Night Crow Master

Chapter 22: Death strikes

The difference between monsters and ordinary beasts lies in their extraordinary power.

Just like the difference between ordinary professionals and extraordinary professionals.

However, this is not the first time everyone has faced such a monster.

The muscles of Sanger’s arm were tense, and with a sudden pull back and a stab, the one-eyed badger’s ability was used, and in an instant, there was an extra blood stain on its body.

The one-eyed badger shrank and prepared to move away, but at this moment, a dagger struck and pierced its neck.


The mouth of the beast with sharp fangs opened, and the mouth bit against Hope’s wrist. The snake’s tail swinging behind its back also opened its mouth, and the fine teeth wanted to leave a mark on his wrist.

However, the battle-tested Hope grinned, let go of the dagger, and jumped back.

The one-eyed badger that failed to attack, the body shape, Sanger stepped forward, the long sword slashed forcefully, with a soft noise, the one-eyed badger’s neck was chopped, and blood spewed out with a stench.

Under severe injuries, the one-eyed badger’s body fell to the ground, his limbs swooped and struggled in disorder, the snake’s tail also swung and bite, until a gray shadow crossed, the snake’s tail was completely cut off.

Seeing the broken snake’s tail, Hope grinned, stepped forward and stepped on the snake’s badger’s head, with the dirty soles hitting its eyeballs.

“Roft! Come to peel!” After pulling out his dagger, he laughed and greeted his friend Loft.

However, the answer he got surprised him.

“Come back soon!”

“Hope! Come back soon!”

The nervous expressions of the crowd made his hair stand up, and he pounced toward the team. After a awkward roll, he stood up.

“How come there are so many!?”

Hope’s eyes widened, and the right hand holding the dagger trembled slightly.

In the thick fog, the figures slowly appeared, the huge one-eyed and hissing snake tail–

More than fifty, no, a hundred one-eyed snake badgers have surrounded them at some unknown time.

Not only the one-eyed badger, the sound of flapping wings made them not help but score some attention.

On the surrounding branches, red and black crows were already standing at this time.

The scarlet eyes and blood-red feet-blood crows, there are more than a hundred.

“how come!?”

Everyone’s faces were filled with despair, even the indifferent swordsman Thorndike had horror on his face.

Yate ran forward as hard as he could, and after a while, he was already outside the forest.

The Black Crow Gloria flew high in the sky in front of him. It was more than a kilometer above the ground, and it could clearly see the scenery outside the forest, leading him out of the forest.

He could sense the position of the black crow and ran in that direction.

“Huh-” his weak physique had already made him breathless. After the sense of crisis emerged, he kept running. The straight distance of more than three kilometers also made his physical strength difficult to sustain.

He really couldn’t hold it, his hands propped on the tree beside him, his spirit was completely infested by the dizziness caused by physical exhaustion and lack of oxygen running.

While panting, his eyes looked back subconsciously.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, this look made him feel terrified.

A piece of red permeated the forest, and the fog was reflected in the color of blood by the red background.

Red crows are standing on the branches, dyeing the entire forest red.

Without any hesitation, he turned his head and ran. Some cold air penetrated the nasal cavity and trachea into his lungs, causing a tingling sensation.

The scarlet crows didn’t mean to attack him, they just stood on the branches and looked at him from a distance.

Desperate screams filled the woods behind them.

Three hundred meters away, a figure hobbled in the fog.


Hope, this low-level thief, found an opportunity when the Gray Wolf Mercenary Group was under siege, escaped from the one-eyed badger and the blood crow, and tried his best to escape.

Even so, there were countless wounds on his body, and the blood stained his face and body bright red.

An unstable, his feet were carved on the protruding tree roots and fell face to the ground.

Running as hard as he could, his energy was exhausted, and this fall made him unable to get up.

The desperate shouts of his companions echoed in his ears.

However, there was a glimmer of hope in his heart.

The cries of the one-eyed badger and the wings of the blood crow did not come.

In other words, I still have hope to escape.

“Hurry up… hurry up.” Hope stared, palms stretched out, and grabbed the roots of the tree in front.


The sound of wings flapping sounded.

Hope raised his head and looked forward. The blood crow fell in front of his palm, and the blood-colored claws fell on the roots of the tree.

No matter how high his vision was, a blood red spread across the high vision, not because his eyes were stained with blood, but… a huge group of blood crows.

With trembling lips, despair extinguished the last hope in his heart.

