It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 9:

In Huatang, everyone has a unique taste.

The cub caught by her tail was the scent of pudding and mousse dessert, soft and tender, and full of milk flavor.

The little girls under the quilt have the taste of fruit jelly, a bit less sweet and fresh and sweet.

Adult women like Doctor Hu and Han Lan have different floral scents, some are strong and some are quiet, which may or may not be what Huatang likes.

Bai Hefei is more special. It has a sesame-flavored glutinous rice ball flavor. It smells a bit glutinous rice. It is good to be bullied and poke at the same time. There is a strong sesame filling flowing out, sweet.

The elderly who often greet Huatang and talk to Huatang have a little afterglow of the sun and the smell of dried wood. They are limited by their health, and sometimes they will be mixed with old and decadent leaves.

As for Yu Dong and most of the households? It’s not enough to leave a taste file in Huatang~

The black cat has a deep impression of the tall man on the day of “catch fishing”. It is mixed with the cold taste of sea water and steel, with a fighting spirit and sharpness. For a kitten with no claws, it may be somewhat Fierce and depressed.

But for the villain cat like Huatang, it was just right, it was the feeling that evil cats liked.

The old man’s hands are not as soft as a child’s, and not as strong as a young man. They are dry and stiff, but they didn’t make the cat uncomfortable when holding Huatang.

Yes, the life texture that Huatang likes is upward, burning and strong.

But this has nothing to do with age. Some young people do not have an increasingly aging body and will lament numbness, but some old people will enjoy the gifts of the years, honest and gentle, with a unique beauty of sunset.

The old lady holding Huatang and the old gentleman next to her both had the “duck egg yolk style” that Huatang liked. The black cat’s nose moved slightly, and then he lay contently on the old lady’s lap.

When people are old, time is not so anxious. The old lady didn’t rush and helped the black cat get rid of the static electricity on her body a little bit. She also rubbed the cheek meat for Huatang, and the comfortable black cat quickly spread out. Cat cake.

Yes, that’s the strength, cats like it, and it looks like a master.

The old couple are the new owners of the villa diagonally across from Yu Biscuit’s house. They are both retired university professors. The old man next to him is named Wang, who majors in geological prospecting. He has been dealing with minerals for a lifetime, and is always ridiculed by his wife as Wang Shitou.

The old lady’s surname is Li, who is from the Department of History. She has three sons with her husband, each of whom is outstanding. Her grandchildren are also attached to the two elderly people.

However, Professor Wang started to have trouble remembering things two years ago. The old lady wanted to walk more with her lover. In the past two years, she went to many places. After coming back, she heard that her granddaughter recommended the Jiuzhou community to them, and praised the scenery here. Quiet, I moved in for a while.

As for the black cat, the old lady has heard about it, but didn’t care too much. They are at this age, and many of the things they ask for are destined to be regrettable. She wants to accompany her lover to see some scenery, don’t forget her. Quickly.

Life is alive, who has no regrets and unwillingness?

Try to convince yourself and accept it.

Professor Wang is not very sensitive to the reaction of the outside world now. Sometimes Professor Li said it took a long time before he would answer. However, Professor Li was patient and talked to Professor Wang while walking. They were already in the lake before meeting Huatang. I walked for almost twenty minutes.

“No, we need to be old. Let’s find a bench to rest.” When he was young, Professor Wang ran around in the field with equipment on his back. He was very physically strong. When he was at home, he often took his lover to run and exercise. The professor felt a little happy when he thought about his reluctance to keep up.

Now it’s okay. My lover will not laugh at her poor physical strength even in a wheelchair. Professor Li smiled twice and was about to find a bench to rest.

The black cat came here at this time. Professor Li had seen many cats before, but he walked in the middle of the road openly, not afraid of life or giving way. It was the first time I saw the cat who passed them by.

So, she stopped and looked at the black cat with her lover. She really liked the proud look of the cat.

Cats are the best practitioners of the principle of “It’s all about your ass, it’s about my ass”. Whether the earth is square or round, it doesn’t affect the cat’s own path.

Professor Li smiled and watched the cat pass by, and then was amused by the black cat’s sudden static change into “sea urchin”.

Huatang had a fatter face and shorter legs than other cats. Recently, she has eaten a little rounder. After the hair has exploded, she looks even less angular.

The old lady smiled and sat on the bench, trying to beckon to the cat. Unexpectedly, the cat would really understand and walked to her side.

“It’s fine when the weather is warmer. The air is dry during this period. Remember to drink more water.” Professor Li didn’t know if the cat would understand, watching the black cat look comfortable, and asked his grandchildren to talk to Huatang as well. .

Anyway, this is also a Mao boy!

There is no cat brand on the black cat, but looking at this sturdy body, clean corners of the eyes and ears, and moist and healthy nose, Professor Li knows that the cat is taken care of.

She picked up a pen and wrote some anti-static tips on the notepad. She wanted to hand it over to the cat’s owner, but she was temporarily in trouble. Is this paper handed directly to the butler center? Or go back and ask the granddaughter to find the owner of the cat?

The weather is dry and cats like to rub around. If you want to prevent static electricity, you still have to rely on the owner to feed more water and wash in time. Professor Li is a meticulous and caring character, but he doesn’t know how to give black cat owners with advice.

Huatang brought her head to Professor Li’s hand, tilted her head in a puzzled state, the cat couldn’t understand~

“We just moved here, and we don’t know who your owner is. Go to the butler center and ask later!” Professor Li reached out and nodded the black cat’s forehead. He really likes this little guy too much, and his eyes are bright. , Can understand her as well.

the host?

