Night Crow Master

Chapter 13: The Wizarding Way of Thorns

The second day.

Earls’ castle, in the study.

The warm sunlight fell from the sky and into the castle from the window.

The vines climbing into the castle, under the sunlight, showed a feeling of emerald green and glittering.

“Yate, what do you think, wizard, is it?” The earl asked Yate, standing in front of the window sill.

On the side, Alti watched this scene interestingly. On that day when she was less than ten years old, when she awakened psionic energy, she had been asked like this.

“Wizard…” Yate searched through the memories of his predecessor, and all the impressions he got from that unclear memory were gathered together…

At the same time, he also added his opinion of a player who has experienced various games in the age of technology: “The wizard is a nobleman, inherits the noble blue blood, is a spellcaster, holds a mysterious and extraordinary existence, is a strong, possesses The ability to make rules is a researcher who can explore the real secrets of the world.”

The earl looked at the young man in surprise, his answer, in his expectation, but also unexpected: “How should I put it… Very interesting answer.”

After thinking about it, he temporarily couldn’t find what words to use to organize a paragraph.

Looking at his surprised daughter, he also shook his head: “The wizard is a nobleman, there is nothing wrong with it, but the nobleman is not a wizard. The wizard obtains the seeds of spells due to blue blood. We gain power through research and learning. Exploring the mysteries of the world, but not gaining power in order to explore the world, and having power can make rules.”

Yate nodded, seemingly understanding.

“In the long past, through learning and research, we won freedom from powerful monsters. Then, we took away their power and transformed it into our own power. This is the origin of blue blood.” Earl Fast Recalling the knowledge that my guide taught myself, “Our monsters have gained their own free existence. The blue blood people defeated the monsters through the power of magic and established the first city-state of mankind. A kingdom.”

“After humans were completely free from the control of monsters, other professionals appeared, priests, knights, and various professionals of the Holy See. They either received natural gifts, or communicated with other worlds, or It is to believe in the light and gain strength from the light.”

Yate thoughtfully: “Are their power and psionic nature the same?”

Fast shook his head: “Their power system is different from ours, and the essence is also different. We wizards, learn knowledge, use knowledge, control knowledge, gain power from knowledge, and pursue the ultimate. This question, you can I will get answers in the future.”

Earl Fast’s face became serious: “Yat Angus Claurido.”

“Yes!” Yate also got serious. Seeing Earl Fast’s expression, he understood that this kind of ceremony is very important.

“Fast Susie Colola obeys the glory of the wizard and will be your guide, leading you on the path of the wizard, and you will continue to explore the path of the wizard.”

“I, Art Angus Claurido, will inherit the glory of the wizard.” Art said loudly.

In the dark, he seemed to feel that he had a pair of eyes looking at himself.

The high sky? Or is it somewhere else?

He didn’t know, but Fast saw his expression in his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Yate?” Earl Fast asked aloud.

Yate thought for a while and decided to say: “Just now, at the moment when the ceremony was completed, there seemed to be eyes looking at me.”

Hearing these words, Earl Fast was taken aback: “Eyes?”

“Yes.” Yah Fei nodded.

Yate’s expression didn’t seem to be fake, and the other party didn’t need to deceive himself in this regard. If it was true, then there must be a reason.

As a formal wizard, he has experienced many things. The appearance of this situation may be related to some phenomenon or monster.

He immediately turned his head and said to the wall: “Aisha, check the magic circle of the castle, especially the part to guard against prying eyes.”

Later, Yate saw a face appeared on the wall and said, “Okay, Master.”

“what is that?”

Earl Fast smiled: “Aisha, Mercury Servant, is also part of the castle’s defense structure. The maid who took you to the room yesterday.”

“Oh.” Yate nodded suddenly.

“Okay. Then let’s start with the most basic learning.” Earl Fast went directly to the topic, “The most basic thing is about the practice of wizards.”

“The progress of a wizard is actually to continuously develop and improve one’s own psychic abilities, while at the same time, constantly dig out one’s own blood. Both of these points can be completed by the mind.”

