Night Crow Master

Chapter 1: Young Att

Chapter One Rebirth

Colola Forest.

“His… hurts…”

This was Wu Yatu’s first thought after waking up. The pain from the top of his head reminded him of the experience of falling over the school wall when he was a child. The bone in his skull was so painful that he almost cracked, and the pain made him gasp.

He touched his head, but there were no wounds.

Is the virtual pain tone too high?

This pain is almost the same as in reality, but how can it be so painful?

Ten years have passed since the virtual game technology has matured, and all the regulations and terms of virtual games have gradually matured in the past ten years.

“Pain can only be adjusted to level 4.” is a fixed clause.

Level 4 pain is the level of pain that is caused by being slapped or scalded by hot water and causing a burn. This level and above will affect sleep.

The pain just now has at least level 6-being beaten with a baseball bat and causing severe blood congestion, or falling from a height of two meters and causing a fracture.

He thought so in his heart, then looked around.

I am in a strange environment, surrounded by a forest, a strange forest.

He can guarantee that there is absolutely no such forest around S City.

I was clearly still fighting bosses with my friends, but now I appear here, which is too weird.

At this moment, he saw a middle-aged man in old leather armor appearing in the distance, looking around, as if looking for something.

“Master Yate! Master Yate!” The dull voice sounded by the man as low as possible.

“Yat?” He was taken aback, and then there was a sharp pain in his head.

The pain came a bit suddenly, and it also contained pieces of strange pictures, mixed with my own memories.

Roughly sorting out the extra memories in his mind, he has a better understanding of the identity of this body and this world.

Like many virtual games on the market based on the Western Middle Ages, this world is similar to the Western Middle Ages but with extraordinary powers.

And what is mixed in the memory of death brought to him by the power outage of the Internet cafe is about a failed heir who lost his father, was chased by his uncle, and was escorted by a loyal attendant. He hid with difficulty until he escaped from the territory. story.

The protagonist of the story, the hapless guy, fell asleep when the only guard was looking for food, and suddenly died in a sudden relaxation.

The name of the unlucky person who was taken over by himself is called Yate…

Wu Yatu, no, Art Angus Claurido raised his hand to the man:

“Towa! I am here!”

Yate endured the hunger from his stomach and shouted.

As if he heard his voice, the middle-aged man’s eyes focused in this direction, and then he saw Yate’s figure.

After a trot, the middle-aged man came to Yate’s side.

At this time, Yate saw the man’s appearance clearly.

He was thin, and the old leather armor he wore was only half-length leather armor. It was not enough because it was similar in color to the pants. It looked like a full-body armor. His eyes were very calm, with a hint of joy. There was a long sword hanging from his waist. , And a small coarse cloth bag.

The guard named Towa took off the bag and opened it in front of Yate: “Master, I found some fruits.”

Packed in a cloth bag, there are some fruits, blue, and the shape looks like a combination of raspberry and persimmon, which is a bit strange.

In Yate’s memory, this thing is called Lanfen Tree Fruit, because of its color and fragrance.

However, the taste is not very good.

Tova smiled, and his irregular teeth showed up: “Master, although it’s not very delicious, I can only eat this now. When we get to the next town, we can eat something good.”

Seeing Torwa’s smile, Yate sighed in his heart.

In his memory, when he was escorted by him to escape, he didn’t bring anything of value at all. The only valuables were probably the worn-out cross sword on Towa’s waist and the half-length leather armor that he had worn. .

He is no stranger to this. During the decade when virtual games have matured, a variety of virtual games have emerged, some with exaggerated settings and some that are extremely close to reality.

He has played games that are extremely close to medieval history without any extraordinary force at all.

Compared with the body’s predecessor, the carefree, viscount’s doting darling, he quickly understood reality.

Yate sorted out the words and was about to say something.

At this moment, a light screen appeared in his field of vision.

[The main menu is opening… The key file cannot be found, and the opening fails. 】

[Encountered an unknown error, try to open again]

[The main menu is opening… The key file cannot be found, and the opening fails. 】

[Encountered an unknown error, try to open again]

【Main menu……successfully opened】

After two failures of the opening that should have responded immediately, in front of Yate’s eyes, an interface composed of five light blue circles successfully emerged.




This is surprisingly the virtual online game he played during the period before his rebirth-“The Extraordinary Middle Ages-The Rise of the Master”

He subconsciously controlled the game interface, focusing his gaze on the circle on the upper left.

