Night Crow Master

Chapter 20: Forest of Melancholy

“What are they talking about?”

“I always feel that something is wrong…”

“Where did you see that pattern?”

Through the crow’s perspective, Yate saw the conspiracy of the gray wolf mercenary group members, but he could only see, but could not hear.

Therefore, throughout the whole process, he was observing the pattern on that animal fur.

If it is to discuss the route, they don’t need to wait for him to leave. They did this, there must be some ulterior motive.

Under a simple inference, Yate thought of various conspiracies, and finally, it boils down to one sentence–

Can’t believe them.

He had a bad impression of the Gray Wolf Mercenary Group, and he had never trusted these people.

Now, even more suspicious.

Under consideration, he decided not to go back to the camp and leave directly.

Stay away from them, just let the black crow hang them far away.

After making the decision, Yate looked left and right, left in a direction at right angles to the Gray Wolf mercenary team, and at the same time gave instructions to the Black Crow.

“Follow them from a distance.”

Half an hour later, in the camp.

“Hey! Hope! Where did that kid go!?” Sheridan, who was waiting impatiently, shouted to Hope.

“The ghost knows where he went!?” Hope was also very irritable.

After deciding to use Yate as a sacrifice, attention to Yate naturally increased, and Yate’s absence for half an hour made them irritable.

Nortonk muffled and said, “Couldn’t that kid run away!?”

“Idiot, why is he running?” Hope secretly cursed in his heart, but said on the face, “He didn’t hear that we were going to take him as a sacrifice, how could he run?”

“Maybe you ran into the Forest of Melancholy?” Hunter Loft answered, “You know, the Forest of Melancholy is filled with mist all the year round. People who are not familiar with it are easy to get lost. That kid may be lost.”

The Forest of Melancholy is the most famous place in Golola County, except for the Golola Forest. Although the area is not as large as one-tenth of the Golola Forest, it is also very foggy all year round. famous.

Many adventurous mercenaries will run to the Forest of Melancholy. I heard that even Earl Glorola himself has visited the Forest of Melancholy.

Compared with the dangerous Colola Forest, the Forest of Melancholy is not dangerous, only the danger of getting lost.

The other adventurous mercenaries did not find any high-level monsters in the Melancholy Forest. The highest was only a low-level monster equivalent to the median. Most of the victims were lost because they lacked food and water, and were weakened by those Kill the monsters that are not strong at all.

As long as there is sufficient preparation, let alone going in, it is okay to go back and forth twice. If you are not prepared and have bad luck, you can only die in it.

After hearing Loft’s words, everyone believed it except for Sheridan, who was still a little confused.

“Damn…” Hope whispered in a low voice, this time, the sacrifice is not easy to get.

He looked at other people.

“If you can, treat them as sacrifices…”

Hope was frightened by his sudden thoughts, and hurriedly lowered his head. In any case, they were also companions who had been getting along for nearly four years. He was not the latest to join, but he was also in the Gray Wolf mercenary team. For three and a half years.

Rand, the shortest sword and shield hand, also stayed for three years.

“What’s wrong with you? Hope?” Loft put down the basket and asked aloud, he thought this friend’s reaction was a little strange.

“Nothing, nothing.” Hope tried his best to behave as usual, “I’m just thinking, we have to be prepared, we can’t be like that kid, just break into the forest of depression without any preparation, I don’t want to Die inside.”

“Relax, Hope, we are very well prepared.” Loft smiled. Although not neat, his white teeth made him look very hearty.

As he said, he opened the back basket: “My back basket contains enough things for us to eat and drink for two days without any supplies, plus you bring it yourself, even if we stay in the forest of depression for three days, it doesn’t matter.”

As a hunter, he is mainly responsible for the logistics of the mercenary team. Others, that is, catching beasts, have been accustomed to all kinds of accidents for three years, so he has already planned.

Although it was only the first time for them to come to Melancholy Forest, they asked many caravans and mercenaries who would pass through Melancholy Forest. Even if they got lost, they would be able to get out in two days at most.

Moreover, that’s just the usual, because people often get lost in the Grove of Melancholy, and many mercenary teams will make some marks when they pass by.

Now, in the Forest of Melancholy, there is a road that you can leave as long as you press the mark, and you can pass it in half a day.