Huatang grabs the key words and restores it from the catcake state with one click. How can the evil cat have an owner?

Huatang likes the old lady very much. Seeing the gentle and kind eyes of the old man, she meowed twice to give her knowledge of popular science evil cats, then stretched out her front paw and rubbed the notepad twice, and signaled Professor Li to tear off the paper.

Nothing can stump the evil cat.

As soon as the witty black cat went static, he jumped off Professor Li’s lap and began to rub his back against Professor Wang’s wheelchair.

After the hair on her back exploded, Huatang ran back to Professor Li, and then with a “pop”, the piece of paper was firmly sucked on the cat’s back.

This trick was learned from Yu Dong, who told him to tear the newspaper in the morning.

“Oh, little clever ghost!”

Professor Li smiled and rubbed the tip of the black cat’s ears, watching the cat blow up the hair on its back, raised its head and lifted its claws, and proudly sucked the paper away. It is estimated that the paper “cat sent” to the person taking care of her.

Although static electricity is in vain, Professor Li is not happy. He is still laughing when pushing his lover back, making the granddaughter who ran over curious, why is grandma in such a good mood? Did something happen?

The old lady talked about her encounter with the black cat, and then she thought about it, and asked her granddaughter to ask where the cat was usually taken care of. If the cat’s “paper delivery” failed, she could help save it.

Static electricity can only be effective for a while. As soon as Huatang left the lake, the paper on his back fell to the ground.

The cat didn’t have hands, and didn’t want to grab his mouth. After thinking for a while, he noticed the thick tree trunk on the side of the road, and then ran over and rubbed it, accumulating some static electricity.

Fancy tumbling, successfully sucked up the paper again.

At this time, the Yu family was supposed to go to work, and those who were supposed to go to school were not at home. Han Lan looked at her health and was not well, so it was enough to take good care of herself.

After finishing the simple elimination method, Huatang shook her tail, and was about to “express” the paper on her back to Bai Hefei. She really didn’t like the static electricity all over her.

It’s just that the electrostatic adsorption effect is getting worse and worse. Originally, it was rubbed at a time of 50 meters, and it quickly became a rub at 30 meters. Later, it was almost five meters. Sometimes the cat would look back for the fallen paper. Huatang was irritable on the spot, and came to the air with a set of cat punches.

That is to say, the sanitary environment of the Kyushu community is really good. Otherwise, according to the rubbing method of Huatang, it will soon be like a hedgehog, covered with fallen leaves and debris.

If the cat runs fast, the paper will be blown off by the wind. If the cat runs slowly, the paper will also fall off after the static electricity disappears.

This paper must be provoking the evil cat.

Huatang’s mood gradually became dangerous, and finally when the paper fell again, she stretched out her front paws to show the tips of her claws, and began to threaten the paper.

If you dare to fall, the cat’s paw will make the paper heaven, okay?

It’s a pity that the piece of paper torn from the notepad was fearless. After Huatang got the static electricity, it fell off after two steps.

Very good, paper, successfully angered the evil cat.

This paper was written down carefully by the old lady, so the cat went around the paper.

But the death penalty can be avoided and the living sin cannot escape, and the cruelty of the evil cat will cost millions of corpses.

As a result, Huatang began to turn around and jump into the bushes, greeted the innocent flowers and plants, and the broken leaves and branches were slaughtered, and the movement was not small.

He took his cell phone and walked to the window to contact his comrades. Gu Yusheng, who was able to pick up the puppies today, heard the sound. He conditioned his warning. After paying attention, he took a closer look and found a familiar black.

Gu Yusheng:…

How should I put it? He just moved into the Kyushu community. After staying for less than two days and only one night, he saw black cats three or four times, and he almost used up his share of the complicated mood of his nearly thirty years of life.

What happened to this cat?

With the power of a cat, Huatang successfully transformed Gu Yusheng into a firm “dog faction”, determined to stay away from cats.

He really couldn’t understand what the cat was thinking.

Huatang is like an autumn wind, after cruelly and coldly consolidating her image of a bad cat, she continued to look for the trunk and began to rub the fur on her back, sucking the paper, and walked away. She also endured the insulting cat face recognition and went to the elevator to brush her identity. .

The cat is not stupid. If you walk the catwalk outside and jump into the cat box while sucking the paper, the paper will definitely fall off.

It was almost noon, Bai Hefei also got up, stretched out with a yawn, and looked at the small window, and found that Huatang had not come today.

Alas, he has become a poor man without a cat again. Bai Hefei went to wash his face and brush his teeth, and used his mobile phone to release the previously recorded “Meow Meow Meow” with a Bluetooth speaker, enjoying the gentle comfort from the cat.

Bai Hefei has known Huatang for a long time, and he also knows that black cats don’t like meowing so much, so after finally recording this section, he feels very warm and feels that life has hope again, and life can continue to struggle. .

How can there be such a cute little creature as a cat in the world~

Huatang sucked the paper out of the elevator, and finally came to the door of Bai Hefei’s house after all the hardships. As soon as he was about to jump to the door, he heard some faint sounds inside.

Huh? This quiet feeling is the favorite secret of cats!

The tip of her ears moved, curiosity came up, and the enthusiastic Huatang listened closely to the security door, and after a while, the cat’s face showed disgust, and he took two steps reluctantly.

She was secretly carrying her, hiding at home and being scolded repeatedly?

Suddenly, Hua Tang wanted to turn around and leave with the statically absorbed paper on her body, refusing the evil cat to enter any abnormal scene.

The villain is bad, not perverted, understand?

How could there be such a strange creature as human in the world!

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