Night Crow Master

Chapter 25: Crow Mage lv3

“We common people have only one surname, but those nobles have two surnames.”

“Like that Miss Elti, Elti Sierra Colola.”

“Serra is her mother’s surname, and Colola is her father’s surname. It doesn’t matter to us common people, but to the nobles, it’s not like that.” Baruto talked freely.

“Count Colola had two wives before and after. The first lady was the daughter of Count Rudi, but she did not leave an heir to Count Colola. Later, the countess died in an accident. The second lady was the daughter of Count Serra, and the second countess gave birth to a daughter to the Count Gallola.”

“Miss Alti?” Yate blinked, staring at Baruto with his dark blue eyes.

“Yes.” Baruto grabbed the barbecue and tore it with his hands. “Nobles’ names are regular. Elti is the first name, Serra is the mother’s surname, Golola. It’s the father’s last name.”

He was born in a merchant family, and although he didn’t know much about the nobles, he had much more knowledge about the nobility than those of the common people. Long-term travels also allowed him to understand a variety of knowledge, both simple and complex.

“The dispute between the Earl of Serra and the Earl of Ludi is actually a nobleman under the Count of Serra who wants to obtain the baronship under the name of Colola.”

Seeing Yate’s “thinking” expression, Baruto wiped his mouth, and then said: “Now north of Golola, there are two nobles in the town who have encountered an accident.”


“Yes,’accident’!” Baruto increased his tone, but as long as a normal person can hear it, there must be other reasons. “But anyway, a baronial collar, for those who only have “knights” “For the nobleman of the title, the attraction is not small. I don’t know about other things.”

After raising his eyebrows to thank Yate, Baruto began to bite the barbecue like a hungry wolf, and he was extremely hungry.

Seeing how he was eating, Yate also felt a little hungry on his stomach, and started eating his own dinner several hours late.

Five days later.

“Hey! Mr. Yate!” A drunk drunk waved to Yate who was sitting in front of the bar, “Your song is awesome!”

In response, Yate just smiled back.

In the past few days, he will play in the tavern from time to time, using the slightly damaged harp.

He also got some songs from the “comer” Baruto through some “remuneration”. The predecessor Yate liked poetry and heroic novels, and he also read a lot, plus the songs he got from Baruto. Pretending to be a “bard” is no problem.

As long as you don’t meet a real expert, there is basically nothing wrong with this identity.

Besides…. There are so many bards who have a little knowledge of music in essence, and it would be no surprise to have one more.

His not much knowledge of music theory and poor playing skills, as well as his not beautiful voice, do not add much to his status as a “bard”, but his talent for acting is compared to Music talent is much better.

His elegant temperament, his speech and manners, and his talent for composing stories have helped him gain a firm foothold and a group of “audiences”.

Even the tavern owner, the lady Grace, had plans to hire him to play in the tavern.

However, he refused.

He didn’t come here to be a bard.

After watching the drunkard leave, Yate greeted Grace and went back to the room.

Use meditation instead of sleep until the bar closes.

The hustle and bustle of the bar did not last too long, and soon fell into silence.

After confirming that Grace was also in sleep, a figure turned out from the tavern window in the dark night.

It is Yate.

He was wearing a different costume from usual, and he looked a little sloppy, but his eyes half-hidden by the messy forehead bangs were cold.

Like a drunkard, the sloppy clothes were full of alcohol, walking leisurely on the road.

Occasionally a person sees him and avoids him from a distance. After all, drunk guys are not normal.

The guards of the patrolling villages are also used to the situation of alcoholics on the road. After looking at them, they brushed against the dangling Yate. The strong smell of alcohol and vomit made them feel bad. A guard wrinkled his nose and quickened his pace. The warm bed was much better than the cold night streets.

Until there was no one, Yate’s figure disappeared into the shadow of the building.

The night at Malenko led was a bit colder, at least, compared to the night in Sindira Town, it was much colder.

Yate, who walked to the corner of the shadow, squinted, the iron rod in his inventory disappeared and appeared in his hand.

The pair of dark eyes, with a little light blue, looked at the only road leading to here.

Prey, coming soon.

Da Da Da –

Very light footsteps sounded in the lane. Normal people can’t hear them even if they listen carefully.


