Night Crow Master

Chapter 26: Set off again

[Group Command] is a buff-type skill that can improve the ability of multiple crows, but his [Capture Crows] is only level 1, and can only have 1 crow servant.

The dark energy erosion is an offensive spell.

[The Basics of Potions] Obviously it is not a priority.

As for the second job, the night wizard—

[Psionic Ring] It is a defensive spell, but as a wizard spell that can be learned by lv1, he doesn’t think it will have much effect.

[Psionic Hand] He knows that it is something similar to the hand of a mage. It can move items and is not an offensive spell. By lv2, the spells that the night wizard can learn do not have offensive skills.

For him, who is in short supply of attack spells, it is obviously not the first choice.

Looking at the skills that can be learned in the occupation column, Yate did not hesitate to learn the dark energy erosion.

【Useable skill point 1】→【0】

[Dark Energy Corrosion lv1: Releases a spell impact of dark attribute energy, temporarily reducing the opponent’s 5% healing. 】

Seeing the skills light up, the corners of Yate’s mouth slightly cocked.

Then, a dark mist appeared in his hand.

However, Yate’s expression is not very good.

Because, the attribute bar at this time: [Strength 0.7, Constitution: 0.7, Agility: 0.7, Spirit: 1.0 (1.1)]

[Crow Mage] If you need to cast a spell, it consumes mental power. The amount of mental power is not only related to the power of the spell, but also his blue bar.

He noticed a big problem.

That is, before in the game, improving physical fitness requires various secrets, special skills and treasures, as well as professional tasks.

At each level, there will be professional tasks, and after completing professional tasks, mental power will increase.

However, there are no professional missions now!

With a thought, the dark energy in Yate’s hand eroded away and hit the ground.

A shallow pothole appeared on the ground.

Seeing the black traces on the edge that looked like ant bites, Yate was in a bad mood.

He now knows that the only way to improve mental power is through meditation.

Now he not only has to consider the balance between the two professional levels, but also needs constant meditation to slowly improve his mental power.

And his qualifications…

Some toothaches.

Looking at [lv1] after dark night poetry thoughts, if there is a chance, you also need to assign some skills to it.

The increase in the level of meditation skills should improve his mental power… right?

He is not so sure now.

I don’t know if I can practice other meditations at the same time…

His [Night Wizard] is activated by the dark thoughts of dark night poetry, that is to say, the thoughts of the dark will bring careers.

However, you can only have two combat professions and one life profession at the same time.

Is there any wizard profession that is not a combat profession?

A thought came up in Yate’s mind, and then he shook his head.

It is estimated that it is impossible to practice several meditations at the same time, but you still need to try it. If not, try your best to increase the level of meditations, hoping to improve your mental power through this.

[Night Wizard] casts spells and consumes psychic energy, [crow mage] consumes spiritual power, and psychic power is transformed into spiritual power through meditation.

In the future, I will try to improve my mental strength.

Yate squinted, panicking.

Originally, he still felt in his heart that he could improve quickly by majoring in [Crow Mage], but now, I am afraid that he will be majoring in [Night Wizard].

Even if you can learn [Feedback and Dedication] in the future to make up for spell casting problems, your mental power still needs to be improved, and the process of finding gems needs to start.

After all, according to the normal upgrade, he can only get 25 skill points.

“Blue blood… gem…” Yate squinted his eyes, “Does it need to hunt nobles to make it?”

Yate cautiously moved Colola down from the heights, guarding him, and walking towards the tavern.


The next day, Yate was also preparing to leave the village.

Seven thieves were slaughtered in a row. Although there were no bodies, the loss of seven people in a row would also attract some attention.

“Mr. Rat!” A young man walked quickly to him. He was about twenty years old. His azure blue eyes and light brown eyes, together with the other facial features, combined into a handsome facial features, dressed in a suit. Simple clothes, with a long sword around his waist.

Yate, who was standing at the entrance of the tavern, saw the incoming person and smiled: “Hello, Baias.”

This is the mercenary encountered in the past few days. He came to the Gresa Tavern four days ago, the day after Yate came here.

After he arrived in front of Yate, three figures also came to him.

“Mr. Yate! Good morning!”

A sturdy man, with his flat head, bared his big white teeth at Yate.

“Good morning. Truno.”

“Mr. Yate, you will be with us in the next few days~” A petite girl emerged from behind the man, with a small freckled face with a full smile, “I can and Do you study music?”

