Night Crow Master

Chapter 24: Bardul Baruto

“I’m Rattle.” Yate reported his fake name, although only the pronunciation was slightly different.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Baruto smiled, then looked at his harp, “You actually have the harp, but it seems that it is not in good condition.”

The middle-aged bard said very euphemistically.

“Yes, I have had some accidents.” Yate shook his head and raised his left hand holding Colola. “Not only the harp, but my partner is also injured.”

“Oh, that’s really unfortunate.” Baruto looked at the black crow, confronted the pair of dark eyes, and then asked with some doubts, “Monster?”

Only monsters can bite a black crow. Ordinary beasts, and only birds of prey such as eagles can cause damage to this clever and cunning bird.

“Yes.” Yate had an “unfortunate” expression on his face, “A red crow, if it weren’t for a team of mercenaries, I might have died in its mouth.”

“Red crow!?” On the next table, a drinker stood up and walked to Yate’s side, “Are you sure!?”

“Yes, yes, sir.” Yate “pretended to be calm” and nodded. “A scarlet crow is bigger than my partner.”

“Blood Crow! Is it near the Melancholy Forest!?” The man with a long sword and leather armor asked Yate with an ugly face.

“Yes.” Yate replied. He wanted to inquire about the Forest of Melancholy. It seemed there was a way.

Others also noticed what happened here, and several men came over.

These people are also wearing leather armor and carrying weapons. It looks like they should be guards or soldiers.

“What’s wrong? Oss?”

“Blood crow! The bard said that he met the blood crow!” Oss looked solemn.

“My God! How come!?”

“Is it time!?”

“How can it be so fast? It’s only eight years now, isn’t it only once in thirty years!?”

“No, once in thirty years, it’s ‘The Bitter Winter’, and the Forest of Melancholy is almost once every 15 years.”

The men started talking with ugly expressions at first, and the man named Oss asked a few more questions, and Yate answered “truthfully”.

Although not all truth, but a few key contents are true.

“Melancholy Forest.” “I met the Blood Crow.” “The mercenary team going to the Melancholy Forest.” “A large patch of red.”

And these key information also made the faces of those who should be guards or soldiers serious. After several confirmations, they left the tavern directly.

“Who are these people?” After they left, Yate asked Barruto aloud.

Touching the eight-character Hu, Baruto replied: “It should be the village guard here.”


Baruto spread his hands: “I came here two days ago, and I don’t know much.”

“By the way, is it safe here?”

“It’s safe.” A voice came from the side, and it was the proprietress Grace, “In my tavern, I won’t meet people who like to have dirty hands and feet. If you go to the west of the village, you can Not necessarily.”

After putting down the grilled meat plate and a glass of rye ale, Grace continued: “Although this is only a village in name, but because of the protection of the military camp not far from the village, the development here is still very good, if not Because if the knight master is not a baron, now this place should be called “Merenko Town”, not “Merenko Village”.”

Yafeng nodded. When he entered this village, he found that this village was bigger than the few villages he had “seen”, and compared with the towns of Filo and Sindira, it felt only small. point.

“That’s right, Ms. Grace.” Yate paid for another barbecue and ale. “Please have another barbecue and ale for my new friend Baruto.”

“Really generous young man.” Gresa smiled, holding the money, and turned to leave.

“Oh, you are so generous!” Baruto didn’t expect that the colleague he had just met would be so generous, and he invited himself to dinner. Originally, he was worried that the other party would steal his business, and he was a little wary.

After all, these bards are not professional “troubadours”, but ordinary music lovers, and those who eat with this should be called “troubadours” or “troubadours” if they have to say anything. Everywhere they go, they need to get some rewards from generous people by performing their talents, and then have the opportunity to be hired by local nobles or merchants to perform.

If they are in the wild, would they be willing to meet their counterparts, in towns or villages? Forget it, at this time, colleagues will be welcomed.

Not only did he think so, but the other party should also think so, but the other party’s generosity exceeded his expectations.

