Night Crow Master

Chapter 10: Psionic and meditation

The carriage moved slowly, but it did not go in the direction of any town.

Yate was not surprised.

The carriage carrying the earl’s daughter was naturally the earl’s castle.

The earl is an official wizard.

Wizards are different from other professionals and transcendents, that is, they are themselves, with powerful pollution, and they release the power called psychic pollution all the time.

Speaking of pollution, the wizard apprentice is okay, the psionic pollution is not big, and living in a town is nothing, and even if an official wizard controls himself, the leaked psychic pollution can be said to be devastating.

In the areas where wizards live, most animals and plants will mutate. It is not uncommon to see huge grasses and huge mice.

If it is placed in a town where ordinary people gather, it will be a devastating disaster. Various weird mutations will occur to these ordinary people. Some are beneficial, while others are harmful, and the wizards themselves cannot control them. Variation direction.

Only a strong physical quality, or a fellow wizard, can resist this psychic radiation.

Even if a powerful wizard leaves, it will take a long time for the psychic pollution of the place where he lives to be eliminated. The various weird events that have occurred in those abandoned castles are actually the remnants of psychic pollution.

In order not to damage the sheep in their sheepfold, the wizards also chose to build their noble castle far away from the town.

As if seeing Yate’s worry, the Miss Elty sitting opposite, covered her mouth and chuckled: “Relax, even if you just awakened your psionic energy and become an apprentice wizard, you can resist psychic energy pollution.”

“But…” Elti raised her voice.

“But what?” This short-lived relationship made Yate understand that although the daughter of the earl was a bit nasty, her character was not bad, and the earl, when he was the heir of the Viscount Claurid, I have also heard that it has a good reputation among the nobles.

“However, your little bird may not be able to resist it.”

“Okay.” Yate rolled his eyes. It was indeed an open-minded Middle Ages. This was Chi Guoguo’s molesting.

However, he was also a little worried. Looking at the Black Crow Gallola on his shoulder, it was completely an ordinary creature, with the lowest level lv1. It was still a question whether it could resist the psychic pollution of the official wizard.

“Miss Elti, is the psychic pollution of Lord Earl highly dangerous?”

“Hmm…” Elti nodded his chin with a slender finger, “Do you know the attributes of psionic energy?”

“The attributes of psychic energy?” Yate was taken aback. The aptitude of this body predecessor was not high. Although the viscount had instilled a lot of wizarding knowledge, his predecessor didn’t like to learn very much and could remember some. It’s already a credit for good memory, as for this attribute? It seems to have been said, but the memory is quite vague and does not belong to the category of deep memory.

“Oh, it’s pitiful.” Seeing Yate’s expression, Elti also sighed. Nowadays, the nobles really don’t pay much attention to knowledge, and that’s right. Only at this age has awakened psychic energy, and there is no way.

She sorted out what she had learned, and began to introduce: “Psionic energy is the foundation and core of wizards.”

“The only way to become a wizard is to discover blood, improve mental power, and awaken psychic abilities. Each wizard has different aptitudes, and the affinity of attribute elements is also different.”

“There are some people who use dark spells, which are several times that of normal wizards, and some people use dark spells with less than half the effect.” Elti opened her red lips lightly, and then waved her fingers. White The brilliance appeared in her hands.

The intense light made Yate had to squint his eyes: “This is a lighting technique, and its power is affected by my light attribute affinity.”

The light disappeared, but the strong sense of lightness still lingered, and the white mist in front of Yate couldn’t help asking: “So, psychic pollution is also related to attribute aptitude?”

“Yes.” Alti smiled and said with a nice expression on you.

“Psionic pollution is a manifestation of the psychic nature of a wizard, or the essence of spiritual power. We also use this to test the aptitude. When a wizard unconsciously releases psychic energy, the released psychic energy will affect the outside world. , Has a great impact, and this is psionic pollution.”

“Besides this, there is one very important point.” Elti looked at Yate with a hint of pity in his eyes, “Although the natural aptitude cannot be changed, the future psychic attributes can be chosen.”

“Choose?” Seeing Alti’s gaze, Yate seemed to realize something. He recalled what had happened just now, “Meditating?”

“Yes, meditation.” Elti nodded. “The meditation was left over by the ancestors of wizards after a long period of trial and selection. Each part has its own characteristics, different attributes, and The difference in level.”

“Attribute…level…” Yate’s gaze was fixed in the second career column, above a series of descriptions of career and meditation.

