My Master is Super Fierce

Chapter 793: Jiu Jian Zun

Quiet, desolate, and lifeless, this is an extremely dilapidated city.

A heavy pressure fell on everyone’s hearts, and everyone looked at these corpses and was silent.

The corpses of the Void Castle are all elites of the mountain and sea world, not from a certain force, from all the forces from the mountain and sea world, and from the elders of the people present, some of them have fallen in that war.

Qi Ling said: “In addition to the origin of the emperor, there are also your elders, some of whom are emperors, although they have died, but the remaining will is immortal, you can refine your body and increase your strength.”

Back then, the Lord of the Void took the lead and took the Void Castle into the hinterland of the battlefield.

Except for the Lord of the Void, thirty-six emperors, these thirty-six people command a million elites. After their fall, the Void Castle became their resting place.

A group of people scattered, looking for the place where the Shimen was in the Void Castle. Wu Zhan said, “We also had a place in the Void Castle in the Wizard World, I have to go and see.”

Not long after, Lu Chen, Yan Zixuan, Liu Qingcheng and others were left in the same place.

Yan Zixuan’s face was also a little heavy, and he whispered softly, “In that battle, the sword emperor palace suffered the most serious losses. In addition to the fall of the sword emperor in the early Yuan Dynasty, there are two seniors who reached the realm of the Great Emperor. I want to go to the station. Take a look.”

“Let’s go together,” Lu Chen said.

“Hehe, Brother Lu, let’s try our luck.” The three of Geng Zimo smiled at Lu Chen.

They don’t ask for the inheritance of the great emperor, because the fallen great emperors come from these upper realm tianjiao teachers, and they can’t compete. If they can get some supreme and heavenly inheritance, that’s not bad, the three said to Lu Chen , And then spread out.

“Where is the resident of the Sword Emperor Palace” Lu Chen asked, looking at Qi Ling.

“follow me”

Qi Ling said, leading the way.

The three of Lu Chen followed behind and flew for thousands of miles. The two of them were slightly startled and looked ahead, because they felt a sword intent that rushed into the sky.

This sword intent is mighty and mighty, forming a world-destroying storm against the current world.

They walked in the air, and there was a magnificent mansion in front of them. The mansion was surrounded by a terrifying sword intent. The sword intent was very strong and violent. The void was constantly bursting and shattering, and then healed automatically, forming a recurring situation.

This sword intent formed an enchantment and enveloped the mansion. The pressure was astonishing, spreading over, causing some cracks in Lu Chen’s body.

Lu Chen involuntarily urged his sword intent, covering his body, offsetting the damage caused by the sword intent.

“Junior sister, stay away, I’ll enter the mansion to take a look.” Lu Chen turned his head and said to Liu Qingcheng.

The sword intent here is too terrifying, at least the sword intent above the holy rank, he is a bit strenuous, and the junior sister definitely can’t hold it.

“Brother, go,” Liu Qingcheng said, looking at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen and Yan Zixuan looked at each other, and the two of them were enveloped in a sword intent, directly penetrating the sword intent barrier, and came inside.

As soon as the two entered the mansion, an extremely terrifying spiritual thought swept through, the pressure was like a turbulent ocean, and could not be resisted at all. Under this pressure, the two fell to the ground one after another, their faces become ashamed.

With this majestic and vast spirit, Lu Chen felt a deep powerlessness, and had never been powerless before.

Chi Chi Chi Chi!

The sharp sword intents gather to form a phantom standing high in the sky. This phantom is a burly figure, a middle-aged face, thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a sense of majesty. There is a peerless edge all over the body, and the whole body is shining brightly. The emperor’s radiance is radiant, like a real great emperor recovering from a long river of time.

The middle-aged man did not smile, staring flatly at the two, with a strong sense of oppression in his eyes.

“Is this the emperor?” Lu Chen’s eyes were pierced by the sword, and his heart trembled.

“Senior Jiujianzun” Yan Zixuan stared at the emperor in the sky, and said in amazement.

Jiu Jian Zun, one of the two predecessors of the Sword Emperor Palace who fell that year, although dead, but the Sword Emperor Palace has his statue, which is remembered by the world.

Whether it is the talent of kendo or the talent of realm, this is very scary.

The sword intent has reached the Supreme Perfection, and it is only one step away to comprehend the sword intent of the emperor. Its realm has reached the peak of the emperor, and it is very close to the existence of the holy emperor.

The figure in the sky is the will of the fallen emperor that year, not even the remnant soul. If there is a remnant soul, it may be able to recover, they are just a ray of indestructible obsession.

“Junior of the Two Sword Emperor’s Palace” Jiu Jianzun looked at the two of them and said, “How is the battle going now?”

Yan Zixuan opened the mouth and said: “The situation is very bad for seniors. Since that battle, the world city has lost a total of nine people. In addition, this group of heavenly monsters are already familiar with the rules of this world and are tolerated by the heavens. Bribery and deprivation of houses are slowly encroaching on the mountain and sea boundaries.”

“What, even the boundary city has lost nine.” When Jiu Jianzun heard that, he immediately rushed into the crown, his long hair flying, a horrible sword intent soaring into the sky, wishing to break the sky.

“Ning Tianjun”

Jiu Jianzun roared, his words and eyes were filled with hatred and blood.

If it were not for Ning Tianjun’s betrayal and betrayed their position, how could they be besieged to death.

“Senior Sword Master still has the remnant soul, can it be resurrected” Yan Zixuan asked expectantly.

If Jiu Jianzun still has a remnant soul, as long as he finds the heaven and earth treasures that can nourish the remnant soul, he can recover.

“The remnant soul is gone, this is my obsession” Jiu Jianzun said: “You also know that we are in the same situation as the sky demon realm. We can only have one of the two. They will not give us a chance to resurrect. We The same is true. Although the emperor has fallen, he also killed five emperor-level sky demons that year.”

Jiu Jianzun’s tone was filled with extreme conceit.

Since ancient times, Jian Xiu had no fear of besieging him. Although he was besieged to death back then, the sky demon killed was enough.

When Yan Zixuan heard Jiu Jianzun’s words, he suddenly showed disappointment.

“You two are good, very good” The strong Jiujian calmed down, glanced at the two of them, and nodded slightly.

His eyes were harsh, and he could tell at a glance that the two were very young, no more than 500 years old, and one of them was less than 100 years old.

The talents of both of them are higher than the former ones, which makes him very satisfied.

“I don’t have much to help you. The only thing I can do is to help you temper your sword intent. As for how much you can harvest, it all depends on your good fortune.” Jiu Jianzun said, “You two urge the sword intent, I will help. You can help.”

After the two listened, they took the initiative to release their sword intent.

The Jiu Jian Zun in the sky dissipated and turned into strands of sword intent into the sword intent of the two men. The sword intent of the two people suddenly boiled violently, and the power of the sword intent skyrocketed. Finally, a cocoon of sword intent was formed, wrapping them in inside.

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