Or, before coming here, he performed for a nobleman or businessman and won a big reward?

In a short moment, Baruto’s heart flashed through thoughts.

However, he still showed a sincere smile on his face, and everyone would be happy to meet a generous friend.

Yate looked at each other’s smile and smiled in his heart.

If it is in the game, at this time there should be a [Bard Barruto’s favorability up! ] And so on.

Trying to get along with NPCs and discovering tasks is a basic skill that a senior RPg player should have.

There are two types of bards.

One is the professional, they have extraordinary powers, this kind of “bard” originated from a foreign race-the elves.

It’s the kind of elves with pointed ears that are beautiful. Those elves are loved by nature and rely on their strong elemental affinity. They can directly use their spiritual power to release natural spells. Although they all rely on blood, they interact with wizards. The “psionic magic” system is different.

The wizards relied on the power of blood to transform mental power into psychic energy, and used psychic energy as the basis to release spells.

The elves rely on the bloodline of nature and gather the elements in the environment to perform “natural spells”. However, natural spells can only be released by relying on the environment. If the surrounding is water, then they can only cast water elemental nature. Spells, and wizards’ psychic spells, even if they are surrounded by water, can release flames, but they can’t draw enough fire elements to increase the power of the spells, and they still have certain power.

The bard is a profession developed by the elves. These elven bards can resonate with the elements through musical instruments or singing, and thus cast natural spells.

In ancient times, the war between humans, alien races, and monsters ended in the victory of mankind. After the victory over alien races, many elven slaves were living in human society.

It is precisely because of this that many human beings have the blood of the elves, through which they can cast natural spells.

This is the first type, the professional “bard”.

And the other kind is ordinary people, in short, is a roaming singer.

They may be descendants of aristocrats from the lower aristocracy, most of which are the knights, who are not aristocrats, because their own strength is not strong, their probability of giving birth to descendants is higher than that of the upper aristocracy. Let them have a lot of illegitimate children.

These heirs, if they can awaken psionic energy, they will basically not be recognized if they cannot awaken psychic energy. They don’t even have the opportunity to become a noble entourage. However, their lives will be better than commoner children. , Will also receive some education.

These people are part of the bard community.

There are also lower-class people from businessmen or commoner families. They are groups with a certain degree of education, at least literacy, and knowledge of music theory. They travel around everywhere.

Therefore, they can be said to be the most well-informed group of people. Those mercenaries and even nobles may not be well-informed by them.

Of course, because the bards like to beautify and exaggerate the professional habit of stories, although the information that comes out of their mouths has a certain degree of authenticity, it cannot be completely taken seriously.

After playing so many medieval games, he knows the bard group quite well. In addition to guest mercenaries and adventurers, he also often guest bards.

Although the background of the world is different, this group of people is also more real.

Yate also intends to pry out some intelligence from Baruto’s mouth.

When Grace brought the barbecue and ale again, Baruto’s flaxen eyes lit up completely, and his eyes looked at Yate a little more friendly.

“I plan to go to Sierra County recently.” Yate looked “happy”, as if he was completely unaffected by the monster attack not long ago, “I heard that it is very good!”

“Serra County!?” Baruto was taken aback, and then shook his head, “Lat, I advise you not to go there. You know, Sierra County and Ludi County have recently had friction again and they almost hit Woke up.”

“Fight?” Yate showed curiosity just right, and this kind of performance satisfied Baruto’s desire to show his own insight.

He raised his head, looked around, and then said: “You should know that Lord Colola has only one daughter, right?”

“I know, what’s the matter?” Sub-Character nodded, this is what most people know.

“The lady’s name…” Baruto raised his eyebrows pretendingly, “Do you know?”

Elti Serra Colola.

Yate said in his heart, but he looked like he couldn’t remember it.

“Haha, I knew you didn’t know.” Baruto’s eight-character Hu Yi Qiao Qiao, looked very proud.

Seeing Yate’s “curious” appearance, he smiled and said–

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