Night Crow Master

Chapter 11: Aristocratic transaction

Yate looked at the Miss Elti, the fragrance of flowers in the carriage was light and unforgettable.

This girl, who looks only 16 or 7 years old in dress, is dressed in black and red with a tight-fitting top and a graceful curve. The skirt of the lower body is wide, light and heavy, forming a conical shape.

Platinum hair, blood-ruby eyes, together with the beautiful face, formed a strange charm. The pale skin with a little paleness gave her a sickly beauty.

This is a popular gothic costume among the nobility.

Although in the previous life, the continuous internet baptism made Yate extremely immune, but I still have to admit that the earl’s daughter has a very high charm.

As for character?

This Miss Elti is the same as the rumors. Compared to other nobles, she is more friendly to others, and Yate can also see that the other party has no maliciousness towards herself.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that he does not have enough value to make the other party malicious.

He now has nothing but the crow on his shoulder and the food and water in his rucksack.

He had no doubts about the ranks of the “Dark Night Poetry” that the other party said was very low.

He didn’t believe that other nobles hadn’t come into contact with this meditation thought from a collection of poems easily available on the market.

However, although the wizard who created the “Dark Night Poetry” meditation idea, the little nobleman, himself did not reach the realm of a formal wizard, the meditation idea created by the wizard has no realm behind.

However, it does not mean that this meditation thought has no possibility of continuing to extend backward.

At least, from the perspective of his system, there is.

At least, the profession of [Night Wizard] can reach the realm after a formal wizard.

Elti sighed, she originally meant to recruit talent for her father.

The kingdom of Alan is incomparable with the mainland. Gloria is a famous barren land in the kingdom of Alan. The little nobles here, both in quantity and quality, are lower than other places. level.

Unlike professionals, wizards will only appear from among the nobles, so the aristocratic class essentially represents the wizarding class.

And the number of wizards is inherently small. Although they have powerful spells that no other profession can match, it is still difficult to solve the problem of small numbers.

Even with Count Colola, there is only her daughter, and a senior who was the second son of a certain Count. The entire Count Fort has two apprentice wizards.

Whether it’s an experiment or something else, it needs manpower. Even those experimenters can barely handle some materials, but they can’t do other things.

It was an unexpected joy for her to meet a wizard who had just awakened psychic energy this time.


She looked at the teenager who was slightly younger than herself, and sighed in her heart.

Although it was a pity, she didn’t think too much, after all, she was just an outsider. After putting things down, she and Yate began to talk.


Half a day later, near dusk, the carriage finally arrived at the Count of Colola.

At dusk, the crimson light passed through the forest, through the dense branches.

Surrounded by many tall thorns and roses, stands an old castle. The age of the castle seems to be a long time away. The tall gray exterior walls are covered with dark green and dark green vines. They are in the castle. Climbing up, the outer wall is densely covered, but the window is left.

However, some vines got into the window, and it felt a bit gloomy.

Yate looked at the castle in amazement.

In Viscount Claurido, there is also a wizarding feel, but not so strong.

But this earl’s castle is completely mysterious.

“Okay, here it is.” Alti smiled at Yate, then took the skirt and got out of the carriage from Yate’s side.

A fragrant wind swept over the tip of Yate’s nose, making him almost sneeze.

Yate, who held back the sneeze abruptly, rubbed his nose, and got out of the carriage.

After getting off the carriage, Yate truly felt the power of the castle.

Originally, when he was in the carriage, he didn’t feel that kind of pressure. When he left the carriage, he immediately felt a wonderful force coming from the castle.

Psionic radiation.

A formal wizard, it can be said that he is a high-energy creature, and he no longer exudes power all the time.

At this time, an old man wearing a housekeeper’s costume walked towards the carriage: “Miss Alti, welcome back, Lord Earl is already waiting in the castle. By the way, Miss Alti, who is this gentleman?”

The butler looked at Yate with some doubts.

“This is Yate, who just became a wizard apprentice.” With an aristocratic smile on Alti’s face, he looked at Yate, “Yat, he is the steward of Earls Castle, Avons.”

Hearing the words, the butler of Avons immediately saluted: “Hi, Master Yate.”

“Mr. Ivons.” Yafeng nodded.

Although it is very cumbersome, but the noble set still needs to be done, otherwise, it is easy to be hated.

