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Chapter 987: Master Song, calm down

“Look, he broke my face, and I was injured in several places on my body. Today, no matter what, you have to tell the young master to take this man into the police station and immediately detain him… “Song Hefeng pointed at Wen Muchu and said angrily.

That police officer Li is named Li Moda…about thirty years old.

The ability to deal with cases is average, but because of the exquisite appearance, it is easy to get mixed up.

He knew almost half of Jinjing’s four major families.

He didn’t dare to offend people from the four major families.

Therefore, he naturally prefers Song Hefeng.

Li Moda glanced at Wen Muchu, Song Hefeng is from the Song family, he is not easy to offend.

However, he didn’t even know this person.

The identity of this person is at best just an ordinary person.

Heh-an ordinary person, dare to beat the young master of the Song family so boldly?

This is really a long life, and I am looking for a dead end.

“Young Master Song, don’t worry, we will definitely handle the case impartially… Come on, take this gentleman back for detailed interrogation…”

Two people walked up immediately and opened the door, trying to grab Wen Muchu’s arm and take him out of the car.

Gu Ci’s heart jumped, and quickly got out of the car, stopping the two people.

“You can’t take Mr. Xiao Wen away. This incident was actually provoked by Young Master Song. My husband, but he never left his seat from the beginning to the end. Young Master Song deliberately ran into our car and provoked him to our car. Coming up…”

Young Master Song is usually used to being arrogant, he immediately cursed at Gu Ci.

“You are just a dog. You are also qualified to speak here? Give me, how far and how far you can go… Be careful with me, so that you won’t see the sun tomorrow. I just wanted to find the difference, what happened to him? It’s the first time for someone who has taken away the person I like and dared to **** someone from the young master. I just want to kill him, the young master.”

“Heh… this time, if he is not allowed to sit in the prison, my surname will not be Song… The bodyguard, hurry up and chase away the dog who is in the way, don’t break my business. I punched…I made him pay a heavy price…”

As soon as Song Hefeng’s voice fell, two bodyguards immediately grabbed Gu Ci’s wrist.

Gu Ci’s skills are not covered. They used to be from special forces. How are these two bodyguards his opponents?

He is agile and moves as fast as lightning. With two moves, he will feed the two bodyguards to the kicking dog.

Song Hefeng’s expression changed, and he quickly hid behind Li Moda.

He grabbed Li Moda’s sleeves and whispered, “Do you see Police Officer Li? It’s terrible. If you don’t lock up such dangerous people, wouldn’t ordinary citizens of Jinjing suffer? “

Gu Ci’s face paled with anger, he clenched his fist and wanted to wave at Song Hefeng.

Song Hefeng shrank his neck in fright, and he hid behind Li Moda.

Li Moda frowned slightly and scolded Gu Ci coldly.

“What? You still want to attack the police?”

Gu Ci was so depressed in his heart, he stopped moving, turned his head aggrievedly, and looked at Wen Muchu.

He really wanted to slam his work certificate on Li Moda’s face and let him see who the master behind him was.

Wen Muchu raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at Li Moda.

“It’s good for me to hit Young Master Song, but I’m a legitimate defense… What’s wrong with me? Young Master Song deliberately hit my car and then ran into my car aggressively, raising his hand to hit me… …I’m making a legitimate defense, am I also breaking the law?”

Li Moda looked slightly startled when he heard the words.

When this man spoke, he seemed to exude hostility.

The hostility made him shudder, and a trace of anxiety came out of his heart.

The momentum looks a little powerful.

A simple remark, there is a posture of not being angry and presumptuous, and domineering.

When Song Hefeng heard Wen Muchu’s words, he gritted his teeth and said, “God is a **** defensive, you just hit me on purpose…”

“Oh… So, you knew that I was going to hit you, so you took the initiative to send it to the door and let me hit?” Wen Muchu smiled lightly.

Song Hefeng was dumb and looked at Wen Muchu with wide eyes.

For a long while, he was so excited that he couldn’t say a word.

what did he say?

He actually said that he took the initiative to send him to the door and let him fight?

Is he mad or stupid… Can he take the initiative to send him to the door to fight?

“you you……”

“Young Master Song, don’t get excited, look at your expression, just admit that I was right? Okay, the kindness is hard to come by, and Young Master Song is very kind, how can I fail? Police Officer Li, you see, this is how things went. Master Song took the initiative to come and let me fight… After I finished the fight, he accused me of beating him again… He should be deliberately trying to frame me and want to deal with me… How to deal with this matter, not as good as Police Officer Li. Let’s do it…” Wen Muchu shrugged extremely helplessly, and said with a good-tempered smile.

Song Hefeng was about to explode in anger, and he screamed: “You bastard, you actually raked it? Who gave you the courage to make you provoke me like this…you kid don’t move. I will fight you to the end…”

Song Hefeng said, he took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, clenched his fists, and waved fiercely towards Wen Muchu.

Wen Muchu took out his cell phone extremely calmly and patted Song Hefeng.

“Master Song’s face is really terrible… I will take a few more pictures and upload them on the Internet, so that people all over the country can take a good look at the real face of Master Song. And let the people of the whole country see, Jin Jing How domineering and domineering Song Family Master, the four famous families…”

Li Moda’s eyebrows suddenly jumped, and he quickly reached out to stop Song Hefeng.

This man is not easy to provoke.

On weekdays, how can anyone dare to provoke Young Master Song so blatantly.

This person, not only dared, but also not afraid of taking pictures?

Li Moda always felt that this person was a bit mysterious.

“Master Song, calm down, you can’t do it, you can’t do it…”

Song He was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

He shook off Li Moda fiercely and yelled at him: “My little master, just ask you, don’t care about this? If you don’t care, then the little master will call someone bigger than you… If you don’t believe me, you can’t punish this bastard…”

Li Moda wiped the sweat from his forehead and consciously told him that the man sitting in the car was not easy to mess with.

He has no background in Jinjing, and he really doesn’t want to offend anyone.

Therefore, he shook his head timidly.

Song Hefeng’s face became gloomy and severe, and he secretly cursed Li Moda in waste.

Then he called again and called another person over.

After hanging up the phone, he smiled at Wen Muchu triumphantly.

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