Maid’s Diary: Devil Master, Please Behave

Vol 2: Chapter 229: : Goodbye, girl I love so much

The return of Gu Yuze and Munanhao is a new journey.

Tsundere, like Gu Yuze, would not accept being alone in the hotel anyway, but Munan had no choice but to use his head as a guarantee and his character as a guarantee. This holy Chinese from a foreign country is not a spy.

After a series of stringent inspections, Gu Yuze finally obtained permission to enter the classified military area—as a family member of a senior leader.

As soon as he returned to the headquarters, Munan became a fox who broke free of his shackles, and a shark who returned to the sea, pulling Gu Yuze from the east to the west, giving various introductions.

During those battles, it was like a candy-loving kid holding a good friend’s hand and walking around the candy store one by one.

“This Blue Eagle training department, look at the highest target with the most holes, that is my exclusive target.” Munan excitedly pointed to the wooden stake outside the grass field, and almost took a gun to demonstrate to Gu Yuze himself.

“This is the bomb disposal room, with an impact protective cover next to it. Now the demolition record of the first class bomb is still held by me.” Munan took Gu Yuze’s hand and smiled brightly.

Gu Yuze calmed his face, and Naobu Munan was fully armed with a dynamite bag that could explode at any time, watching the little fox’s eyes grow darker and darker.

“This is the data intelligence analysis room. I used to hunt down the poisonous triangle boss. I searched the intelligence network for a full 72 hours, and finally found his hiding place.”

The fruits of the hard work and blood of the past have become the capital of Mu Nanchao Gu Yuze’s show, and the mood is similar to the one hundred points in the exam, eager to wait for the teacher to praise.

Gu Yuze’s smile became deeper and deeper, pinching her soft fingers, listening to her rants, and not forgetting to look at the surrounding environment.

Backing by mountains, offshore, and harsh environment.

The weather is bad, the food is rough, and there are many men.

Along the way, there were many strange soldiers who looked at her and him.

In this place, she can never come back again.

“This is my dormitory, the best single room in all the team.” Munan kicked the door open, and the fish seemed to sneak in.

The reason why she can enjoy the conditions of a single-room dormitory is related to her status as the boss. On the other hand, she is the only girl in the team, and no one has the guts to live with her.

Gu Yuze looked sideways and thought he would see a doghouse with messy socks flying all over the sky. Unexpectedly, this small room was clean and elegant, with neat bedding and well-arranged military boots. Even the tabletop was not dusty.

“This is your room?” Gu Yuze frowned slightly, she couldn’t believe it.

Munan waved his hand humbly, sat on the edge of the bed, and swayed to feel the softness of the bedding: “No, no, Brother Jiangcheng would often help me clean up. He didn’t know that I was coming back, so he specially cleaned it for me.”

As soon as he said this, Munan clearly saw Gu Yuze’s face turn stinky, and he expressed his dissatisfaction with a classic look of disgust: “Could it be that you haven’t even learned how to organize your own house in the past eight years?”

“Thanks to Jiang Cheng for the past eight years.” Munan smiled dryly, his eyes twitched, and a serious smile appeared at Gu Yuze, “Don’t tell me, Jiang Cheng is closer to my brother, but I only like you. Really.”

Gu Yuze’s face only cleared slightly.

On the other side, since learning that the boss of Munan has finally returned, the entire Blue Eagle Special Team boiled into boiling water.

The special forces who miss the boss are looking forward to it and full of thoughts.

Unexpectedly, the boss is not only back, but there is also a tall and handsome strange man around him.

What was even more shocking was that the boss was clinging to the man like a woman, laughing and laughing all the way, his pretty eyebrows became more refined and refined, as beautiful as a butterfly.

“Wocao, has the boss changed? It’s like a little lady.” Special soldier A watching in the corner.

“Stupid, the boss was originally a woman.” Special Soldier B rolled his eyes, “Didn’t the youngest say that after the last special mission, the boss and this President Gu are in agreement. This time I came back and delivered a resignation letter to the chief. .”

“No! Why is the Blue Eagle no longer a boss, is it still a Blue Eagle?” Special Force C was distraught, clutching his heart in tears.