[Inventory opening… failed to open]

[Encountered an unknown error, try to open again]

[Inventory opened successfully]

After an error, the inventory opened successfully.

However, there is nothing in those forty grids.

Yate was taken aback, as if thinking of something, he immediately closed the inventory and opened the taskbar in the upper right corner.

[The taskbar is opening… failed to open]

[Encountered an unknown error, try to open again]

[Taskbar opened successfully]

It’s empty again.

shut down.

Bottom right corner.

[Other columns….. failed to open]

[Encountered an unknown error, try to open again]

[Other columns opened successfully]

Empty, the buttons such as [Friends], [Group], and [Recharge] above are all unavailable.

Yate’s eyes continued to rotate clockwise and came to–

[The character bar is opening…the data is wrong, it is being corrected…the opening is successful]

Unexpectedly, the character column did not show failure. After prompting the data error and correction, the opening was successful.

[Character name: Black Crow (Yat Angus Claurido)

Occupation: Crow Mage (lv1)

Attributes: Strength 0.6, Constitution: 0.5, Agility: 0.7, Spirit: 0.9

Status: Hungry]

The black crow…that’s his game name.

The value on the attribute bar is not the value he remembered as a game player, but a series of numbers that he never reached.

He understands such numbers.

That is below the standard value.

What is the standard value? After an ordinary adult develops normally, the lowest value is calibrated to 1.

The value of this body is all lower than 1, only the spirit reaches 0.9.

Yate closed the character bar and stared at the center of the main menu.

[Occupation column]

He sighed in his heart when he saw that the profession level of the character column was only lv1.

He probably understood the current situation-the box that emerged was what he would rely on in the future, a failed aristocratic teenager with no talent.

With a trace of expectation, he opened the career bar.

[Occupation bar is opening… the data is wrong, it is being corrected… the opening is successful]

The familiar career column appeared in Yate’s eyes.

【Combat Profession】【Life Profession】【Normal】【Extra Spells】

Two items appeared in Yate’s eyes, but only the left one lit up.

His eyes focused on it.

【Combat Profession】

【Crow Master lv1】

[Professional introduction: This is a special profession. You have worked hard to get it. This is worth boasting. In the future, you can control your cute pet to do various things like a summoner, but it is a pity that your pet, It can only be the clever and annoying black birds. 】

[Passive·Crow Mage lv1: You can use the abilities of the crow itself, or vice versa, cast spells through these cuties, but no matter which direction it is, the power will decrease by 50%. Note that if the crow dies, then the abilities you get Will disappear. ——I said, cherish your little cuties, just like caring for your own arms! 】

【Passive·Crow Affinity lv1: The little birds of the corvidae will get close to you, and you can reach a contract with them more easily. ——If you are not hostile to them, don’t worry, the wild cuties will never attack you]

[Skill points: 0 can be used to learn vocational skills, as well as other skills. ——In fact, as long as there is enough, you can even learn all vocational skills. Of course, the premise is that you can get it. 】

In the skill bar, except for the first three job skills that are illuminated, the following series of skills are all dark.

The third skill has strict requirements.

[Capture the crows lv1: You can contract the crows by consuming mental power, and they will be your good helpers and soldiers. (0/1)-Of course, you can also contract other little birds, but neither them nor you will get preferential treatment. 】

“Forget it.”

He gave a wry smile. He was already at the level of full lv25 of his professional level, and he lit up all of them by relying on krypton gold and the skill book obtained by brushing the boss.

but now……

Forget it, anyway, it’s better to have something than nothing, and it’s better to clear the level than to have no support.

He looked at the other three columns.

The last three, the first one is designed to enchant, potion, alchemy and other life professions, the second involves general skills such as climbing and reading. Now they are all dark and the third is extra Spell bar.

Life occupation requires at least lv10 occupation level, general skills require lv5 occupation level, the extra spell bar is already on, but he has no skill points, no skill book, and cannot burn skills into the extra spell bar.

“Master! Master Yate!”

When he was stunned, Tova became a little anxious. In his eyes, the young man in front of him looked forward with a dull expression, looking like those desperate for life.

Tova’s heart was a little cold.

I tried my best to **** Master Yate out because of the extremely temptation of Master Viscount——

“Towa, you take Yate out. After I have dealt with the territories, you will come back. After that, I will grant your family the status of a free citizen.”

Free people! This is a vocabulary that many people yearn for.

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