Night Crow Master

Chapter 12: Employment and doubt

Above the dining table, the three continued to dine.

During the delicious and luxurious dinner, the three continued to chat.

The Earl of Fast, like the rumors, is relatively friendly. Although as a researcher, the wizard gives people the impression of being silent and rigorous, but the chatty and elegance of the nobles are lingering.

“Yat, have you decided where you are going to travel?” Earl Fast moved his fingers lightly, often making the palm of the experimental vessel, cutting the steak on the plate with precision, each cut of the same size.

“It’s not decided.” Yate shook his head. “Perhaps random travel is a better choice.”

“Random travel?” Elti chuckled next to him. “It is purposeless, not what a wizard should do, even as a wizard apprentice.”

“However, even if it is a formal wizard, it will be difficult to choose, right? Lord Earl?” Yate looked at Earl Fast.

Fast nodded, and the beard on his lips curled up: “In fact, there are quite a few cases where it is difficult to make a decision. Random trials are also common.”

As he said, he suddenly asked: “Yate, would you like to be my assistant?”

Yate was taken aback, but he secretly said: “It’s finally here.”

Looking at Yate’s stunned expression, Fast showed a slight smile: “In fact, I lack assistants. As you know, the number of nobles in our Alan Kingdom is far less than the mainland. The number of wizards is not as good as a duchy on the mainland.”

“Under such circumstances, it is also difficult for me to recruit apprentice wizards as assistants.” Fast sighed. “In fact, if I only deal with herbs and animal materials, both my experimental modulator and mercury servants are fine. mission accomplished……”

Experimental modulators, as the name suggests, are man-made humans, and mercury servants…

Yate recalled the strange maid just now, not knowing whether the maid was a modulator or a human-shaped mercury puppet.

Yate took a sentence very timely: “Because of psionic power?”

“Yes.” Fast nodded. “Psionic energy can only be possessed by wizards. Some experiments require psychic control. No matter how precise the mechanical operation is, there is no way to achieve the effect.”

“Or…” Yate thought of a possibility, “Psionic power is also a kind of material?”

Fast looked at him in surprise: “Have you been exposed to the modulation experiment?”

“No.” Yate shook his head. He hadn’t touched any experiments at all, and Viscount Claurido’s laboratory never let him approach, and it was impossible for him to touch the notes that recorded experiments.

“So, you are really smart.” Fast smiled, “As a nobleman, as a wizard, smart is the most basic requirement.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Yate smiled.

“As a formal wizard, I have a lot of psionic powers.” Fast sighed, “However, no matter how strong I am, there is no way to use psionic powers to conduct multiple experiments at the same time, and Elty is usually traveling. Calling her back this time is also my other assistant, and temporarily left the castle because of other things…”

Hearing Fast’s words, Yate also understood the reason. In the end, it was a shortage of manpower: “Master Earl, but I just became an apprentice wizard. I have not conducted any experiments and have no foundation. You are sure to Hire me?”

Fast smiled: “Of course, as a reward, I will temporarily serve as your mentor, as your guide on the wizarding road. After completing my experimental requirements, you can learn from me, including… …. Some low-level spells.”

“Knowledge is a valuable commodity, more valuable than any luxury goods you have seen.” Fast said with a smile, “So, would you like to be my assistant?”

“Of course!” Yate stood up and bowed, “This is my honor, thank you for your generosity.”

Although he most values ​​his [Raven Mage] career, it does not mean that he will not value the wizarding career.

In fact, from the fact that the kingdom’s ruling structure and wizards in this world are firmly bound together, it can be seen that the profession and group of wizards are powerful.

Moreover, along the way, according to his understanding, the magical power of the wizard is also the most powerful kind in the world.

The weak attack ability of the crow mage needs a profession with strong attack skills as a supplement.

More importantly, this profession, this group, allows him to integrate into this world.

Fast is willing to teach him knowledge, even spells, although it is only a low-level spell, but for him, it is also a good thing.

[Night Wizard] Under the career column, there are densely recorded dark spells for him to choose from, but these spells require skill points to learn.

Although he knows a way to obtain a large number of skill points, this does not mean that he can squander skill points at will.

He needs to try, in this world, can he gain skills through self-study.

