It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

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“It’s so hard to be a bad cat”

Author: Yu trees


A qualified black cat should be greedy, wicked, rude and fierce, scaring adults and occupying small fish.

Huatang, with a chubby face, is just such a black cat with ideals and goals, trying to make the most ferocious expression so that the entire Kyushu community knows how terrible it is.

One day, when Huatang was lying on the wall to admire the country she had laid down, she heard a big secret.

——The Jiuzhou community hides a great fortune.

Lucky? Huatang licked her paw and jumped off the wall, ready to go to Kangkang University where the luck is.

The ruthless black cat wants to occupy the treasure.

Residents in the Kyushu community know that there is a black cat near them that can bring luck. When the cat’s claw is pressed on your forehead, then, congratulations, you will be safe and happy, and everything will be worry-free.

———Reading Guide———

1. Huatang, the black cat, dominates the community, 2.0 is the new version of the evil cat “The Evil Girl”

2. CP Gu Yusheng, plot flow

Content tag: modern overhead cool text growth

One sentence introduction: Meow and sigh

Idea: Black cats can also bring good luck

Author’s brief comment:

The protagonist Huatang is a black cat with a chubby face, ideals and goals. As a district tyrant in the Kyushu community, he is determined to be greedy and evil. In the village of fish and meat, he eats the fragrant and soft bedding, eats the king’s meal in the male owner’s shop, and becomes the worst villain and evil cat. However, life will be difficult for this chubby cat with its own transport aura. The more evil the cat, the better the luck. Today, despite the sigh of failing to be the evil cat, the residents of the Kyushu community have been sheltered by the transit cat. They are safe, happy, and worry-free.

This article is humorous and cheerful. Through the transfer of Mao Huatang to string up different story lines, the people around Huatang can regain and reunite after a long absence, and make life be gentler to them. After all, it’s really hard to be a bad cat for a lucky cat~

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