Night Crow Master

Chapter 19: Gray wolf fangs

In the evening.

“Hey, kid, go pick up some branches and come back, remember, they need to be dry, the kind that can burn!” Hope’s voice sounded from behind.

“Know, got it!” Yate replied loudly.

Then he took a step forward and walked towards the forest.

Seeing Yate’s figure gradually moving away, everyone in the Gray Wolf Mercenary Group put down their work.

Sheridan looked at the people around him, then turned to Sanger and said, “Captain, does it start now?”

“Yeah.” Sanger leaning on the tree trunk nodded, but at this time, a voice came from his head.

As soon as Sori looked up, she saw a crow resting on the branch, and immediately recognized its identity: “It’s that trash kid’s pet.”

“Why is it here?” Hope picked up a stone and threw it away. The black crow flew up, avoided the attack, and stopped on another branch not far away. “Damn it, why is it so flexible? “

Sori snorted, apparently mocking him.

“Okay.” Sheridan glanced at the black crow suspiciously, always feeling something was wrong, but after seeing the other party stop, he was just combing the feathers, so he didn’t care about it anymore. You need to go through the Forest of Melancholy. You all know the dangers of the Forest of Melancholy.”

He stretched out his hand at Hope, and Hope took out the map once again, except that, unlike the place that Yate saw just now, Sheridan peeled off the fur.

Some thickness of the fur, after being unfolded, showed another pattern.

Sheridan squatted on the ground and pointed to the pattern on the fur: “This thing is our purpose this time.”

“We have already ruled out the several locations marked above, and now there are only the last two places left, the Forest of Melancholy and the Colola Forest.” Sheridan moved his finger and pointed to a few unremarkable on the map , Small black spots that look like dirt.

“How can we go in in Colola Forest?” Sori shrugged, “That’s a place that even the Apocalypse dare not enter at will.”

After experiencing the low, middle, and high positions, it is the stage of the apocalypse, which noble wizards call the “official” rank.

The name “Apocalypse” came from the church, such as the Knights of the Apocalypse, the Bishop of the Apocalypse, and so on.

Compared with the mundane and extremely mundane prefix of “formal”, professionals are more willing to accept the fancy and nice-sounding “Apocalypse”.

“Yeah, that’s a dangerous place. Ten years ago, a large foreign mercenary group broke into the Colola Forest. In the end, only one person came out and died within two days.” Hope also Shaking his body, “I would rather give up than enter the Colola Forest. I want to sleep with Dicoli a few more times.”

“Forget that warbler.” Sori glanced at him in disgust. “It’s disgusting.”

“How can an ugly monster like you know Dicoli…”

“Enough!” Sanger said in a low voice.

“Okay, listen to you.” Hope shrugged, and Soli didn’t speak anymore. Norton next to him saw the reaction of the two and laughed silently.

Thorndike, who had been silent, suddenly said, “Sheridan, are you sure that something really exists?”

They have spent a year and a half running around for this thing.

“I’m sure!” Sheridan raised his right hand and looked serious. “This is the message I took out of the nobleman’s mouth. It took ten days to torture! This information was taken out in ten days. You must know, deal with one. How dangerous a wizard is, even if he is just a low-level apprentice.”

“Perhaps he deceived you?” Sori curled her lips. “You know, in order to make him lose his vigilance, I slept with him, and he told me a lot of lies.”

Hearing what she said, Sheridan’s face was a little unpleasant: “After he spoke, I have been torturing him, and the answers I got after several times were similar…”

The implication is that the authenticity is still relatively high.

Hope looked around: “What if I don’t find it this time? You don’t really want to go to the Colola Forest? Then I won’t go.”

“If it doesn’t work this time, then spread the news.” After so many failures, Sheridan was also a little confused, “The last time, the last time to get this.”

“Well, if you can really become an extraordinary person.” After seeing Hope nodded, Sheridan looked at the others.

Other people have no opinion.

“The extraordinary” is an absolute temptation.

These professionals are extremely powerful in the eyes of ordinary people.

However, they also know very well that they can’t compare with the transcendent just by exercising their strength.

Perhaps they have superb swordsmanship, but… how about the opponent’s superb swordsmanship and supernatural power?

Maybe they have extraordinary bow skills, but…what if the other party also does the same and can shoot arrows with extraordinary power?

Two years ago, Hope overheard the news of the “treasure” from a failed little noble who was kicked out of his succession.

In order to confirm the news, it was not only Suli who slept with the nobleman for several months and gained trust, but they also paid a lot of money elsewhere.