If you can, that is definitely good news.

Seeing that Yate agreed to his father’s employment, Elti couldn’t help but smile: “So, take a break today and get up early tomorrow, your first study will begin~”

Looking at the excited Alti, Fast smiled and shook his head, and then said to Yate: “Just as Alti said, today you need to rest early, and tomorrow you will enter the real wizarding world.”

After a brief chat, Yate came to a guest room under the leadership of the maid, Mercury Servant.

“Master Yate, according to the master’s instructions, your room is here.” The mercury servant came to the door of the room, his silver fingers turned into keys and opened the door, “Then, I wish you a good rest.”

After speaking, the Mercury Maid took a step back, and ripples waved on the wall-her whole body melted in.

“…It’s amazing.” Yate couldn’t help but sigh, and then he walked into the room.

In the spacious room, there is a large cabinet, a bed, a desk, and the bed is already laid.

“Wow-wow -“

When Yate closed the door, Crow Golola, who had been silent since entering the castle, finally made a sound.

After a brief communication, although I still don’t understand what it’s talking about, I probably understand that the reason for its silence is precisely the seemingly motionless Lord Earl. The noisy Crow didn’t dare to move at all, he didn’t even dare to open his mouth.

The breath of the strong can deter weak creatures.

Scenes that are often seen in many virtual games have also happened in this real world.

“A formal wizard, really powerful.” Yate sighed while lying on the bed.

“Wow-wow -” The black crow flew up and stood on the back of the chair.

“Shut up, Colola, your voice is too noisy, be careful that the count makes you a barbecue.”

“Wow-wow -“

Yate closed his eyes, as if preparing to go to sleep, but he became vigilant in his heart.

The strength of the official wizard is not only described in the memory of the dead Yate, he also heard it along the way, living in the castle of an official wizard, and he may be monitored at any time.

He dared not show anything, especially in the inventory.

Closing his eyes, he opened the property bar:

[Character name: Black Crow (Yat Angus Claurido)

Occupation: Crow Mage (lv1)

Attributes: Strength 0.6, Constitution: 0.6, Agility: 0.7, Spirit: 0.5 (1.0)

Status: Suppressed]

“Suppression?” Yate was a little confused, and immediately relieved. Under the psychic radiation of a formal wizard, he should be in a suppressed state.

And the number in the property bar…

“After obtaining the career of Night Wizard, my spirit has reached 1.0. Now that I am in the psionic field of an official wizard, my spiritual power is suppressed to only half?”

With a wry smile in his heart, the passive ability of this formal wizard gave him such a great suppression.

However, fortunately, it is not the enemy…but I have to be guarded and cautious.


Above the long table in the dining room, Earl Fast and Alti were still sitting there.

His eyes swept to Elti: “Is the identity confirmed?”

Elti looked at the butler next to him, and the butler nodded: “My lord Earl, I have already confirmed that Viscount Claurido’s eldest son, Art, did escape with the help of the guards, and then cautiously discarded the betrayal. His guards fled to the town of Golola and stole a wallet. In the village near Golola, they hired two hunters to capture a crow, and then appeared in the town of Ferro.”

“Crow?” Earl Fast stroked his chin, “I just don’t know how to tame it.”

“That’s just an ordinary Gloria black crow.” Elti chuckled lightly, “It is estimated that the contract was suppressed by force.”

“Have you contracted an ordinary creature?” Fast shook his head, “Are there any doubts?”

“Hmm…” Elti thought for a while, “he asked me about the level of shady and hand of darkness.”

“It seems that there is nothing suspicious.” Earl Fast touched the beard on his lips, then turned his head, “Aisha, monitor his actions. If there is anything suspicious, report it immediately.”


A female face appeared on the wall, and after answering, it disappeared.

Elti looked at his father: “Is it necessary to be so cautious? He doesn’t have that kind of breath.”

“It’s troublesome, but it’s necessary.” Earl Fast shook his head. “Several incidents have occurred in Allen’s Kingdom, so be careful about everything.”

“Okay.” Elti shrugged. “Listen to you.”

Earl Fast nodded, and then said:

“Okay, next, show the growth of your travels during this time.”

Elti was silent for a while, then smiled: “Father, I think we can continue to talk about those things.”

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