Night Crow Master

Chapter 21: One-eyed badger

Yate, who had been monitoring the Gray Wolf mercenary team, also noticed some sudden movements.

Before that, their actions were chaotic, or they were wandering aimlessly in the melancholy forest, but now, they suddenly became regular.

Such a change occurred after the thief and hunter spent ten minutes in the forest.

“Is there something?” After the Gray Wolves mercenary team was farther away, Yate appeared in their place.

He looked around with some doubts.

Except for the rubble all over the floor, there is nothing left.

Maybe it’s not enough observation? Yate was a little suspicious, and then he was taken aback.

“Gravels?” He remembered his doubts a day ago, “Why are there so many gravels here?”

Yate, frowning, picked up a stone and stuffed it into his inventory.

[Contaminated gravel lv2: This is an ordinary gravel, before it was contaminated by psychic energy. 】

“Psionic pollution!?” Yate’s eyes widened.

This term is familiar to Arter, who gnaws on books from Count Colola from time to time.

However, it is precisely because of this that he felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

Psionic pollution is a condition that exists in every wizard. This is not uncommon. As long as the apprentice of a low-level wizard is reached, the body will begin to spread psychic radiation outwards.

Although the intensity is not great, these escaped psychic powers are a way for many extraordinary professionals to identify wizards.

At the official wizard level, this kind of psychic energy radiation will reach a state that can affect external things.

Just like the Count of Colola, when Yate stayed in the castle, he could feel that Count’s psychic energy radiation that was escaping every moment.

What makes his heart palpitations most is how he feels about the entire castle.

That castle, like a living thing, is a living existence.

Although he did not have substantial evidence or knowledge, through the description of that potion basics and material illustration book, he probably understood what the psychic power of a formal wizard would be like.

On the basis of that potion, some materials recorded, such as a plant called “Wraith Flower”, the description above is –

[Special plants that grow in environments polluted by high psychic energy. ]

There is no doubt that high psychic pollution will create a special environment.

Yate frowned, looking at the description of the stone in the inventory, there was only one voice in his heart.

In trouble.

There is only one reason why an area can be polluted by psionic energy——

In this area, an official-level wizard lives for a long time.

“Or… once…”

Yate took the stone out, stroked it lightly, and then placed it on his forehead.

After calming down, he entered a state similar to meditation, showing a little spiritual power, guiding the pitiful psychic energy to touch the gravel clinging to his forehead.

A strong sense of rejection came, blocking the psychic energy guided by the spiritual power from the gravel.

“It can’t be wrong.” Yate exhaled and took the stone away from his forehead.

This melancholy forest should be the area where a wizard once lived.

And these rubble……. Yate lowered himself, squatting on the ground, observing the rubble on the ground.

These gravel have different sizes, but they don’t seem to have much difference in color. They should belong to the same building.

Yate squinted. In this forest, a formal wizard once lived.

After making such a judgment, there was only one thought in Yate’s heart-to leave the forest immediately.

The power of the wizards is too weird, not just the opinions of other people, other wizards also view other wizards in this way.

Among them, a large part of the reason is due to this psionic pollution.

A place where a wizard has stayed for a long time will have various abnormalities.

This is something that Yate didn’t know, but the experience and reason of staying at the Castle of the Count of Colola told him not to approach other formal wizards at will, even if the other party is kind.

Because of Count Colola’s “famous” among the nobles, Yate chose to accept Elti’s invitation. It was that night that made him understand the horror hidden under the graceful gestures of the wizards.

He looked at his palm and murmured: “Blue blood devil…blue blood…”

What kind of bloodline created these existences?

Now that he knew it belonged to a wizard, Yate didn’t intend to go further.

Now, even if he faces an ordinary robber, he is a little bit choking. This weak physique is a problem with the frontal combat of an adult, let alone being trapped in a very dangerous area?

Without hesitation, Yate immediately turned around and left along the path in his memory.

Feeling the cold fog around him, he raised his head and looked at the bright sky but unable to see the sun, tightening his nerves:

“I hope there is still a chance to go out.”

“How is it? Sheridan?” Loft asked with a pen while recording the route.

In his hand, it was a map, not the fur map, but a sheepskin map. On the pale yellow map, the general shape of the Forest of Melancholy was depicted on it, and Loft, this Shi is sketching on the map according to the route.

