Night Crow Master

Chapter 2: Break away

Tova understood very well in his heart, he understood the identity of his family-the leader.

In other words… serfs.

The entire kingdom experienced wars a hundred years ago. Not only was the royal family and local aristocrats exchanged blood, most of the people were also reduced from free people to serfs during the war. The vast majority of people in a territory were like this. He is also included.

Fortunately, his body is strong enough. Twenty years ago, he became one of the guards of Lord Clauredor who was still Baron Lord. Then, for the past 20 years, he followed the other side until the other side became Viscount.

Not long ago, the territory of the Viscount was attacked.

It is precisely because of this that poor Tova was ordered to take Master Yate and leave.

Tova thought so in his heart, but looking at Yate’s “sluggish” expression, he couldn’t help but think again.

What if… What if the Lord Viscount dies?

Can I get a reward for being pardoned as a free citizen for my family?

Tova shook his head, and shook this absurd idea from his mind, and restored it to its original smiling face. However, the cryptic seeds have already taken root.

At hearing the call, he came back to his senses, thinking of Tova and asked: “What, what?”

With that said, he was a little hungry, so he stretched out his hand and grabbed a Lanfengo.

However, Tova retracted his hand.

He didn’t know why he took it back, perhaps because of the thought that flashed in his mind just now.

However, he couldn’t show any malice before he was sure that the Lord Viscount had failed.

“Towa?” Yate looked at Towa’s movements with some doubts.

Tova gave a dry laugh, and hurriedly thought of a reason: “It seems that it hasn’t been cleaned yet, I will wipe it.”

As he said, he pulled the coarse cloth of the fruit, wiped the surface of the fruit, and passed it over.

After wiping it, it gets dirtier, right?

Yate rolled his eyes, then, grabbed a fruit, lowered his head to eat the fruit.

However, there was also a chill in his heart.

He is familiar with various medieval games and has experience in many things.

It used to be just a game, not really, now, seeing the dry smile on Tova’s face, I think of my current situation…

A bit bad…

Yate is not a fool. When he first woke up, he was a little confused, but after quieting down, he thought of various pregnant situations.

Among several boss teams, he is generally the leader in charge of tactical decision-making. Although he is not very young, he is very careful in all kinds of things.

One of the most important thinking characteristics is…often prepare mentally with the worst results.

And now, what is the worst situation?

exhausted? hunger? Thirsty? Or a possible danger in the forest?

Yate’s mind was running at high speed, grabbing the memory of “Yate” in his mind, while secretly observing the actions of Tova.

Where I am now….. There are many fierce creatures in the outskirts of Tuwatt Forest, like other inaccessible areas.

Judging by the size of this forest, there might even be powerful creatures equivalent to knights of the apocalypse and official wizards.

The original owner of the body, Yate, like other noble masters, must receive basic education.

However, this Yate is a very active person, or rather, a guy who doesn’t like to learn very much. For these, there is not much detailed memory.

But just need to know.

The strength of this Tova was just a relatively strong ordinary guard, not a knight.

Even the rank of knight attendants could not reach it.

It’s okay for Tova to protect him from ordinary thieves and refugees. As for those powerful creatures, don’t even think about it. As long as they encounter it, it is a word, death.

Now, it’s worse.

If news of the defeat of the father of his body, Viscount Claurido, comes, it is likely that Tovar will turn from a protector to an enemy.

If Tova still has a conscience, he may continue to be protected or let go. If this conscience is a little bit less…

Thinking in another way, rather than escorting an heir to the viscount that is no longer useful and causing him to be hunted down, his family will be persecuted even worse. Yate prefers to tie the heir to the viscount and send it back to the unknown one. In the hands of the winner.

“Huh—” Yate took a deep breath. He knew that at this time, he should find a way to separate from Tova and ran away by himself.

No matter what the result is, he is not willing to put his own life on the balance to see if the conscience of others at the other end is heavy enough.

Without showing anything, Yate learned the wayward gesture in his memory and said: “Towa, this thing is too unpalatable. I think it takes at least a piece of white bread to be worthy of my identity.”

Naturally, Tova knew what he meant, and that was to let him buy white bread.

In a few days, it’s not always a matter of death or alive, still thinking of white bread?

In Tova’s heart, the trace of disrespect had grown crazily in just a few minutes, but it did not surpass the deep memory of being ruled by the nobles.

He hesitated for a moment, and bowed: “Okay, my young master, you hide first, I will go to the town to see…”

“Okay.” With a smile on Yate’s face, no one could see what he was thinking.

When Tova turned around and was about to leave, he heard Yate’s voice again: “Wait, Tova, wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter? My young master?” Tova turned around, feeling a little irritable.

“Let’s put those two blue fenguos here.” Yate said pretentiously, just like those noble children.

“Okay.” The irritability and boredom in his heart grew more and more, and Tova put the coarse cloth on the ground along with the blue fengo, and then left.

“…” Yate narrowed his eyes, and after seeing the other party’s figure completely disappeared from his vision, he glanced at the blue Fingo on the ground, grabbed one in each hand, and left the place.

An hour later, Tova returned to the agreed place.

However, it was not white bread that was brought, not even black bread, only three attendants.

As for the identity? Certainly not the attendant of Viscount Claurido.

“Hey, Tova.” The man who looked like the captain put his hand on Tova’s shoulder. “Where is that young master?”

The captain of the attendant had a smile on his face, but there was no kindness in his smile.

“He was here just now!” A thin layer of sweat appeared on Tova’s forehead, “I asked him to wait here!”

“Really?” The captain of the attendant said with a sneer.

“Ken, I can definitely find it!” Tova trembled. He knew that this “go back” was different from the “go back” he had originally imagined.

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