At this time, the woman next to her spoke: “Master Elti, you and Master Yate should go in quickly, Master Earl is waiting.”

Yate also knew the name of this woman. It was called Di Lite. It was Elti’s guard and swordsman instructor, a high-ranking swordsman, and equal to an advanced apprentice.

“Okay.” Alti nodded, then looked at Yate, “Let’s go in, I’ll introduce you to my father.”

The castle approaching the night seemed to have just recovered from the silence. In the huge castle hall, the flames lit up one after another, and the flickering candlelight swayed gently in the gorgeous candlestick on the wall.

Yate immediately felt that the Black Crow Golola on his shoulders, his paws contracted slightly, showing tension.

He couldn’t help but look at the candlesticks.

Noting his gaze, Elti couldn’t help but chuckle: “That’s the lowest-level fire elemental elves. They are sealed on the candlestick. Whenever it is needed, the magic circle will be activated to make them light up.”

Yate learned that the reason for the black crow’s nervousness was sealed on the candlestick. It sounded cruel, but from Elti’s tone, it was a very common thing among wizards. .

Yate didn’t feel much about it, he didn’t have so much extra sympathy.

Then, before their eyes, a maid appeared.

“please follow me.”

The elegant female voice sounded like a nightingale singing, the maid turned around, and led by such a strange and silent maid, the two came to the restaurant.

Warm fireplace, shiny silver tableware.

A middle-aged man is sitting on the main seat, who should be Count Colola, closed his eyes and meditated, as if meditating.

When the two walked in, the middle-aged man opened his eyes: “Alty?”

“Yes.” Elti carried her skirt and bent her knees gently. “Father, I’m back.”

Afterwards, the earl looked at Yate: “You are?”

Yate hurriedly performed an aristocratic ceremony: “Lord Earl, I am Yate Angus Claurido.”

“Clauriedo?” There was a glimpse of surprise in the earl’s eyes, did Viscount Clauriedo lead it?

There was news a few days ago that the position of the Viscount has changed.

He looked at Yate and looked carefully.

If I remember correctly, this kid named Yate should be fifteen years old. At this age, he is only a junior apprentice?

The earl looked a little strange: “Are you here for help?”

As part of the county of Colola, Claurido led the vassal to be decided by him, Count Fast Susie Colola.

He also knows what happened to Claurido. Normally, if the current Viscount dies and his successor also dies, then the one who inherits the Viscount is a sideline of this family, the Atomic Lord’s. brothers.

However, killing one’s own brother to come to power is an extremely taboo thing in aristocratic circles.

If Viscount Claurido died normally or accidentally, the uncle of Yate is indeed likely to succeed.

However, he did not hide it.

Now that you know the facts, as the captain, you will not allow such things to happen.

It is normal to choose to take back the fief and give it to another nobleman.

It’s just that Earl Fast has no brothers, and he has no other heirs besides Elti, so he can only take them.

And now, Yate appeared.

Yate understood what Fast had thought of, and he himself knew the noble inheritance system in this world.

It’s just that he is not a managerial talent, nor is he interested in territories. He is more willing to run around as an adventurous player like in the game to improve his strength.

Yate gave a salute: “Dear Lord Colola, I don’t want to inherit the territory, I prefer to be a wandering wizard.”

“Oh?” Fast was a little surprised. “Do you want to be a traveling wizard?”

Wandering wizards refer to those wizards who don’t want to stay in the territory, but like adventure and travel to grow up.

Fast was not surprised by this. Many young people were like this, and he was like this when he was young, and so is the current Elty. There are also many nobles who choose to travel instead of inheriting the territory, but they choose this way. In fact, they are all second sons or other nobles without inheritance rights. As heirs, there are still relatively few choices to travel.

Sub-character nodded: “I need to experience and grow now, so I don’t intend to inherit the territory, but I hope that the rebels can get the punishment they deserve, preferably-death.”

Hearing these words, Fast also nodded: “The honor of a nobleman cannot be desecrated, Viscount Claurido, should not die in the hands of civilians.”

Yate’s uncle, the younger brother of the late Viscount Claurido, did not have any noble names because of his grudges with the viscount, he didn’t even have a knight’s name, and the manor did not score. It’s just a civilian.

A civilian killed the nobleman?

This is a challenge to the honor of the nobility.

In these few words, the two completed an aristocratic transaction-a transaction for a death sentence for a traitor in exchange for inheritance rights.

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