The blood-colored curtain fell from the sky.

In the distance, a group of one-eyed snake badgers watched from a distance. Although their number exceeded one hundred, the huge number of Blood Crows was more than one hundred?

They dare not provoke.

In less than two minutes, the blood-colored curtain rose from the ground, and what remained on the ground was a dry human skeleton wrapped in dry cloth and two petite crow skeletons.

A dry dagger fell aside.

The blood crow killed by the struggling Hope with a dagger became food for other blood crows in a blink of an eye, and there was not even a trace of blood left.

Although blood crows are only low-level monsters, their special power allows them to easily take the blood of the wounded. When the number becomes huge, even powerful monsters dare not provoke them.

After the rest of his life, Yate finally left the forest.

However, even if he left the forest, he did not dare to stay, panting, while moving forward with a staggering pace, as far as possible from the forest of depression.

He didn’t stop until about five kilometers away from the outermost periphery of the Melancholy Forest. Looking back, no monsters or beasts chased him.

He was relieved, lying on the ground, breathing

When he stopped, Black Crow Golola also fell from a high altitude and landed beside him.

The black beak arched his cheek.

“No…Don’t make trouble…” He gasped, his body exhausted to the limit.

The black crow blinked and looked at Yate, who had closed his eyes. It turned its head, looked far away, flapped its wings, and flew up again.


Although he could vaguely sense Colola’s departure, he no longer had the strength to manage.

While breathing, he unconsciously moved his mind.

[Meditation·Dark Night Poetry] in the system bar lit up slightly, showing the state of use, and a small symbol appeared behind it.

【Deep Meditation】

“The jingle of coins swinging around the lion’s waist interrupted the night’s sleep.”

“The elves of the night played the flute of death.”

“Deep into the quagmire every day, using brazen wisdom to cut off their stupidity.”

“Use their brains to stick and shape puppets…”

“I am an incompetent blue-blooded person, a person without honor, and I only recognize myself as the king.”

Singing sounded in the spiritual sea that was infested by darkness like night.

I don’t know who is singing the poem, elegant and quiet.

“Wandering in the night, incompetent elf,”

“Born from the night, and die in the night.”

The spirit is recovering quickly, however, the recovery of physical strength is not affected by the meditation, and the body completely occupied by exhaustion remains the same.

At this moment, Yate was in a strange state, just like when other spellcasters were exhausted, his body was exhausted, but his spirit was extremely active.

It consumes mainly physical energy, but not much mental energy.

Not long after the meditation started, he felt his mental power became full.

Subsequently, the full mental power gradually transformed into psychic power.

not at all

Subconsciously, Yate, according to his memory, began to outline the inscription-the rune engraved in the spirit sea.

Wizards can cast spells by combining and engraving to form words, sentences or patterns, and filling them with psychic energy.

This was the short-term teaching that the earl gave him, and also showed him a list of runes that the apprentice wizard needs to engrave in the spirit sea, a total of 117.

The elementary apprentice needs to outline nine inscriptions, the middle one needs twenty-seven inscriptions, and the advanced one needs eighty-one inscriptions.

To become a lower apprentice, he needs to successfully imprint the top nine in his mind.

If you want to cast low-level spells, you need the combination of these nine inscriptions to form a “spell array”.

If expressed by a program, memorizing inscriptions means memorizing the most basic function commands, and the spell array is a combination of commands to form a command line.

Although he has a system, if he can improve through self-learning, he can undoubtedly save a lot of skill points.

In fact, none of this is important, the most important thing is to escape.

However, the extreme physical fatigue made him unable to move at all, and in desperation, he began to outline the inscription.

In the future, we must find a spell that can restore physical strength…..such as the [Feedback Dedication] that Crow Mage can learn in lv8.

If you want to export, you have to survive so that you have a chance to export.

At this moment, Yate feels this truth is very correct.

Taking a deep breath, ignoring the soreness in his limbs, Yate began to outline the inscription.

The spirit power fluctuated in the spirit sea, and he had been away from the earl’s castle for nearly ten days. During this time, he had been groping, and now he had found something.

Carefully, the mental power was agitated to form a vague symbol.

It is the first inscription symbol in the inscription table, which seems to be some kind of ancient text.


The soreness from his body caused his mental power to fluctuate, and the carefully constructed inscription instantly shattered.

Then, an unbearable pain came from the sea of ​​spirit.

In an instant, he fainted.

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