she does anything.

Han Lan fainted directly at the place where the bibimbap was thrown. When he thinks of the expectant journey home of bibimbap, it turns into being dragged to a strange place, wounded and abandoned, and she feels like her heart is pierced by a knife.

She couldn’t find her bibimbap.

The miscarriage hurt Han Lan’s vitality, but the bibimbap made her unable to forgive herself. It was an untouchable and unresolvable heart disease, and her body was getting worse every day.

Now, while holding the other fluffy in his arms, Han Lan endured tears for a long time.

Bibimbap is her little angel. She may not be able to get up until she was finally injured and could not catch up with the leaving car. She was still confused, why she hurt her, why she couldn’t move it, and what should the owner do if she can’t see it. what?

It felt uncomfortable to wet the fur with tears. Huatang tried to escape several times, but was lost in Han Lan’s grief.

Alas, is it possible that the evil cat’s plan to rob civilian girls will fail before the beauty is too crying?

With her warm body, Huatang wrapped a circle around Han Lan’s shoulders, pretending to be a black cat with a collar, and her throat locked in a vicious cat style, scaring the beauty so that she did not dare to cry.

The warm and soft black skin became the only heat source for Han Lan, who had a low body temperature. She glanced at the black cat who was wet with tears in some parts of her body, wiped off her tears, and went to get a soft wet wipe for help. Smooth out the fur.

“Thank you.”

Huatang stayed with Han Lan until the evening. When she was standing on the hallway carpet and was about to leave, Han Lan looked at her eyes swollen, but her spirit was much better. He heard her thanks to herself.

Wow, the chopped beauty is so cute and sweet, and the cat is OK again!

The front paw pressed Han Lan’s forehead, you must be good~

The black cat flicked its tail at her, tilted its head in a reassuring manner, and then turned and disappeared into the night.

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