Night Crow Master

Chapter 15: Thief? hunting?

Old Hawk Tavern, second floor.

“Boy, you are so careless.” Hawke, who brought Yate to the guest room, said after opening the door, “Many of those guys are in underground business.”

Hawke deliberately increased his tone on the “underground business”, with a hint and alertness.

“Huh?” Yate was very flustered, as if he understood the meaning of the other party’s words, “Then what should I do?”

“This is also very difficult…” Hawke sighed. He didn’t have a good way to deal with this matter. “When you live in a tavern, they usually don’t do it, I am old Huo. If there are no others, there is still some strength.”

“You, can you protect me?” Yate swallowed, with a slightly relieved gesture.

“There are rules for the day during the day, and rules for the night at night. If you are outside, I can’t protect you. When you stay in the tavern, I can help you.” Hawke shook his head, “Don’t sleep at night. It’s too heavy. If you find any accidents, shout immediately and I will come up right away.”

After speaking, he handed the dinner plate in his hand to Yate, turned and left: “If you have the ability, call your guards at home, or hire some guards to protect you from leaving, well, after eating, Just put the plate on the table next to it, and bring it down to me tomorrow. I wish you a good rest—”

Yate “stupidly” watched Hawke waving his hands go downstairs, then entered the room with a frustrated expression and closed the door.


The door was closed.

However, when the door closed, the frustration on Yate’s face instantly disappeared and he returned to normal.

“Huh—” Yate locked the door, then walked to the window, pressed his body against the wall, and glanced out the window, “At least a thief will come tonight, right?”

Just now, below, the act of exposing money was intentional.

What is the fastest way to accumulate wealth in the world?

Treasure hunt?


No, it’s plunder.

He is more willing to deal with thieves and robbers than to face beasts and monsters.

Killing thieves and bandits can get more things than the fur and flesh of wild beasts.

Killing humans can gain more professional experience than wild beasts.

A flash of cold light flashed in Yate’s eyes. He was never a good person, and he didn’t deal with civilians because the civilians had too little property, and besides the title deed, there was almost nothing else of value.

And, who knows where that kind of thing will be placed? It takes too much effort to find those things.

He will not deal with good people either. There may be some sensory favors, but it is also related to interests.

Not all good people are honest, there are so many good things, compared with common people, there are only a little more, sometimes the harvest is not as good as thieves.

Compared to civilians, thieves are a good target.

Although thieves generally don’t accumulate wealth, thieves and robbers keep a lot of strange-looking things, among which there is nothing good about keeping them together.

In more than a dozen medieval games, he has the habit of hunting npc thieves.

Use your own money hunting to seduce thieves and let them come up and die.

Yate glanced at the black crow on his shoulder: “Golola, remember, no matter what the situation is, you don’t speak out unless I make you yell.”

The black crow nodded, seeming to understand what he meant.

The thieves are very shrewd. The time they do it is usually when people fall into deep sleep. The period from one to three in the morning is the easiest time for thieves to take action.

There are also some other ways, choosing between eight and ten in the noisy time.

Because, often during this time, many alcoholics just happened to be drunk, and then they were sent back to the room by the owner of the tavern. It was also very easy to do this during this time.

Yate squinted his eyes and began to eat the unpalatable food that he was still unaccustomed to. He didn’t put down the plate until he was 80% full, and left the rest of the food on the plate. Maybe tomorrow, it will become rotten, but It doesn’t matter.

It’s not enough to eat. After all, it is very unwise to eat what he wants to do for a while.

Of course, he needs to prepare briefly before starting his hands.

Rest probably won’t be enough. After setting up the traps and preparing the weapons, use meditation to pass the time and take a short rest.

If time permits, he doesn’t mind having a few hours of rest, but if he falls asleep and the thieves can’t find anything and become angry, the original method of seduce the enemy is to seek death.

He didn’t think of joking about his life.

Although the experience of meditation is less than killing monsters, it is better than nothing.


In the pile of debris in the backyard of the pub.

Lucid blinked, and when he woke up, the town of Sindira in the middle of the night was already shrouded in damp mist.

“Oh, **** it, it’s not a good time.”