“Come on, don’t look at the excitement, can you decide on the important matter of the boss’s marriage? Don’t hurry up and train.” The little third son walked out of the toilet and saw a group of special soldiers chattering.

Without Munan, the third son is the King of Mountain.

With an order, everyone fled.

The little third son looked at the dormitory not far away, and happened to see Mr. Gu sitting by the window looking through the information. The boss didn’t know what he had said. Mr. Gu immediately looked upset, and then the boss ran over and rubbed the corner of his lips.

President Gu was dissatisfied with the quick kiss, pulled the boss’s arm, and kissed it domineeringly.

In the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly, reflecting the intimate figures of the two, warm and happy, and the army’s iron-blooded cold and hard edge softened between him and her, and the brows were full of sweet love.

The little third son was stunned, lowered his head, and turned around.


“Have you really made a decision?”

Sharan tilted Erlang’s legs and threw the resignation letter in his hand on the table.

Munan poured a full cup of Pu’er tea, graciously handed it to the big man sitting on it, and nodded firmly: “Lao Xia, I really want to resign. Could you please approve it.”

Sharan’s two thick lips were pressed tightly together, and her dark, angular face was stiff.

Without speaking, he stared straight at Munan, so that Munan wondered if he had stolen the heart of Lao Xia’s wife.

“Did you really want to make it clear?” Sharan’s voice was extremely majestic, half-squinted, “The Central Government values ​​you very much, and the National Security Bureau wants to dig you all day long. After the last mission, you are the youngest and most promising colonel in China. A great future is waiting for you in the future.”

Munan said truthfully: “I think being Gu Yuze’s wife has a brighter future.”


This is not a joke. Gu Yuze’s status as a nobleman is there. There are thousands of majors in the world, but Gu Yuze has only one wife.

Compared to a high-ranking colonel who has to deal with officialdom all day long, Gu Yuze’s wife is simply the happiest profession in the world.

Sharan knew that he was wrong, so she had to soften her voice to induce: “Xiao Nan, do you think about it again? How much effort did the country take to cultivate talents like you. You came to the army, isn’t it for this country?”

In fact, from the bottom of his heart, Sharan was reluctant to marry Mu Nanyuan, especially when Shenghua was surging, and the wealth and wealth circles were unpredictable, and Munan’s fierce temperament could not adapt.

Munan looked down, blew the teacup leaves in his hand, and watched the white mist floating on the tea.

“Lao Xia, I think very clearly.” Munan said, “I used to think that Gu Yuze and I would not be able to continue in this life. Even if I was performing tasks in Shenghua and watching him every day, I still couldn’t live in the country and He made a choice.”

“For this country, my father put aside his family and went to the front. For this country, I gave my blood, sweat, feelings, and life. During the three months of being in a coma, I reflected on the past 20 years and the only thing that really deserves my nostalgia. , Only him.”

Only after experiencing the true separation of life and death, can we understand the person who is most cherished in life.

Sharan took a sip of tea, full of inexplicable bitterness, her eyes were sincere and sincere.

This girl is no longer the one in her impression. That person, let her mature and grow up.

“Lao Xia, you don’t understand.” Munan smiled playfully, and filled Xia Lang with a cup of hot tea, brows and eyes full of happiness.

“Gu Yuze loves me, I love him, no one can do without anyone. The special forces are cold-blooded and can’t be emotional. I can’t be a special soldier at all.”

The beast struggling to kill was injured. It can lick the wound in the corner alone without knowing the pain.

But once the fearless beast has a little tender care, no amount of pain will be infinitely magnified.

Gu Yuze gave her a gentle and indulgent sky, secretly dealt with all the troubles for her, pained her as before, completely, Munan could not do without him.

“Girl, nothing, I respect your decision.” Xia Lang sighed, rubbing his temples with rough fingers, feeling full of emotion for a while.

Munan grinned, smiling like a flower burst into a bright smile.

She jumped over happily and gave Sharan a big bear hug, almost breaking Sharan’s neck.

“Old Xia, thank you!”

Sharan finally broke free of her arm, disgusted with the geography of her wrinkled military uniform, raised her eyes and pretended to scream: “Be careful, do you talk to your superiors like this?”

Munan smiled happily in the chair, eyes bent into crescents.

