Night Crow Master

Chapter 23: Melancholy Flower

In the Castle of Colola.

“Master.” The butler respectfully handed some information to Earl Fast.


After seeing Fast nod, the butler bowed, turned and left the room.

When he left the study with his hind legs, the door closed automatically.

A cloud of silver liquid drilled out of the wall and gathered into a human form in front of Fast.

“Master.” The mercury servant, who was a maid, bowed his head respectfully. “Miss is back. She went to the laboratory.”

“I see.” Fast put down the information in his hand and stood up.

Seeing his movement, the Mercury Servant stepped back slightly, and the study door opened automatically. When Fast left, the door closed and the Mercury Servant’s figure merged into the wall.

At this time, Alti had just walked into the laboratory, her beautiful eyes blinked: “Aisha, give me a melancholy flower.”

Soon after her voice sounded, a cloud of silver liquid came out of the wall and gathered in a human form in front of Elti: “Sorry, Miss Elti, there are no more melancholic flowers.”

“Nothing?” A hint of doubt appeared on Elti’s pretty face. “Have you run out? Why didn’t you pick it up?”

At this time, a gentle and kind voice sounded: “The Forest of Melancholy is currently in a period of volatility.”

Elti turned her head, and her father, Earl Fast came in.

“Father.” She bent her knees slightly and lifted the corner of her skirt.

“Yeah.” Fast nodded, and walked to a cabinet not far from her. “Are you going to refine psychic water?”

Alti blinked: “Yes.”

“Use this.” The cabinet opened on its own, and an imaginary palm twisted the crystal bottle in a large amount of material bottles and placed it in her hand.

Apprentice Spells-Psionic Hand.

“This is?” Looking at the crystal bottle in his hand, Elti was a little confused, “The flower of the resentful spirit?”

In the crystal bottle, there are a few petals. On the white petals, the folds of a human face made her complete the identification.

“A substitute for the flower of melancholy.” Fast said, “No, it should be said that before the flower of melancholy appeared, the main material of the water of psionic energy was the flower of the resentful spirit. I found the flower of melancholy, and I improved material.”

“So that’s the case.” Elti nodded suddenly, “So, what’s the difference between the two?”

Psionic water is a kind of potion used to assist the engraving of inscriptions.

“The psychic water produced by the flower of the wraith is more effective, but…after using such psychic water, the spirit will become unstable for about six days.” Fass Special explained, “Using melancholic flower as the material, there will be no such sequelae, but the auxiliary effect will be lower. Compared with the flower of resentment, the flower of melancholy is more suitable for the material of psychic water. “

“Indeed.” Elti nodded. When assisting in memorizing the inscription, the stability of psychic energy is also a key point. Otherwise, if the inscription fails to engrave, the spirit will fluctuate sharply, and even cause fainting. Although the effect of the flower of the resentful spirit is good, Not stable enough, it should be said that it is a double-edged sword, while the flower of melancholy is stable.

“Right.” Elti raised her head and looked at her father. “Why are there no melancholy flowers?”

Fast turned around and walked toward the door of the laboratory: “Recently, it is the fluctuating period of the Forest of Melancholy. The monsters will become manic, and it is very difficult to collect the Flower of Melancholy.”

“Period of fluctuation?” The girl suddenly, the official wizard lived in an area for a long time. Psionic radiation will gradually transform this area into an area suitable for the wizard to live, and various special herbs will be produced in it.

However, if the wizard leaves the place of residence, then the original radiated area will no longer have psychic energy for continuous transformation. The “character” after the transformation is difficult to maintain, and fluctuations will occur. Such fluctuations will cause wild beasts and The riot of monsters.

Wizards who are sensitive to psychic energy and spiritual power can also feel it, while the senses of beasts and monsters are sensitive, and it is easy to feel such fluctuations and cause riots.

“In the past month, never approach the Forest of Melancholy.” At the last moment when he stepped out of the laboratory, Fast’s serious warning sounded, “In the deepest part of the Forest of Melancholy, there is an official level monster.”

“Okay.” Hearing the words “official rank”, Elti was agitated and completely dispelled his plan to collect the Melancholic Flower.

With a bang, the wooden door of the Gressa Tavern was pushed open again. The wooden door did not seem to be stable and did not push the door very strongly, but it made it walk nearly 180 degrees and hit the wall with a bang. The sound.

The drunkards who were drinking in the warm atmosphere smiled and stuffed meat and wine into their mouths. A group of rough men bumped into each other’s wine glasses and just glanced at the guests who walked in.