“A complete and qualified meditation, in the process of practice, can slowly increase your total amount of psychic energy to discover, up to the upper limit, at the same time, it will make your bloodline continue to improve.” Fass Count Tete looked at Yate, “Actually, as your strength continues to improve, you will be farther and farther away from ordinary people. When you become an official wizard, you can even say that you and ordinary people are two Species exist.”

“This is one of the reasons why it is difficult for powerful wizards and professionals to give birth to heirs after combining with ordinary people.”

Genetic changes?

Yate raised his eyebrows.

However, Earl Fast did not seem to say much about these matters. After a brief mention, he began to talk about the realm:

“The realm of wizards can be simply divided into two, one is a formal wizard, and the other is a wizard apprentice.”

“Before becoming a formal wizard, you need to experience three levels, elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Each level is a difficult challenge.” Fast’s expression is serious. “A good meditation idea has a high starting point. The bloodline of sorrow can bring you a higher starting point on the wizarding road.”

“Those heirs of kings and dukes are born with great potential. Whether it is the speed of practice or the difficulty of breakthrough, they are better than the heirs of those viscount barons.”

Elti, who was next to him, couldn’t help covering his forehead when he heard this. His father was too incapable of speaking.

Yate was still a little speechless when he heard it. Even if this is true, can’t you be tactful?

A powerful bloodline is born noble.

He naturally understood what the other party meant.

“The level of meditation can also affect the future of a wizard.”

Earl Fast looked at Yate, and said solemnly: “I heard Elti say that you feel that’The Poetry of the Dark Night’ is very suitable for you. Although I am a little confused, I respect your choice. After all, If you want good meditation, you need to pay a corresponding price.”

“Now, I’ll test your aptitude.” Earl Fast snapped his fingers, and ripples appeared on the wall, and the mercury maid Aisha appeared from the wall with a round purple crystal in her hand.

When Aisha came to Yate, Fast said: “Now, put your hands on both sides of the crystal.”

Yate nodded when he heard the words and put his hands on both sides of the crystal ball.

The moment his hands touched, he felt a tingling pain, and then the crystal lit up.

A small pure black vortex swirled in the crystal, around the vortex.

The vortex is not big, probably only about one-fifth of the crystal.

“Um…lower and higher.” Fast groaned for a moment, then said.

“It’s… mediocre?” Yate asked tentatively, moving his hand down.

“Yes.” Fast nodded. “Aptitude is related to the concentration of blue blood in your body, and the color of the vortex reflects your affinity with the elements.”

“Pure black, no wonder you say that you think’Dark Night Poetry’ is very suitable for you.” El said next to him, “Pure black represents dark attributes. Although Dark Night Poetry is a low-level meditation, it is a lot of meditation. In, very few purely dark attribute meditation thoughts.”

“Okay, you know the results of the test.” Fast nodded and asked Aisha to collect the crystal.

“The process of practice is to continuously outline the inscriptions in your mind in your spiritual sea. The more you outline, the more psychic energy will be produced in the spiritual sea. The elementary apprentice needs to outline nine inscriptions, and the middle is 27 inscriptions. , The advanced level needs eighty-one inscriptions, and after that, it is to be promoted to the official wizard. You don’t need to worry about this, it is too far away from you…

Fast talked eloquently: “These inscriptions engraved in the sea of ​​spirit are the basis for casting spells. Each spell requires a certain number of runes to be constructed in the form of patterns or words or a combination of both. Psionic filling can successfully cast spells.”

Are these the principles of spell casting?

Yate keeps these in mind.

“The outline of runes takes a long time. Your qualifications are low and upper. It may take at least half a year to be promoted to a junior apprentice…” Fast sighed He said, “If you want to help my experiment, you need at least a junior apprentice. It seems that you can’t help my experiment in a short time. If it is better, two months, I can still wait… .”

“Let’s do it.” Earl Fast thought for a while, then said, “I will hand you two basic experimental modulation manuals. You will travel while you are studying. When will you reach the primary apprenticeship, and when will you come back to me? .”

“…Okay.” Yate was stunned, and nodded in a daze, but he was a little disappointed in his heart…The low-level qualifications, it seems that it is not very popular.

Seeing Fast still smiling and Elti with a disappointed look on his face, he couldn’t help feeling cold.

But there was some relief.

No matter where it is, waste will not be welcome.

After all, they have no value.

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