On top of some debris at the entrance of the laneway, a pitch-black bird was lying there, and the pair of smart black eyes glowed like a human.

A dark figure walked in along the wall of the lane, and looked back from time to time.

“I don’t know what I can gain this time.”

Alcoholics are often annoying. No one likes them except the tavern owner. However, there is one exception-

That is, the thief.

What does it mean to be drunk? Tranced and unconscious.

For the thieves, these drunks are good prey, and the groggy, they have no defense.

If you say you come home and someone takes care of it, then forget it, but…

If the drunkard is a bachelor and lives alone, then they will have a chance to touch something behind these drunks. Besides going to the wrong door, the drunks are more likely to forget to lock the door.

Any thief likes unsuspecting “good guys” with wide open doors.

However, there are also some drunkards who have not returned home, just lie down on the road and fell asleep, so that they can feel something from these drunks.

Of course, they often ran into those guys who had spent copper coins in the tavern and let them go back empty-handed.

However, it will be more or less rewarding.

As the thief thought, he walked into the alley, and the drunkard came here staggeringly.

However, when this thief-eyed guy walked to the corner, his head hurt.


Yate looked at the man lying on the ground blankly, looked at the new red iron rod in the sparse moonlight, aimed at his head, and slammed it down.

Under the heavy blow, the man’s skull shattered, and after a grunt, he died completely.

Yate put on the long sword expressionlessly, and made two more shots at the man’s vital points.

【Level uP】

【Crow Master lv3】

[Get Skill Point 1]

The reminder of level promotion came, let him breathe a sigh of relief, and then searched his body, only some small tools for picking locks and a sharp iron piece.

He has seen a lot of such pieces of iron in the past few days. Not every thief can have a dagger. This sharp piece of iron is a murder weapon. Moreover, if you encounter a guard, it will be no problem to be checked out. .

After searching out all the things, he put the thief’s body into his inventory.

In the bottom row of the inventory, a total of seven item symbols are placed in a row.

[Human Corpse][Human Corpse][Human Corpse][Human Corpse][Human Corpse][Human Corpse][Human Corpse]

This is what he has gained from fishing law enforcement in the past few days. To be honest, killing people is much easier than killing beasts.

He did not have any psychological burden for killing thieves.

The excuse of “eliminating harm to society” is a lie, but these guys are right to say that they are not good people.

“The people who want to shoot me are not good people.” A sentence like this flashed in Yate’s heart, and then he opened the property bar:

[Character name: Black Crow (Yat Angus Claurido)

Occupation: Crow Wizard (lv3), Night Wizard (lv1)

Attributes: Strength 0.7, Constitution: 0.7, Agility: 0.7, Spirit: 1.1

Status: Normal]

Although both his strength and physique have risen by 0.1, these are due to the effects of his exercise during this period of time, and have nothing to do with the level increase.

The improved spirit of 0.1 is also due to the effect of meditation.

In “The Extraordinary Middle Ages-The Rise of the Mage”, the level promotion cannot improve the attributes, and only the relevant special skills and secrets can raise the attributes.

Then he looked at the career column.

Skills learned:

【Passive·Crow Mage lv1】【Passive·Crow Affinity lv1】

[Capture the crow lv1] [Sharing vision lv1]

【Passive·Dark Pole lv1】【Meditation·Dark Night Poetry lv1】

Originally, according to the plan, he should have reached lv3 last night, but these thieves are just ordinary people. Look at the remarks on the inventory, except for two lv1s, the other five are only lv2 levels. .

It is impossible to gain experience by killing creatures with a lower level than yourself.

Now, if he wants to rely on killing to improve, he needs to kill at least lv3 creatures.

Originally, according to the highest profit, he should replace the main profession with the [Night Wizard] with only lv1 when the [crow mage] level is upgraded to lv2, so as to maximize the return.

But, who knows if there will be other dangers during this time? What he wants is to upgrade the crow mage to lv3 as soon as possible and learn the first offensive skill.

Now, the skills he can learn are:

Crow Mage: lv3 [group order] [dark energy erosion]

General Skill Bar: [Basics of Potions]

Night Wizard: lv1 [Psionic Ring (Dark)] [Psionic Hand (Dark)]

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