Night Crow Master

Chapter 18: Accidentally joined

The next morning.

A team left the town of Sindira.

There are a total of nine people in the team, one of them looks very young, and with that childish face, he is just a teenager. Although the crow on his shoulder makes him more mysterious, but…

The thief Hope, the archer Soli, the sword and shieldman Rand, the swordsman Thordike, the axe warrior Nortonk, the hunter Loft, the archer Sheridan, the “grey wolf” sword and shield warrior Sanger.

“Oh, hell, this guy can only giggle?” A woman with a lot of freckles on her face was the female archer from the Gray Wolf Mercenary Corps. She rolled her eyes and looked at the woman who was entrusted by Hawke. To the teenagers of their team, she was a bit disdainful.

Hearing her words, a thin man standing beside her shrugged his shoulders: “No way, who makes our captain of the’Grey Wolf’ a good person? Just like Hawke, a silver coin accepted the commission. Stuffed a waste into the Gray Wolf Mercenary Group?”

They are a mercenary team, and everyone is a professional…Of course, they are just ordinary professionals.

Among them, the swordsman Thorndike and the archer Sheridan have reached the standard of a median professional.

Several other people are also good players. As the well-known Gray Wolf mercenary group in Colola County, their team is not to say that they are all elite, but there is no waste in it, relying on exercise and skills. All are good players in the beginner level.

Although they are not extraordinary professionals, they are just ordinary professionals, but the people inside…

The captain, “Grey Wolf” Sanger, is even more at the limit of his mid-level position, almost breaking through to the high position.

The young man with the crow had an aggrieved look of “dare not to speak” on his face.

It was Yate who didn’t care about the cynicism of the two.

Regarding what happened yesterday, he was somewhat unresponsive.

Yesterday, the tavern owner paid a silver coin to let him join the team…


He didn’t know the reason, maybe it was the tavern owner who thought that Yate had an accident in his tavern, he should be responsible, or something else.

Yate also used this reason to leave Sindira Town, so he didn’t have many ideas.

However, although he does not intend to pay attention to those two people, he is not strong enough to confront them head-on. Besides, the rest of this team will be biased towards acquaintances, even if they seem to have a relationship with the thief Hope. Nortonk, Qiu’s axe, would only favor Hope instead of him, the “cowardly” rookie who just joined the team.

For the time being, Yate didn’t plan to head-on, but just pretended to be daring not to speak. Soli and Hope saw his reaction, and their cynicism continued.

Yate didn’t have much reaction to this. In his previous life, as a salesman, did he feel less angry?

Normal working hours are getting angry every day, and the cynicism of these two people did not cause him much trouble.

Others have absolutely no meaning to persuade.

Under careful observation, Yate also roughly knew the personality and some habits of these people.

Rand the sword and shield, Thorndike the sword, the axe warrior Nortonk, the Hunter Loft, the archer Sheridan, and the “grey wolf” sword and shield Sanger, among the six people——

The captain, the gray wolf Sanger, has always had a gloomy face. From the time he was out of town, he hasn’t said a word at all. The weapons used are swords and small arm shields.

Archer Soli, who doesn’t look good and has a cheap mouth, if in the game, is a good T, and has the same relationship with other people except Archer Sheridan.

Hope, the thief, doesn’t know how good he is. He has a gap with Nortonk the axe, and has a good relationship with Loft the hunter.

The swordsman Thorndike, about thirty-five years old, is relatively stable, using a two-handed sword, one of the three mid-level professionals in the mercenary group, attaches great importance to his weapons, and basically ignores the affairs of the team.

Axe warrior Nortonk, in this team, Sanger’s loyal subordinates seem to be the old people who have been with Sanger since he established the mercenary team. The strength is second only to the three middle-ranked fighters, but they are very powerful. Even the three mid-level fighters are not as good as him, because of their personality, they have a good relationship with everyone, except for Hope, but they seem to be relatively uninitiated. I found that Sanger Sheridan and others were against Hope Sorley. After his move did not respond, there was no response.

Hunter Loft, carrying many materials and tools on his back, has a good relationship with the thief Hope. He didn’t respond to Hope’s actions to oppress him, but rather supported him.

Archer Sheridan, a mid-level professional except Sanger and Thordike, has a similar relationship with other people. He seems to have a relationship with Archer Soli. She is a bit disgusted with Soli and Hope’s mocking actions, but No objection.

In less than half an hour, Yate had already figured out the characters and some small habits of these people, but he hadn’t encountered a battle, and he didn’t know how strong these people were.