Of course, their goal is not just to pass the Forest of Melancholy, so Roft prepared enough food for the team including Yate for two days.

In addition to Loft, other people will carry a bit more or less on them, and they can also hunt beasts and monsters in the Forest of Melancholy as food supplements.

There is no need to worry about insufficient food.

“You are great! Loft!” Hope raised his hands exaggeratedly. “If you are a woman, I believe you are a good wife.”

“That is absolutely impossible!” Loft shuddered. He thought of the man he had met in Ludi County, who had been transformed into a woman with pointed ears as a wizard experiment, and finally went there. Liuying Street…What a bad habit…

Seeing his performance, Hope also remembered the story Loft once told, and shrugged: “Well, you must be a good husband.”

During the conversation, I completely forgot the young man entrusted to them by Hawke.

In other words, it has been determined that he is dead.


One day passed.

Yate, who was hiding between the bushes and the rocks, frowned.

From the perspective of Black Crow Gloria, he has been hanging behind the gray wolf mercenary team. He was hungry and thirsty. He took something out of his inventory to eat. When he was sleepy, he found a corner to hide and used meditation instead of sleep. .

During meditation, his spirit was in a state of light sleep that was half-sleep and half-awake.

And deep meditation can restore energy faster than sleep, but he has only entered such a state once.

He was very lucky, except for a creature that looked like a gray mongoose, he did not encounter any other beasts.

There are very few living things in this forest.

Vaguely, he felt the danger-not his own, but the feeling from the body of the black crow, Golola.

There seems to be something dangerous in this forest.

After getting this perception, Yate also hesitated. Animals’ perception of danger far exceeds that of ordinary people. Although he didn’t feel it, it didn’t mean it didn’t exist.

However, after thinking twice, he decided to continue to follow.

When the Gray Wolves mercenary team rested, Yate also rested. Whatever the other side’s movement, he would also make an evasive response, and then continue to follow.

However, although the Black Crow is allowed to observe remotely through [Sharing Vision], in the Gray Wolf mercenary team, the swordsman Thorndike and the hunter Loft are very alert and look up to the sky from time to time. He had to control the black crow farther away.

After continuing to track for a long time, he found that the gray wolf mercenary team stopped.

This is a jungle full of rocks and trees.

This is not a common situation in Colola County. The entire Colola County is mostly barren plains. In the entire Colola County, only the northern part has mountains. What is the situation with this stone?

Moreover, if it is ordinary stones, forget it, but in the Forest of Melancholy, the distribution of these stones is high density.

Since entering the Forest of Melancholy, Yate has never seen a place without stones.

The broken stones that look like fragments of weathered mountains are suspicious no matter how you look at them.

In fact, the people on the Gray Wolf Mercenary Team were also a little surprised.

“team leader.”

Loft walked to the side of “Grey Wolf” Sanger and said to the taciturn captain: “The situation here is wrong.”

“Yeah.” Sanger nodded, then looked at the others.

Noting Sanger’s line of sight, everyone looked at each other and nodded one after another.

The situation here is wrong.

It is not that they have not been to the Forest of Melancholy, on the contrary, they left once two years ago.

Because of the legend that “the fog of melancholy can swallow the lost”, they have always been very cautious and have investigated information about this place.

The final result is-it’s just that after getting lost because of the fog, these hungry and weak trapped people ran into beasts and monsters and died in their mouths.

This result finally became a conclusive conclusion. The travelers, caravans, and mercenaries gradually all thought so. After someone saw that the Count of Colola had come and left soon, this statement was It is more reliable.

But… the members of the Gray Wolf Mercenary Team are different.

In order to obtain extraordinary power, they did not miss any news about the Forest of Melancholy, just like the previous regions.

In the mouth of an old hunter, they heard a different statement.

“Before the long winter comes, the fog in the Forest of Melancholy will become very thick.” The old hunter, who looked like a beggar, said nervously, “In the forest, there is a tall castle. People who go in, Will die.”

Hope and Loft turned around in the woods and picked up the rocks on the ground.

After careful discrimination, the two came to the conclusion: “These stones seem to be the remains of some building.”

“Wreck? Where is it?” Sanger frowned deeply.

Hope and Loft looked at each other, and then the thin thief said: “We can’t tell where it is, but the general direction should be west and north…”

“West and north?” Sanger thought for a while, then immediately made a decision, “Look from the west first.”

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