“It should be in this direction.” Sheridan nodded, “However, the surrounding fog is getting thicker.”

A black line appeared across the lower end of the map. It was a “safe passage” marked with various markers by countless passers-by, allowing other passers-by to leave quickly.

They are not far from the black line where they are now. They only need to walk for half an hour to arrive. They are sure that they are not lost, they think so.

However, they did not know that they were gradually deviating from the direction.

The tortuous route that was rigorously recorded by Loft had already deviated by almost eighty degrees.

Hope was a little uneasy in his heart. Although he was a little timid, he had to say that being timid also meant being cautious.

He always felt something wrong with the fog around him.

“Captain…” He said hesitantly.

“Coward, are you scared?” Nortonk laughed, holding his right hand on the handle of the axe, ready to launch a counterattack against the incoming enemy.

“Really timid.” Soli glanced at Hope. They have been investigating the Forest of Melancholy for nearly two months, what else is unclear?

Isn’t it just dense fog and low-level monsters? If the mid-level monster appears, it will be a little troublesome, otherwise, nothing will happen.

Although she said that, her hand was always ready to touch the dagger on her waist.

She is an archer, but has also practiced close defense.

Sanger squinted his eyes, walked to the right side of the team, put his hand shield on his left arm, drew out the long sword, and whispered: “Set up the formation.”

Hearing the captain’s words, the others did not hesitate, and quickly formed a formation, surrounding Soli and Sheridan in the center.

Nortonk walked in the forefront and took the half-human axe from his back. The swordsman Thorndike, who had been silent for a long time, also walked silently to the rear and became alert.

The sword and shield hand Rand took off the sword and shield behind him, and consciously came to the left of the team.

Having cooperated with them for three years, they have formed a proficient corresponding formation.

Rogue Hope walks alone on the outside of the team and is responsible for investigation. He is the most flexible. Once he finds danger, he will retreat to the formation as quickly as possible.

Loft also gathered his rucksack, stood beside the swordsman Thorndike, and took out his weapon to prepare for it.

The eight people stood in battle, watching their surroundings.

The mist gradually became thicker and colder, but there was no dangerous situation.

But everyone did not relax their vigilance because of this situation. They are not a rookie team, and this situation requires more vigilance.

“Push forward slowly.” Sanger whispered.

He who usually doesn’t speak at all, at this time, is most worthy of everyone’s trust. He is calm enough.

Like a gray wolf waiting for an opportunity.

It is precisely because of this that he can stay firmly in the position of captain.

“Front right!” Suddenly, Hope, who was watching carefully, stared and pointed to the front right of the team, the angle between Sanger and Nortonk.

Hearing Hope’s words, Sheridan’s eagle-like eyes narrowed and swept toward the target. After seeing the fuzzy shadow, he immediately drew an arrow, opened the bow, and shot.


call out–

With the sound of the bowstring being loosened, arrows flew out.


In the soft sound, the black shadow flashed, dodged the arrow, and then rushed towards Nortonk. The sharp teeth bit against Nortonk’s strong arm exposed outside.

“Go to hell!”

A fierce intent flashed in Nortonk’s eyes, and the axe slashed forward.

However, the black shadow flashed past his attack, and the sharp claws left two blood marks on his wrist, but he was forced away because of this.

At this time, they saw the true face of this dark shadow clearly——

This is a creature that resembles a wild cat. It has a dark body, only one eye, and a very long tail, like a snake, with a row of fine teeth growing on its mouth.

Loft’s expression tightened: “One-eyed badger! Be careful!”

Everyone’s expressions were also more cautious.

Because of its special abilities, this thing has been out of the category of ordinary beasts and belongs to low-level monsters. Its speed is very fast, even exceeding that of ordinary middle-level monsters.

“Let me come.” Sanger stepped forward and exchanged positions with Nortonk.

A cumbersome axe, facing such a flexible enemy, always comes with a natural disadvantage.


When the one-eyed badger hit again, Sanger stepped forward, and the gray-silver long sword slashed diagonally.

The flexible one-eyed badger shrank abruptly, a fluorescent light appeared on the surface of his huge eyes, and the speed of Sanger’s sword suddenly began to ring.


It is its ability, a kind of ability similar to mind power, that can temporarily block the enemy’s actions.

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