[Dark Night] [Dark Polar Region] [Dark Night]

A completely dark attribute.

“If I didn’t perceive it wrong, your meditation thought should be’Dark Night Poetry’.” Elti sighed, “This meditation idea is also widely known in our Ellen Kingdom, and its level, um ……”

Elti hesitated: “Not very good.”

It’s not very good. This sentence is already very euphemistic. In fact, it means bad.

And Yate already knew it, after all, the sentence [even if it’s just the lowest meditation] had already explained everything.

However, Yate himself has nothing to do.

After all, his core is [Crow Mage]. This wizard’s profession will be used by him as a core breakthrough material in the future, and he is not worried.

In “The Extraordinary Middle Ages-The Rise of the Wizard”, the initial upper limit level of each profession is 25, and when it reaches 25, it is the top level. After that, a core breakthrough is required.

And this core breakthrough, how can I say it, in traditional terms, is a turn, or rise to stars, whether another combat career or life career is used as the core breakthrough material, you can make another career turn. , Focusing on the core, combining the characteristics of the two professions into a new profession.

In the game “Extraordinary Middle Ages-Rise of the Wizard”, because of this rule, thousands of different professions appeared, which greatly extended the life of the game.

Some have combined the professions of shaman, druid, and summoner, and some have combined the professions of various light elements.

There can be many occupations that can be combined.

And Yate has already decided to use “crow mage” as the core, as to the rank of this profession? Although it has some influence, in the process of this core breakthrough, the core profession as the material profession will remain as the core framework, and the material profession will become an external component.

So, as long as he can get a career, Yate is not too worried.

Moreover, I don’t know why, Yate has a faint feeling that this “Dark Night Poetry” is the most suitable meditation for him.

And seeing the sluggish look of “Yat”, this kind-hearted Miss Elty couldn’t help but comforted: “It’s okay, Yate, you just awakened psychic energy, and it didn’t take long for you to practice “Dark Night Poetry”. You can change other meditation thoughts…”

While speaking, she suddenly thought of something.

Among the nobles, even the lowest level of meditation is an extremely valuable item, and the price will never be low.

Yate in front of him didn’t look like wealthy, and now he changed his mind… it’s impossible.

It’s absolutely impossible for her father to agree to give the meditation thoughts of her own family to others free of charge. Moreover, the meditation thoughts of every nobleman are passed down from generation to generation. It is not only related to aptitude, but also related to blood. It has a great effect on her. For other people, the effect of meditation may not be good.

And when Yate saw her hesitating, he couldn’t help but smile kindly: “Miss Elti don’t care, I have a feeling that this dark night poem actually suits me.”

In Elti’s eyes, Yate’s words were what the other party didn’t want to say to embarrass her.

This dark night poetry meditation idea, the nobles of the entire Allen Kingdom knows, is the worst meditation idea, and the reason is that the creator of this dark night poetry is an advanced apprentice who is not even a formal wizard.

In other words, there is no way to learn this meditation after a formal wizard.

At the level of a higher apprentice, the road will be completely cut off.

For any blue blood, the severance of the future is unacceptable.

Even if their aptitude cannot break through to a formal wizard, they are never willing to learn a meditation that has cut off even the path of a formal wizard.

Elti is deeply touched by this. She started learning from a young age, from a junior apprentice to a middle apprentice. Not long ago, she just broke through to a higher apprentice. If the idea of ​​meditation cuts off the way forward, then she thinks she will be completely Crazy.

As soon as she gritted her teeth, the Miss Elti told the truth.

After listening, Yate was taken aback.

Then, his gaze turned to the career column.

In the class column, the upper limit of the night wizard’s level is…25.

Same as the crow mage.

Although he doesn’t know what kind of concept it would be to reach level 25 in this world, the upper limit of Crow Mage’s level is also 25.

He glanced at the skill bar, found a skill learned at level 4, and then asked:

“Miss Elti, what level of spell is shady?”

Elti was taken aback: “Shadow spell? I think about it… it should be a medium spell.”

“What about the Dark Hand?”

“The Hand of Darkness? It seems to be an advanced spell.”

“what happened?”

“It’s okay…” Yate shook his head, his face a little dull, “That’s the highest-ranking spell in Ming’s mind.”

Medium spell, that is, medium apprentice.

Advanced spells…

Yate glanced at the learning level of [Dark Hand]——


And below, there are rows of spells.

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