Night Crow Master

Chapter 17: Curse of weakness

Yate, who was full of acting skills, was not seen through at all, and they did not expect that this young man was not a victim, but a perpetrator.

Although, the target is a thief who deserves to die.

Sitting in the room, Yate looked at his career bar, his mouth curled slightly.

Although the thief is not high in level, the level of lv4 is still higher than his lv1.

Therefore, he has also gained a lot of experience points, plus some small animals that he killed before, just enough for him to get a level.

The experience value is assigned to the first profession by default. Of course, you can also change the experience assignment yourself to give experience to another profession.

【Crow Master lv2】

[Useable skill point 1]

Sure enough, it’s still like that, upgrade will not get attribute points.

Yate sighed. In “The Extraordinary Middle Ages-The Rise of the Mage”, the promotion of attribute points can only rely on treasures, equipment, secrets, skills, etc., what kind of devil dagger, bathing in dragon blood, knight breathing, mage Mind thoughts or something.

Treasures can be met and cannot be found, most players can only make ideas on secrets and skills.

After the level of some skills is increased, the attributes will be improved, and some secret methods of sacrifice and sacrifice can also gain attribute points.

In “The Extraordinary Middle Ages”, even if there are no deputy knights, there are many mages who learn knight skills, and similarly, knights who learn knights are not uncommon.

All to get extra attributes.

Although Yate also wanted to improve his attributes, he still couldn’t find so many good things.

Cursing his lips, Yate looked at the skill:

Acquired skills [Passive·Crow Mage lv1], [Passive·Crow Affinity lv1], [Capture Crow lv1], [Sharing Vision lv1]

lv2 can learn skills: [Curse of Weakness]

Now, he can choose to upgrade existing skills or learn new skills.

And Yate, who lacked skills, naturally chose to learn new skills.

【Available skill points: 1】→【0】

【Curse of Weakness lv1: Decrease the enemy’s strength, physique, agility, and spirit by 10% for a short time, and the duration is affected by the enemy’s constitution. 】

Without any hesitation, he learned the only skill [Curse of Weakness] that lv2 could learn.

Now, he has some fighting ability.

Relying on the ability of [Passive Crow Mage], he can release [Curse of Weakness] through his servant Crow.

Wait…Speaking of the crow mage…

Yate looked at Colola on the side.

[Meditation·Dark Night Poetry] Can it be used through [Passive·Crow Mage]?

Do what you think.

Under Yate’s order, Black Crow Golola closed her eyes, and then, its breath gradually became stable, and a familiar feeling came from it.

It is the fluctuating thoughts of dark night poetry.

When a feeling of excitement appeared in Yate’s heart, he felt that the fluctuations in the black crow became abnormal…

there is a problem!

Yate immediately ordered Golola to stop using the skill.


But it was too late. The Black Crow had fallen on the table, and Yate rushed over.

“Fortunately…” After careful inspection, it was discovered that it was just mentally wounded, becoming lethargic, and thinking back.

What is the reason?

Art put Colola next to the pillow, lay on the pillow, and looked at the ceiling.

[Meditation·Dark Night Poetry lv1: Increase the recovery speed of mental power by 15%, provide a small amount of professional level experience, increase by 30% during deep meditation, and increase experience by 20%. ——”Some people are born noble, some are good at praise. But I am always the end of this bloodline…”]


[The secret hidden in the poem has already been opened. Only those with blue blood are eligible to receive the honor of a wizard. 】

He looked at the notes under the wizard career column.

“First of all, crows and humans have different body structures and different spirits. Using human meditation thoughts may cause problems. Second, only blue-blooded people and only descendants of nobles can awaken psychic powers, operate meditation thoughts, and transfer spirits. Power is transformed into psychic energy.”

What a pity, I still wanted the crow to meditate…

This expectation seems to have failed.

After measuring his head, he sighed as he looked at the black crow Kollora who was falling asleep.

Speaking of it, the experience points obtained through meditation can only increase the experience slot of [Night Wizard], and cannot be given to [Raven Mage].

This is a bit painful. After all, you can gain experience by killing the enemy in the early stage, but it is unlikely in the later stage.

To gain experience points, the level of the main profession must be higher than the enemy.

Later, you may have to live by meditation.

Yate’s eyes focused on [Meditations·Dark Night Poetry], and now, in order not to arouse suspicion, he has to stay in Sindira Town for a while.

He needs to upgrade the crow mage’s professional level to lv3 as soon as possible and learn an attack skill.

As a master, spells are the real romance. Smashing people’s heads with iron rods and playing kidney attacks with daggers.

