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Chapter 3158: China Women's Team

Shudu Liushuang International Airport.

The six girls walked out under the protection of more than a dozen security guards and assistants, and a shout of support was heard at the exit. Every girl’s name appeared, of course, the name of the team was the most.

The Queens still have more group dinners.

Airport fashion has formed an instinct for the girls in the crown, or now all idols and stars are used to airport fashion without the slightest problem.

Fans cheered more enthusiastically, which made the winter temperature rise several degrees.

The cold or gentle girls got into the nanny car safely, and then they all exhaled gently and smiled at each other.

“The fans in Azassi’s hometown are so enthusiastic, and there are many more.”

The youngest girl, Park Ji-yeon, is leaning on her elder sisters in an unimaginative way. She has liked these actions recently, whether in the apartment or in the backstage, nanny car and other scenes.

The sisters said it once or twice, and she quickly agreed, but she didn’t change it.

Fortunately, it didn’t affect the external image of the team, so everyone didn’t mention it again. In fact, they all guessed the reason-the young man who was learning and feeling, did not want to lose the innocence.

Park Hyomin felt particularly deeply about this, because she was also learning about sex, and was also going to show off her new charm in front of Luo Junning.

However, she does not reject the sense of sex. She has long lost the attachment to the so-called innocence, and is more concerned about her own charm, especially the charm of Luo Junning.

“Mostly, right?”

Park Hyomin’s words made everyone laugh.

There are indeed many. Huaxia’s fans will always be more than those in Korea, whether it’s airport fashion shows, fan meetings, concerts and other scenes.

But these are normal. China has more population and land than South Korea in every aspect.

As girls who grew up under Luo Junning’s three correct views, they are very aware of the gap between the two countries, rather than immersed in the false world created by the propaganda department for the people.

It is precisely because they know all this that they are looking forward to becoming Huaxia’s wives.

Even Quan Baolan faced his attitude towards Luo Junning. There was no reason for this outstanding—love, which was really important.

But everyone is all grown-ups. It’s not the age of a few years ago when you could cry presumptuously, laugh presumptuously, and say unscrupulous things presumptuously.

Weighing the pros and cons is just the instinct of adults. When choosing love, they can suppress this instinct to a lower level than sensibility. This is what is called true love.

But, this time they went to Huaxia Shudu, and they were only here for rehearsal, and so many fans already welcomed them.

This is also related to the company’s operating plan-this time they came to China, as the crown, they formally signed a contract with China Zelu Entertainment.

Zelu Entertainment will manage their recording contracts and even detailed operation plans in China.

This situation is an incredible decision for most idols, entertainers, and celebrities, but Li Xiaoli of Unlimited Production and Tang Han of Zelu Entertainment have adopted this method, without even telling Luo Junning.

But these girls know it, and it feels a little weird.

They refused to say anything. Who made them just idols? Even with Luo Junning’s relationship… Because of Luo Junning’s relationship, they don’t think Li Xiaoli and Tang Han will target themselves and others, so it doesn’t really matter.

There is a local brokerage company in China, or a very influential brokerage company will operate the China market for them, which may have unexpected effects.

Just like the fans who picked up the plane at the airport just now, they were obviously just here for rehearsal and there was no important itinerary. However, more than hundreds of fans came to pick up the plane at the airport.

If it were placed in South Korea, it would be an incredible scene, even in the girls’ generation, the pinnacle of girl group idols.

But they have already met, this is the charm of operation.

“I heard that we are all called the China Women’s Team here.” Pu Soyan retracted her gaze from the window and said softly.

Li Juli looked back at her, then looked at everyone with different looks, and smiled: “It’s all propaganda, don’t mind everyone.”

“Why do you mind, this is Oppa’s home…”

Park Hyomin explained and answered instinctively. Halfway through, she suddenly understood that Li Juli didn’t say this to herself, so she quickly stopped talking and changed to a cute smirk mode.

Quan Baolan, Han Enjing, and even the youngest youngest member rolled their eyes.

“It’s all for work, we understand.”

Seeing that the other two sisters were silent, Han Enjing smiled and gave her own answer. She was a representative, but she also knew that it might not be long before a certain sister didn’t need to represent herself.

Quan Baolan calmly closed his eyes and rested, as if tired.

“Gulioni, when will Azassi come over? This is his hometown. We finally come here. I want him to take me to eat delicious food.”

Park Jiyan tilted her head with a smile, and leaned on Li Juli, acting like a spoiled girl, as if she didn’t want money.

Li Juli clicked the tip of her nose amusingly, “You, be careful one day when someone grabs something delicious and snatches it away.”

Park Jiyan dissatisfied: “No, it’s not Azassi.”


All the girls looked over, even Quan Baolan, who closed his eyes and rested, so that Park Jiyeon was shocked and said weakly: “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, you didn’t say anything wrong.” Li Juli gently patted the girl’s head, and the youngest member immediately showed an expression of enjoyment, but everyone at the scene became inexplicable.

Concert rehearsal does not happen overnight, especially for solo concerts, at least several starts.

Familiar with the stage, effectively combine the song with the stage, where is suitable for occasional fan interaction, which edge of the stage must not go over, from which direction the lights shine, and when the fireworks will be fired, these are all things that need to be kept in mind. .

This time is just a preliminary arrangement. The most important thing is to go to Zelu Entertainment first and act as a contracted artist of Zelu Entertainment.

Tang Han welcomes these girls, even if she is very busy now-can you not, I spent a little half a month to help Luo Junning prepare for the wedding. Even if the accumulated affairs are handled by a competent assistant, they also need to be sorted out. In addition, in the new year, the earliest and highest-growing artists under his team want to go out and open their own studios, and all aspects need to be dealt with.

But no matter how busy she was, she took time to meet these girls.

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