The thief who had worked for many years stood up from the corner and patted the dust on his body.

Today, no, last night, he was also one of the people who wandered around in Hawke’s Tavern.

Old Hawk’s tavern, there are many people gathered today, mostly because there are a few caravans appearing in this small town these days, rushing to the town of Colola.

Rather than the caravan returning after purchasing the goods, the thieves are of course more willing to see a caravan that hasn’t spent the money in their field of vision.

This time can be said to be the “hunting season” established by the thieves.

Although he has been in the industry for several years, he is more vulnerable than those thieves who have been entrenched in Sindira for more than a decade.

The other big thieves don’t have much interest in some small goals, nor do they consume too much effort to fight. Only when the real big fat sheep appears, those thieves who have been preparing for a long time will start to take action. On the contrary, they will have a lot of peace and avoid other people disturbing their “hunting”.

Lucid does not belong to any band of thieves, he is alone, a weak lone thieves.

Today’s fat sheep worth more than ten gold coins is not a big goal, but it’s fat enough.

Ordinarily, Lucid knew it well, and was unwilling to take the risk to do it.


Unlike other prey, the fat sheep this time has no guards around him.

In this case, the difficulty will be reduced a lot, it will be easier to succeed, and…the double ale yesterday made his mind a little less clear.

This is also the reason why he, who was originally crouching, would accidentally fall asleep.

With a muddy nail on his thigh, the pain that came out freed Lucid from the trance he had just woke up, and the dampness and cold of the fog made him completely awake.

All right–

Lucid patted her cheek and moved closer to the back of the tavern.

There are no other thieves around.

Maybe it’s because they are not going to risk being chopped into crippled by Old Hawk in the tavern, or they don’t want Syndira to become vigilant and affect their hunting a week later. In short, Lucid didn’t. Other thieves were found.

In fact, he didn’t know that not long ago, Old Hawk wandered around in the backyard and let out his murderous aura, scaring the thieves away, and Lucid, who was hiding in the debris pile, slept too much. Death, even the old Hawke deliberately released murderous intent without awakening him.

Old Hawk did not expect that there would be a guy who was not scared because he was asleep, and therefore he was not found out.

Although I don’t know why there is no one, Lucid knows that this is his opportunity!

After being vigilant for a while and confirming the situation, Lucid carefully circled a small circle and came to the bottom of the room where Yate lived.

After confirming that it did not attract anyone’s attention, he wiped his palm.

“Well, this position is okay. After a while, I will come out directly and cross the wall…”

After moving a stone under the courtyard wall to ensure that he could jump up over the fence later, Lucid nodded.

Subsequently, he masterfully grasped the protrusions and depressions on the wall, and after avoiding a few sharp objects specially placed by the old Hawker, Lucid made a few moves and climbed to the second floor. Then, his hands appeared. A slender iron wire stretched into the window.


Before the footsteps sounded a faint sound, Lucid remained motionless for a few seconds, confirming that the people inside were asleep, and after no response, he slowly opened the window.

Skilled skills, prudent character and simple window locks have made Lucid’s “work” extremely smooth in these years.

Old Hawk’s tavern, he knew that after a burglary incident, the other party deliberately changed the door lock. It took some time for the door lock to open, and the door opened with a loud sound, which was easy. Will awaken the people in the room.

Rather than entering the room from the door, Lucid prefers to use the window. Although there are sharp traps specially placed by Old Hawk on the wall, this does not hinder the thieves. It even requires only a piece of wood to press on it. Can solve the problem.

However, the thieves all have an agreement to try not to break the trap to prevent Old Hawk from using more difficult methods.

Most thieves abide by this agreement, and if a thieves commit a crime, the local thieves gang will be more ruthless and “dispose” of these unruly guys.

Lucid doesn’t want to be dealt with, so he still needs to follow some rules.

After squinting his eyes, he carefully opened the window. After a brief silence, he confirmed that the “fat sheep” was lying on the bed and fell asleep.

Are you relieved about the room lock?

Lucid sneered in his heart and prepared to enter.

However, when he stepped into the room, a sharp pain came from the soles of his feet. When he subconsciously shouted out because of the pain, a cold light pierced him.

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