The early stage is the world of melee, the middle stage is the world of Faye, and the later stage is the world of Faye who can use spells.

Although he does not lack melee combat experience, it is the last word to do melee combat at long range.

Yate, lying on the bed, began to think about how to deal with the thief in the next moment.

“To be honest, it is easier to kill than to deal with beasts and monsters. Many warriors who can fight bravely in the wild end up in towns.”

Yate deeply agrees with this famous quote from the NPC master when he was playing thieves, and another sentence is also regarded as the most logical quote:

“With the skill of fighting a beast, I can stab two thieves in the back.”

one day later.

“Oh, sorry, Yate, we didn’t find the thief.”

Two days later.

“We still haven’t found him.”

Three days later.

“still none.”

Four days later.

“I think that guy probably left Sindira. We will send letters to other nearby towns to help them search.”

The sheriff looked at Yate with a frustrated expression and shrugged.


Yate gritted his teeth and said to Hawke, “I will pay.”

However, no matter who it is, he can hear his uncertain tone.

At this time, a tall pocky face walked into the bar and came to the bar. As soon as the stranger stepped into the bar, many people looked over.

However, when I saw people coming in one after another, especially the last one, those eyes disappeared.

“That is…’Grey Wolf’ Sanger? The Gray Wolf Mercenary Team?”

“Yes, that’s right, it’s him, originally a high-ranking fighter like Hawke, because of his old injuries, now he has only the strength of a middle-ranked fighter.”

“Tsk tut, it’s a pity.”

“Damn, keep your voice down, or his shield will hit your head, and the sword will pierce your chest, just like this!”

“Get me your shoes!”

The noise in the tavern did not affect those who walked in.

The last person who walked in was a tall middle-aged man who looked about the same age as Hawke, but his face was gloomy.

“Hawk, give me a few glasses of wine and a suitable dinner.”

“Grey Wolf” Sanger stared at Hawke in the counter with a sullen look, and said.

Several companions standing behind him, either spread their hands or shrugged at Hawke. Obviously, they knew Hawke.

“I see.” Hawke stared at him for a while. “You are old, Sanger.”

“Your mouth is smelly, like garlic mixed with rot grass.” Sanger sullen his face, spit out a word, then turned his head and found a table.

On that table, there was a person sitting alone.

Following Sanger, a strong man walked over and patted the table: “Hey, you! Get up!”

The person sitting there couldn’t help but raised his head with an angry expression: “What are you doing!?”

“I call you up! You dirty night mouse.” The strong man roared, pulling his collar, “Cindira doesn’t need a mouse like you!”

No matter who it is, he will not like thieves.

The man looked furious: “You…you…this bastard!”

As he said, he punched the strong man in the face.


The brawny man was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t seem to expect the other party to dare to move, grabbing the opponent’s collar with both hands, and shaking it hard.

Boom! ! !

The dull sound of heavy objects hitting the wall caused chaos and screams in the tavern.

There were even guests coming out.

The chair fell to the ground with a “boom”, and the earthenware cups and plates fell on the ground with a muffled noise.

The thief who was thrown away looked at the burly man who came, his lips trembled: “You…you…”

“What are you?” The strong man grabbed back and was about to pull out the axe he was carrying, but suddenly he grasped his wrist with one hand.

“Nortonk! This is my tavern!!!” Hawk yelled in his ear.

The brawny man named Nortonk was taken aback, and then he was furious. After seeing Hawke’s face clearly, his expression changed three times, making people look wonderful.

Looking at Hawke carrying the huge sword, Norton let go of the man, and watched the man fled the bar in a panic: “Cut.”

When other people saw this scene, they all laughed out loud, especially the only female in the mercenary team, the freckled archer Soli: “Norton has his ears covered by breadworms. It’s jammed! I think he needs to get a woodpecker to help.”

“Then, his ears will rot, just like a corpse in the wild.” The thin man next to him snorted, “I promise.”

Stronghan Nortonk roared: “Hope!!! Do you want to fight!?”

As soon as he finished shouting, his hair trembled and he took two steps back.

The great sword swept past his eyes with the wind.

Norton looked over, and it was Hawk who shot.


The tavern owner knocked on the floor with a huge sword: “Be quiet for me!!!”

Then, he looked at the “grey wolf” Sanger who had been quiet: “Sanger, I have something to tell you.”

“About him.” Hawke’s left hand pointed backward.

“Huh?” Yate raised his head blankly, “Me?”

“Yes.” Hawke nodded and said to the silent Sanger, “as a commission.”

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