A young man is not particularly handsome, but he is better than most people in this tavern, and is comparable to the village chief and the knight master here.

Although blue-blooded people are very handsome, not all handsome and beautiful people are blue-blooded people. Most people don’t associate these two points, and this group of drunks are also.

The calm and sophisticated temperament of this young man is more noticeable than handsome or not.

Walking similarly, as if stepping in the rhythm of poetry, the young man with a wooden stick came to the bar.

Standing inside the bar of the tavern was a woman, a middle-aged woman. Although there were some wrinkles on her face, her correct facial features made it possible to vaguely know how beautiful she was when she was young.

The woman glanced at the somewhat torn harp slung around his waist, and then looked at the crow in his arms.

travelling poet?

These characteristics make women think of those guys for the first time.

At this time, the group of drunken alcoholics started to make noise: “Hey! Grace! Another glass of ale!”

“Gresa! You are not after this little white face, are you?”

“Hey! Gresa! Look clearly! You can be his mother at your age!”

The hiccuping drunkard walked to the bar and blew Gracea’s whistle, drooling.

Yate couldn’t help but leaned sideways, avoiding the splashing saliva mixed with wine, then he looked at the woman named “Gressa” who should be the tavernkeeper: “Madam, please give me some food.”

Hearing the name “Madam”, Grace’s mouth could not help but curled up slightly, and talking to young people who could talk was much better than those alcoholics who only knew about drinking and bragging: “A grilled meat? Does it need wine? Maybe a glass. Rye ale is a good choice.”

“Okay.” Yate smiled politely, and then took out silver coins, just like those pretendingly elegant bards.

After getting the change, Grace pointed to a table near the corner: “There is also a bard in the corner, maybe you know?”

The drunkard next to him snorted: “We asked for money together? Hahaha—”

Gracea raised her brows: “Birut, pay me the bill today, or I will tell you the captain of this.”

“Oh!” Birut was still drunk, and when he heard the word “captain”, he slapped a bit and smiled flatteringly, “Well, Grace, we can discuss it…”

But Yate ignored the two people who continued to talk, pretending to put the recovered copper coin in his pocket, and actually stuffed it into his inventory, and walked to the corner where Grace pointed.

As he walked towards the man, he also heard the unabashed comments from the drinkers next to him:

“Yinyou poet? Same as that or Baruto?”

“It looks like it should be.”

“No, I feel he is more like a noble master!”

“How is it possible!? Those noble young masters are powerful spellcasters, how can they be bards? Even if they are a trash, they will become the followers of other noble masters.”

“Who knows? Maybe this young man is?”

“Oh, if he is a nobleman, then I would use my sword to chop the door of the tavern!” A thin middle-aged man swung his scabbard-worn sword.

“Okay, you can only dare to talk, even than Ruth is better than you.”

“Hey! Do you want to come to Bibi?”

“Oh, by the way, that idiot Birut, seems to have provoke Gresa again! Hahahaha!”

“As long as he gets drunk, he will be like that, and he can see it every few days.”

“Hey! Brother! Do you know why Grace is better than Lut? Bi Lut already owes a lot of debts, but Grace said he wanted him to pay the debts, but she didn’t really push it!”

“Isn’t it because Birut has no money?”

“No! You come here, I tell you, it’s actually because…”

Regarding the discussion of the group of alcoholics about himself, he did not take it seriously and treated him calmly. He was more interested in the discussions of other alcoholics about surrounding events, and when Yate walked to the corner, he could not hear After the conversation with the alcoholic, he also focused his attention on the person in front of him.

A middle-aged man with a sparse beard on his chin, two horoscopes spread across his lips, curling up.

At this time, the “bard” is seriously dealing with his dinner——

A loaf of black bread.

It’s the kind of long crusty bread that Yate brought out from Sindilla Town and can be used as a stick.

When Yate walked in front of him, the middle-aged man raised his head, looked at Yate, and showed his meaning with questioning eyes.

“Me too.” Yate sat across from him.

And the unclear words made the middle-aged man couldn’t help but look at him, and his eyes flashed across the dilapidated small harp hanging around his waist, showing a daze.

Although it was a small harp, it was also the size of a chair. Except for a bard, no idiot would walk around with such a thing.

And, that harp…

“My name is Baruto. I come from the northern port.” The middle-aged man looked straight and tried to make himself look more present. Unfortunately, the breadcrumbs on the corner of his mouth ruined everything.

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