Night Crow Master

Chapter 129: Shadow in the forest

Five days later, Yate, who inquired around as Convair, found a habitat for a strange animal.

However, he did not act alone.

In other words, he should not act alone.

He followed in a team.

Before a forest.

“Hahaha! Convair, don’t be frightened!”

The tall man dressed in unknown animal skins, with blue and white braids, laughed at the others in the team.

Hunting group.

Go to a place that is neither too far nor too close to the gathering place, hunting some weaker monsters or even beasts with no special abilities as food.

Yate didn’t respond, his eyes swept across the tall and sturdy figures of hunters.

Compared to him now, these hunters are quite tall and have more or less scars on their bodies.

This is an old team with five rounds of snow melting during hunting time, or more than five years.

The time-keeping method in the Northland is based on the melting of the snow and ice in the Northland and the beginning of freezing as the boundary line for the beginning of the year. There is no specific number of days.

Quite primitive but in line with the law of activities.

Only this kind of team can take newcomers out so easily.

However, the first job for the newcomer is not to join the hunting team.

Nowadays, these hunting teams are gathered together, and Yate is responsible for the work of making miscellaneous fireworks.

Hunting is also left to them, and Yate is assisting from the side-the kind of auxiliary work that is optional.

Yate didn’t have any thoughts, and came here with this group of weak ordinary people, just for them to be a testimony.

Witness his record of “destroying desperately against monsters”.

In this area, he has deliberately used “Twin Shadows” to investigate.

Nearby, there is a pseudo-mud monster, a kind of monster that lives in underground caves or caves, has the ability to perceive the mind, and can change its appearance to lure other creatures into its body to hunt down its prey.

The shape is close to slime software.

This group of hunters didn’t know what Yate was thinking, and these old ruffians laughed at Yate, who didn’t look sturdy.

After simply eating and getting only one third of their food to fill their stomachs, the team set off again.

After completing the pre-hunting supplements, and after a short rest, the hunting group consisting of twelve people stepped into this vast forest.

Most of the trees in this forest are thick, pine-like fine-leaf trees, and there are not many short plants among them.

It is not the same as the tropical situation where there are dense plants everywhere.

Stepping into the forest, although the light is less, there is still some.

This group of old hunters, holding seven or eight minutes of vigilance, moved forward slowly.

Almost everyone has their own patrol direction, and it is a three-person staggered system. One person’s patrol field of view is intertwined with the patrol field of two people next to him, which is basically equivalent to scanning an area three times.

And Yate is also advancing slowly.

After advancing for a while, a sturdy middle-aged man with a beard stopped, gestured to his companion, and slowly approached a collapsed rotten tree under everyone’s gaze.

Holding the axe in his hand, turning to his back, the middle-aged knocked **** the decaying tree trunk.


In the crisp sound of cracking, the main trunk of the tree was crushed and collapsed by the axe, exposing the hollow in the middle.

However, looking hollow, this one’s expression changed a little:


Then, he stepped back gently into the crowd, and said to the crowd:

“Since entering the woods, the creatures that can be seen are much less than last month.”

“Are there any creatures in that tree?”

And Yate, also looking like a newcomer, asked.

Hearing this, a trace of unhappiness flashed across the middle-aged’s face, but he still responded:

“This is a nest of tree-eating insects. This kind of tree-eating insects will eat the inside of the tree clean from the inside out. When the tree is eaten up, they will have completed their growth and will fly away, but , This tree was not eaten clean, it left halfway.”

Hearing these words, everyone in the hunting group couldn’t help but sink.

This tree-eater is very good at hiding and perceiving, and is very alert to danger. As long as someone comes close to a certain distance, they will immediately stop eating and hide.

For them, ordinary creatures only need to hide. They don’t need to escape from the nest. If they need to escape from the nest, it basically means that they can’t hide.

In the perception of this group of hunters, the escape of the tree-eaters means that there are monsters in the area nearby.

Combined with the reduction of creatures seen before, it is very likely that there will be new and more powerful monsters inhabiting or passing by in this forest.

Hope it’s just passing by.

The hunters looked at each other together, and they all saw each other’s caution and…excitement.

It’s not that these old hunters haven’t hunted monsters, on the contrary, they have hunted monsters many times.

The value of monsters, powerful monsters is much higher than those of weak monsters and wild beasts.

And Yate used the power of phantoms at the right time to stir up the emotions in their hearts, cover their fears and withdrawal thoughts with the shadow of their hearts, and implicitly manipulate them to move forward.

Indifferently, Yate glanced across the woods.

The keen sense of smell of this group of old hunters did not exceed his expectations, and he had already prepared.

Witnesses of their own “heroic hunting” can’t just run away like this.

A rustle sounded, and hunters stepped on the dead leaves on the turf, making low noises in the woods.

The hunters lowered their breathing, squeezed their weapons, and looked around for signs of the monster.

And in Yate’s perception, the position of the monster is clearly visible–

In addition to the hunters, at a position close to about six hundred meters to the left and front of the crowd, there is a mental fluctuation that is stronger than that of the hunters.

Intensity is roughly equivalent to the second level of multiple.

For Yate, it was nothing, but for the hunters, it was a fatal danger.

Location, just underground.

I don’t know what animal dug in the underground cave.

However, it does not seem to find hunters.

A “phantom” that has a stronger grasp of spiritual power and takes a hidden route, it is impossible to be perceived by it.

After the disguised Yate, from the perception, the mental strength of the old hunters is similar or even weaker.

Under the current circumstances, if the hunters proceeded like this, they would probably not pass by the pseudo-mud monster, and there would be no battle.

However, Yate certainly would not let the hunters leave.

A little black beast was quickly approaching the cave where the pseudo mud monster inhabited.

In its mind, a dark shadow was wriggling silently.

Twin Shadows.

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