One accidentally, their plan of snooping intelligence was leaked by the sleepy Sori.

Then, the Gray Wolf Mercenary Group, who was unwilling to give up the opportunity, did not kill but chose to kidnap the nobleman.

Twenty days of torture caused the failed nobleman to spit out all the news, and then he was buried in a corner.

Since then, they have started looking for places according to the map.

“Sheridan, the past few times, we sacrificed the flesh and blood of horses and other low-level monsters. This time, how about sacrificing humans?” Sheridan narrowed his eyes. “It’s the last time anyway. Play bigger.”

“Sacrifice to humans?” Hope frowned. They weren’t good people and didn’t have much opinion on human life.

“Yeah.” Hope spread his hands. “The previous few times, although we did not get the result, you all know what the thing is. It is definitely a sacrifice ritual of the devil or the devil. In exchange for strength, humans can do too, right? Like the kid with the black bird, I think it’s a good material.”

Looking at the silent people, Sheridan decided to add another fire: “What are you hesitating about? Apart from this method, do you have other ways to become transcendents? The Holy See? Those guys don’t think of us. Devil and devil purification is already good. We have always been hiding in places with churches. Wizards? Experiments? If you want to become something like a bloated boar with pus all over, I don’t object. “

Soli next to him said: “How do you know that you won’t become a monster if you exchange power from the devil?”

“Do you have any other ways!?” Sheridan yelled uncomfortably, “As for the unchanging monsters, haven’t we met the demon warlocks? Except for their grumpy, what are they like monsters? Demon warlocks? Those guys are even more handsome and beautiful! Just like those wizards!”

The warlocks who use the power of the devil are violent and impulsive, and do not follow the rules, but other than that, there is no change in appearance.

The warlocks who used the power of the devil were cunning and sinister, but in appearance, they were handsome and beautiful.

Compared with the sorcerers, the blue-blooded nobles who mastered the power of the wizards were also beautiful and handsome. The stronger the more so, the people who did not like the nobles secretly called the nobles “blue-blooded devils.”

However, they are not true demonic powers.

The reason is-the Holy See.

The Holy See’s “Power of Light” has a powerful lethality to demons and demons. For Demon Warlocks and Demon Warlocks, they will suffer from the Holy Light.

The wizards are different. They will not have any pain at all when they are exposed to the power of the light, and even some wizards can master the power of light.

The Holy See called these wizards who mastered the power of light “lost ones,” saying that they should have fallen into the embrace of the light.

People’s reverence for kingship is like theocratic power. The nobles have substantial dominance over the people, while the Holy See occupies half of the spiritual rule. People trust the words of the Holy See.

Hearing Sheridan’s words, everyone was silent. These professionals, before they started to train themselves, had sought out the Holy See and tried to become priests or knights, but they had no qualifications and could not enter the Holy See.

If this is not the case, they will not rely on physical and technical exercises at all and become professionals in this way.

Extraordinary professionals and ordinary professionals are completely different concepts.

Even if they go to the Holy See, they still cannot become knights, let alone become priests. They who have tried to contact with demons and demons, the only result is “purification”.

As for the wizard?

It is true that some people will seek refuge in wizards, but most of this will eventually disappear, or become monsters after the wizards’ experiments, and will no longer be able to appear in this world openly.

Those who did not become monsters also had various problems in their bodies, and died before they were too young.

Compared with the result of taking refuge in the wizard, the deal with the devil is better.

If you make a ranking in the minds of ordinary professionals, basically–

First: Become a member of the Holy See, become a natural transcendent

Second: Dealing with demons and demons

Third: ordinary professionals

Fourth: Take refuge in wizards

Hope mumbled a few words: “Okay, just try it once…it’s a pity, I originally wanted to make some money from that kid…”

“In the future, there will be opportunities to make money.” Sanger glanced at him and looked at Sheridan, “This is the last time, the last chance.”

Afterwards, his gaze rolled around everyone: “Isn’t there any comments?”

Everyone looked at each other, but in the end they didn’t speak.

“That is to agree.” Sanger nodded and made a decision, “Sheridan, as before, I will leave it to you after finding the destination.”

“Okay.” Sheridan nodded, then he looked at Soli and Hope, “until you find a place, don’t mess with that kid again, don’t let him run away.”

“Hey…” Soli turned her head, a little unhappy, but didn’t refute, she seemed to agree.

“Okay~ I will take good care of him.” Hope smiled and nodded.

Neither of them noticed that the black crow on the tree had a humanized light in his eyes.

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