“I will help you with the resignation.” Sharan opened the porcelain lid of the teacup, shook the tea in a leisurely manner, and glanced at Munan. “By the way, you have time to send it to Jiangcheng. Go, I don’t know when I can come back.”

“Brother Jiangcheng is leaving? Where is he going!” Mu Nan’s pretty face changed, and his heart tightened suddenly.

Xia Lang glared at the confidant’s misfortune, and said, “He was a military doctor for you. Now you abandon him and marry President Gu. Jiang Cheng has no reason to stay in the army. Last month, he applied for the International Medical Assistance Program for Africa. , To provide voluntary rescue in Uganda for five years.”

Aid to Africa?

Five years?

Every word was struck hard in Munan’s heart, she was quite stunned for a while, and her heart was filled with boundless complex feelings.

Jiang Cheng was about to leave the army, but she was the last person to know.

In the early morning, the Kyoto Airport was full of people.

The flying five-star red flag is very conspicuous in the flow of people, and the doctors in white coats under it are like white clouds falling in the world, about to float to another hot and gorgeous land.

“Doctor Jiang, there are still ten minutes to check the ticket.” Someone reminded him intimately.

Jiang Cheng nodded, and looked back at the sky on the other side of the army, a heart-pounding blue, as beautiful as her face.

He turned around, the wheels of the suitcase crushed on the ground, making a grunting sound of nostalgia.

“Brother Jiangcheng! Wait for me!”

Wearing a black jacket, Munan rushed across the railing, panting, and was stopped by the guard on the side of the road. She took out a document from her pocket, and the guard quickly let her in respectfully.

Jiang Cheng stood in place with a smile in his black eyes, watching her run towards him through the sea of ​​people.

The scenery is as before, the memories and the real scenes are intertwined.

She was in Wuzhen, and every time she finished fighting with her peers, she stood in front of his door aggrieved with her ragged arm.

She was on the tree, poking the bird’s nest on the tree with a stick, and smiled at him under the tree with a cute appearance.

She was drinking sweet and sour lemon tea contentedly in the Shenghua School Hospital, and chatting about various gossips.

She was in the hospital bed, holding him in the room, crying bitterly, tears wet his white sleeves and hurt his heart.

She is still her, beloved.

“Brother Jiangcheng, you went to Uganda, remember to call me often.” Munan squeezed his wrist, panting, tears flickering in his eyes.

“I asked Lao Xia to prepare a lot of food and clothes, and they have been sent to the plane. Remember to take them away.”

“Also, if you want to come back to see me, I will send a plane to pick you up at any time–“

Before he finished speaking, Munan was inadvertently hugged by him, with his cheeks pressed against his chest.

The white coat carried the familiar smell of disinfectant, and his heartbeat was fierce, thumping, and ringing in Munan’s heart.

Mu Nan’s eyes suddenly reddened, and his crystal tears slipped down, holding his waist with both hands without letting go.

“Don’t worry, I will come back safely.” Jiang Cheng said warmly, sniffing the faint fragrance of bamboo leaves in her hair, her eyes were deeply attached to her.

He has no reason to stay with her.

By her side, there is already a guardian, sheltering the wind and rain, waiting for him by her side.

“Brother Jiangcheng, I’m so sorry???” Munan squeezed his fingers, his voice choked, and his pretty eyes were dim and sad.

Jiang Cheng chuckled, raising his eyes to look at Gu Yuze who was not far away with a displeased face, but still chose to watch.

The two men’s eyes met in the busy crowd, and they nodded to each other, staggering in relief.

“I’m going to board the plane, we will definitely meet again.” Jiang Cheng retracted his gaze, let go of her reluctantly, stroked her hair gently, and stared at her beautiful and outstanding face, “Xiao Nan, be fine.”

Munan nodded dullly, a soreness in the bridge of his nose.

Jiang Cheng turned around, and the light reflected by the airport glass windows fell on his white back, strangely lonely, and his shoulders seemed to bear unnamed affection.

The slender figure gradually blurred, and gradually blurred in Munan’s eyes.

Jiang Cheng smiled lightly. In the past, I was always waiting behind you, watching you leave.

Now, it’s you, watching me leave behind.

Goodbye, girl I love so much.

To be happy, the girl I love.




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