“Of course.” Yate shrugged. “As long as you don’t dislike my low level of music.”

“How can you dislike it! Mr. Yate is really amazing!” Little stars appeared in the girl’s eyes looking at Yate.

At this moment, another person, a tall woman, said with a helpless smile: “Sorry, Mr. Yate, Lena likes listening to stories.”

The facial features of a woman and a girl named Lena are similar. Although they are not very beautiful, their tall figure and mature and stable temperament also add some points to her.

Although the height varies from sky to earth.

Her name was Siviya. Because of her mature temperament, Yate initially regarded her as Lena’s mother. As a result, she was only three years older than Lena, a sister who was nearly twenty centimeters apart.

Well, judging people by their appearance is not a good habit.

“It’s okay, I’ll be very happy.” Yate shook his head, with a friendly smile on his face, and looked like a handsome bard. It was hard to see that it was the murderer who killed seven thieves in a row these nights. mad.

Because Lena admired the bard, Yate had an intersection with them in the tavern.

Later, he entrusted the other party to **** him to Durad County.

He did not intend to abandon the identity of the “bard” now, and he did not intend to give up the identity of the original “Yat Angus Claurido”.

The two identities can also be combined in the future.

It is not uncommon for a wizard who likes to travel, just like the daughter of the earl, Elty, who traveled abroad for two years before returning home.

As for the Clairedo?

He didn’t intend to care, the original Yate was the original Yate, he was him, but he didn’t intend to tie it together.

Besides, this place is far away from Clauredor. His brother and uncle who killed him could not reach that far. Moreover, he also gave up the right of inheritance of the Viscount, and Count Gallola would also “handle” it. Crowley took the matter.

At this time.

“Mr. Yate, have you packed your things?” the young guy Baias asked with a smile.

Yayan nodded, patted the backpack and the harp on his waist, and shook his head gently: “Food, water, and my two partners.”

Baias looked at the black crow lying prone on Yate’s hat, with a full smile: “The black crow of Colola County, you can’t see it in Durard County.”

“Yes.” Yate shrugged, and then several people walked out while chatting.

Walking outside, Baias and the other three led Yate to the parked carriage.

By the carriage, three people were chatting.

A pair of men and women in their thirties seems to be a husband and wife. The other is a middle-aged man with a fur hat and a blade of grass. He has a machete on his waist and a deep knife on his back. Colored wooden shield.

Seeing Baias and others, the middle-aged man sitting on the carriage frame also showed a smile and raised his hand high:

“Hey! Mr. Yate! Your song is so good!”

It was the drunkard from last night.

“Mr. Barbaro, thank you for the compliment, but are you sure you sober up? I hope the carriage will not go the wrong way.” Yate said humorously.

“Haha, I’m already awake!” Barbaro laughed haha, “Moreover, I am not driving the car. The task of driving is given to Lena!”

“Yes, Mr. Yate!” Lena puffed up her chest and coughed pretentiously. “You have to believe me, I’m an expert at driving a carriage.”

Yate blinked: “Then, the carriage will be handed over to you, my dear little carriage expert?”

“of course!”

Seeing Lena’s appearance, everyone couldn’t help laughing, including the couple.

Baias introduced: “These two are Mr. Froll and Ms. Froll, they are also going to the Durard collar, this is Mr. Yate…”

After Yate briefly met with the “drivers”, the carriage team also started to set off.

As the hired Frolls and Yate, they naturally sit in the carriage, while Lena sits on the carriage and is responsible for driving the horse. The four of Barbaro, Baias, Truno and Siviya are It is to follow the carriage line and move slowly.

The carriage is not fast, or very slow, the same speed as the other four people walking.

Yate, who was sitting in the front position, glanced over several people.

Although Lena also exercises, she does not have the strength of a professional.

The other four, like the Gray Wolf mercenary group that Yate saw, were wearing professional badges on their chests.

The badges worn by Baias, Barbaro, and Sivia are all triangular silver-gray metal badges with a seed-like pattern in the center.

This is a medal issued by the Professional Association, which proves that they all have the strength of low-level professionals.

And that strong man Truno, wearing a bright silver badge with the same pattern but quadrangular corners on his chest—middle professional.

According to the last time he used the wizard’s spell level, he used the side knock and the information collected through the body.

They do not have any hard characteristics to distinguish their strength. They all rely on the badge certificate issued by the professional association to confirm.

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