Yate lowered his head, Yu Guang glanced at Hope and Soli who were still mocking him, a gloomy flash in his eyes.

“In such a world where force is supreme, how did these two people live to the present…”

In just half an hour, even Yate with excellent patience, the senses of these two people have dropped to the lowest point.

Although he was only planning to leave Sindira Town through this team at the beginning, and found an excuse to leave on the way, but now…

Give these two a lesson that you will never forget?

Looking at the “cowardly” Arter with his head down, Hope’s mouth curled up. This kind of businessman’s child is really weak.

“Listen from the people in Hawke’s Tavern, this little guy is still the son of a businessman?”

Maybe…can knock another gold coin from him?

Hope, whose predecessor was just a small town thief, is not very good. Even if he enters the town, he often commits burglary, and he has not done nothing without extortion.

With this in mind, Hope leaned towards Yate.

He intends to pry out the history of this kid, and then see if he can get something good from him.

The son of a businessman who can carry a dozen gold coins on his body?

There must be a lot of money at home.

“Hey—brother.” Hope grabbed Yate’s shoulders, feeling the trembling of the other’s body, and listening to the sound of the crow flapping its wings and flying away, he smiled and said, “Where did you come from?”

“I…I…” Yate was taken aback, looking at the smile on the other’s face, and then thinking about the other’s identity, he immediately understood the other’s plan.

Want to get something from me?

“I…I’m from…” Seeing Hope’s expression, Yate replied a little “at a loss”, “I’m from Dillard Town, which is Durad County. side!”

“Oh~ Durard Town…” Hope nodded clearly. Durard County is a county on the east side of Gorora County, which is a bit richer than Colola County. Di Lude Town, seems to be north of Colola Town?

He has lived for 30 years and has never been out of Colola County. Although some people have heard of this town, he has never been.

Hearing what Yate said, other people couldn’t help but look over, especially Nortonk. He laughed haha ​​and pushed Hope who was next to Yate away: “Di Lud Town! I went there with the captain. ! The rye there is better than Colola’s!”

Hope, who was pushed away, gritted his teeth, but looked at Nortonk’s tall figure and strong muscles, especially the giant axe, which was taller than him. He still didn’t say anything and was a little far away from the two.

“Yes, is it?” Yate was taken aback. He didn’t expect that Nortonk had also been to Di Lud Town. He also heard it from the businessman in Filo Town.

But it’s right, mercenaries and merchants also have many commissions to guard, so it’s not unusual to have been to Di Lude Town.

If you talk too much, Yate immediately decided not to talk about Di Lud Town anymore, and also found an excuse: “I, I have never had a drink…”

“Oh, hell, a man! I never drank alcohol!” Norton slapped him on the shoulder, making him cry out, “How can you not drink?”

After speaking, he let go of his hand and shook his head with an expression of “You are very bad”.

Yate rubbed his shoulders and took a breath.

Yeah, this guy is too strong.

At this time, the black crow, who was scared away by Hope’s act of putting on his shoulders, fell back on his shoulders.

Nortonk, who was still standing next to him, saw the black crow and his eyes lit up:

“Hey boy, how about lending me your black crow for fun?”

After speaking, he reached out and grabbed it.

A cold light flashed in Yate’s eyes. This black crow was very important to him at this stage, how could it be loaned to others?

“Golola, fly away! Don’t let them catch you! Stay away from me, just hang far behind!”

With an order, the already flexible Black Crow speeds up a bit, and before Nortonk’s palm touches it, his body rises by half a meter.

After that, everyone saw the crow flying away without looking back.

“Oh, it’s terrible!” Nortonk was surprised, then turned and left, not even apologizing to Yate.

The other people in the team are the same, Sori felt the quiver behind her, eager to try.

Hope smiled, looking at Yate’s appearance, with a gloat smile on his face, and whistled:

“Hey! Poor boy, your bird is gone—”

When Soli next to him heard this, she glanced at Yate’s lower body: “Who knows? It’s probably not easy to use?”

The mockery filled with vulgar words is even more unbearable.

“Okay.” Sheridan glanced at the “shame” Yate, and patted his palms to stop the two of them from taunting, “Hope, take the map out, immediately, if you don’t want the next three days If all of the security tasks are entrusted to you.”

“Okay, no problem.” Hope raised his hands to surrender, and then took out a curled object that looked like some kind of animal fur from the small cylinder around his waist.

“Our next destination is…”

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