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Chapter 3157: Newlywed photos that can and cannot be seen

There are many cities and scenery suitable for travel in the world, and Luo Junning also has a slight difficulty in choosing, so Li Juli chooses the wedding destination.

Bali, a beautiful landscape.

Li Juli only chose such a place, planning to spend the next ten days here, and their itinerary was not too concealed.

There are even fellow photographers who will take some shots when they leave the ocean view villa.

When resting in the villa, Luo Junning and Li Juli will also take some sweet shots of themselves to show their affection online.

Of course, it is not the reason to show affection to the outside world, but the follow-up plot in the TV series “Our Story”, which is the part of married life.

Such a show of affection, provided that there is a suitable reason, is most often said that the brother and sister are making excuses to travel, and there will not be too many people suspecting that they are a real act.

In fact, this kind of effect is very good, even when “Our Story” was sold to the China Star TV Station, it was bought for more than one million episodes.

Based on the 50-plus episodes of the entire drama, it is almost 50 million.

Such a price for a pure idol romance… seems to be really not high, at least in the “real future”, in two years, there will be something like “Win the World”, “True Circle” or something , The webcast rights have been sold for several hundred million, and it is almost six, seven, eight, or nine million in one episode.

Of course, the price of the TV station will be considered lower, after all, to give some face to the Star TV station, it is almost the same price.

In general, in the eyes of many ordinary people, this is a deliberate propaganda method by Luo Junning and Li Juli, and has not caused much negative impact.

The real influence is his girlfriends.

Girls’ Generation is better. They have been busy recently. They are holding concerts and preparing to return to the preview. Without deliberately, they can hardly see the love photos of Luo Junning and Li Juli.

Crown is actually quite busy.

Unlimited Entertainment arranged several concerts for them, but without Li Juli, they were troublesome to prepare, so they were still waiting for Li Juli.

Also very concerned about Li Juli’s recent situation.

It was another sweet but modest photo—close but not excessive, and it was said that the relationship between sister and brother could be recognized by others—that Quan Baolan took very seriously.

The sisters around are used to it, and no one comes to bother.

But they don’t bother, but Quan Baolan will take the initiative to chat, especially since she also found some flaws, such as, “This photo is a bit backlit, so I didn’t care when I took it.”

“Baolan Oni~”

Park Soyan can’t laugh or cry. Recently, Quan Baolan is always picking up the thorns of Luo Junning and Li Juli’s “Love Promotional Photos”, but after picking up the thorns, he didn’t tell Li Juli or Luo Junning, but often talked with their sisters.

At the beginning, everyone was quite happy, and it was very interesting to play with everyone to find the fault.

But the more times, they don’t feel that kind of feeling anymore, and they are all smart people, and they can see all Baolan’s ideas, and they don’t feel any problems.

But Quan Baolan is obviously a little overly anxious now.

I didn’t see Lin Yuna, Zheng Xiujing and others. They have been busy for so long, so they are also very calm. Maybe it is because of age?

Everyone has some speculations, but they won’t say it arrogantly. That will only make Quan Baolan more anxious. Fortunately, Li Juli’s wedding trip is almost time, and she should be back in two days to participate in the concert rehearsal.

By then, it should be much better.

Three days later, Li Juli returned to the team with a sweet smile. By the way, she distributed the gifts she brought back from Bali to everyone. They were all gifts with local characteristics.

“Not bad, I like it very much.”

Quan Baolan accepted the gift with a smile, and the relaxed appearance made the sisters who thought she would ask some interesting questions a little disappointed…cough, not disappointed, but relieved.

Sure enough, it’s my sister, and this qi training is good.

“Huh, what is this?”

Park Jiyan exclaimed, attracting everyone’s gaze, and then all rolled his eyes, without it, just because the youngest was obviously holding a photo album, and there was a name on it.

“Hey, let’s take a look together. This is a photo of Ernie and her brother-in-law’s wedding trip.”

Park Jiyan said quickly, mainly looking at Li Juli, Li Juli smiled and said, “Let’s take a look, it’s not a shameful picture anyway.”

Having said that, the sweet smile on Li Juli’s face that she wanted to share with others could not be concealed.

Park Hyomin tweeted: “Married women are different. When you speak, you can’t see people.”

Without waiting for Li Juli to refute, Han Enjing seriously answered, “So, in fact, Julioni, you and President Ouba have taken shady photos?”


Everyone’s eyes gleamed, and those eyes frightened Li Juli to walk away.

She didn’t know whether she saw a picture of a person, and she didn’t want to discuss this topic with her sisters. Even if she wanted to talk, she would find a suitable time to talk to Luo Junning.

That smelly brother is really enough, and it makes people hate to grit his teeth, but he really asked her to bite him, and he couldn’t bear it.


In this life, she was completely planted on him.

Although Li Juli left, the girls did not stop. Even Quan Baolan, who was still a bit tangled, looked at the newlyweds photo album in surprise.

They are all very beautiful photos.

Even the photos that are obviously self-portraits look like artistic photos. If they didn’t know the personalities of Luo Junning and Li Juli, they would really think it was a post-production.

Well, the main reason is that Luo Junning and Li Juli have good foundations. Even if they are secretly photographed by passers-by, they are like taking artistic photos.

Especially Luo Junning, known as the “idol” without blind spots, this is why he rarely appeared in the previous few years, even social news has been deliberately reduced a lot, but still has a steady stream of young girls fans to join s reason.

There are also many sisters who live by taking pictures of Luo Junning.

Even at the door of Infinite Group, there are quite a few camera holders stationed all year round, and it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a reporter, a ‘sister’, or a paparazzi.

Anyway, little girls make good money.

The members of the crown are now tidy. Li Xiaoli gave Li Juli a day’s rest in Infinite Production, and then asked the agent to take the crown to the China Magic City.

Both of their last two concerts were in China.

There was originally a plan planned a few years ago, but Li Juli was going to marry Luo Junning, so it was postponed. They are now, but they want to explore the Chinese market.

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