Night Crow Master

Chapter 27: Mercenary carriage

For example, on the night three days ago, he killed a thief with a low-level professional badge, but the level on his corpse was lv2.

Combined with the information I have learned these days, the level and occupation are probably——

Low-level professionals: Have certain skills or specialties, have combat experience, do not use other props, only use weapons, and be able to defeat the low-level monsters captured by the Professional Association 1 to 1 can be low-level professionals, no matter what methods are used afterwards , As long as you win, even lv1 is considered a low-level professional.

Compared with physical fitness, it is more comprehensively evaluated by combat skills and combat experience.

The same is true for mid-level professionals, who need to go through combat tests by the special test specialists in the association.

He also remembered that he had asked Elti before, what level of spell [Shadow Spell] belonged to, and Elti answered as a median wizard.

[Shadow Art], it is hung in the line of lv4 in the career bar of [Night Wizard].

Therefore, the median professional is probably lv3 or above lv4.

[Dark Hand], which can be learned only at lv7, belongs to the advanced apprentice spell, so high-ranking professionals should be at least lv6 or lv7.

If you want to upgrade your level by killing people in the future, you can also tell the strength of those people through their badges.

Yate thought in his heart.

The level must be improved, otherwise some spells can’t be unlocked at all, and skill points can slowly find opportunities.

I don’t know if you can get skill points if you kill the nobles directly.

His eyes moved to an item in the inventory:

[Noble’s blood (unusable): After a certain blue-blooded nobleman died, the gems made of blue blood remaining in the corpse were beautiful and unusual. Can obtain skill point 1. 】

This noble blood is undoubtedly related to nobles and wizards, but it just doesn’t know what the conditions are for forming gems.

However, don’t ask casually about such things, and find an opportunity to explore later.

“Gems…Gems…” Find opportunities to collect gems.

“Who has more gems? Merchants? Nobles?”

At this time, the woman in the husband and wife next to him suddenly said, “Mr. Yate, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about new scores?”

Yate was stunned, and then replied: “No, just in a daze.”

“Ah…” This Mrs. Flor was stunned, with an awkward smile on her face.

Mr. Froll next to him was about to speak, but Lena, who was driving a carriage, spoke first:

“Mr. Art, what are you doing in Duradshire? Did someone invite you to perform?”

The curiosity in the girl’s eyes flashed.

“No, I just want to travel to Durardshire and repair my harp by the way.” With a “wry smile” on his face, Yate patted the harp lightly, “It’s a bit broken.”

“Really?” Lena had no doubts, a bard, of course, should value her instrument.

Mrs. Frol, who was next to him, looked at Yate’s smiling face, and didn’t know why, but she felt a weird moment, especially after she moved her gaze to the opponent’s head and met the black crow’s eyes. Silk feels even stronger.

Yate, with a kind smile on her face, became a little weird in her eyes.

It’s really strange.

Mrs. Froll didn’t know why she felt this way, and shook her head gently, throwing away the weird thought.

Afterwards, several people talked friendly.

However, not long after the carriage left the town, a voice came from behind.

“Etc., etc!”

The carriage stopped slowly, and a middle-aged man came to the carriage panting.

Yate went out and took a look. The middle-aged man saw him and his face immediately improved: “Dear Yate! Fortunately you did not leave!”

This person is just another bard who I have known these days-Baruto.

Yate said with a smile: “Baruto, are you going to Durad County too, didn’t you just come back?”

“Haha, there are some things to do, so I have to go back, Yate, so you can continue to learn music with me! Isn’t it?” Baruto loudly flaunted his identity with Yate.

Yate only raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, and said nothing.

Baruto was also a little nervous at first. Although he was a bard, his level was not as good as Yate.

A bard who only relies on traveling to obtain music knowledge, compared with Yate who has been nurtured for more than ten years in the world of rich music culture?

Even though both are half-hearted and both have water, it is clear that the former has more water.

On the first day, he taught Yate as a “teacher”. On the second day, when Yate combined some of the original world’s music and tunes, he overtook it.

Not to mention other things, the number of theme songs and background music that he played only for medieval background games was more than that Barruto had heard in his life.

The “Yat” music style surprised the half-hearted bard, seeing the other party’s performance in the tavern, especially the cheers of the guests, when it reached his ears, it made him jealously mad. The generosity of the other party inviting him to dinner was also left behind by him.

Seeing that Yate didn’t say anything, Baruto was very excited. Then he raised his neck pretendingly and looked at Lena, who was admired because of his words: “Can I be with you?”

Because of his words, the admiration on Lena’s face was even greater. After a few nights in the tavern, Mr. Yate’s musical literacy made her admire so much, and this one turned out to be Mr. Yate’s teacher?

The girl immediately turned her head and looked at the strong man next to her: “Uncle Truno! Can you?”

Truno is the captain of this mercenary team, and it is up to him to decide whether to accept employment.

Truno, Baias and others looked at each other and then gathered together.

“Byas, do you want to add him?” Truno blinked. He, a mid-level professional, is actually not very good at judging these. “That Baruto’s music level is too bad. I listen to a few My friend said that his music was so awful. After more than ten days in Malenko, no one wanted to give a reward. He even ran away when he heard him playing music. However, it seems that he really knows Yate?”

Hearing Truno’s words, Baias gave a wry smile: “Truno, we were hired to **** people there to make money, and it has nothing to do with his music level.”

Barbaro smiled and shook his head. He knew the details of that Baruto and what talent he had. He was just an arrogant poor ghost. He listened to the poetry of a bard in Durard for a few days, and he couldn’t help himself. I went to learn people to sing poetry and traveled. I have been a poor ghost for more than ten years.

Sylvia next to her covered her mouth and chuckled. Truno said “a few friends”, he was drinking in the tavern.

“Oh.” Truno scratched his head awkwardly, and the strong man said embarrassedly, “Then take him with him?”

“Then take it, as long as he pays.” Baias shrugged, with an indifferent expression on his young face.

After the discussion, several people decided to take Baruto.

Baias looked at Baruto who had climbed into the carriage, and said, “Mr. Baruto, right? Please pay the reward first.”

Baruto was taken aback, and then asked: “How much does it cost?”

“Four silver coins.”

“What? Four silver coins? What a greed!” Baruto roared in his heart, obviously the last time the mercenary team only needed three silver coins!

You know, four silver coins are enough for a civilian to eat and drink for a month.

However, he was not stupid enough to swear directly. In case he angered these mercenaries, then he could not continue to follow Yate to Durad County. He had to use Yate’s talent to reach Dura. Do some business in Texas.

He suppressed his anger and forcibly turned the trace of anger into a smile: “Okay.”

With that said, he took out three silver coins in a painful manner, and what remained was only copper coins, and there were not more than fifty coins, and there were not enough four silver coins.

At this moment, he inadvertently glanced at Yate, who ignored him at all, just looked at the scenery on the other side.

There was a burst of anger in Baruto’s heart. It is my credit that you are so popular! You unexpectedly…

The plan in his mind slightly changed. He looked at Yate with a smile on his face: “Yate, can you lend me a silver coin?”

“Lend you?” Yate was stunned, are we familiar?

Although I talked to him on the first day and got two songs from him, it was only the music score of the local folk songs of Golola, and because Barruto’s music theory was so bad, he thought about it for a long time. Knowing what the other party is talking about is better than the broken poems, novels and music scores piled up in the library in “Yate”‘s memory.

However, in exchange for the music score, he invited the other party to eat a meal, and until he left, he also gave Grace the accommodation fee for the past few days.

This “deal” should have ended.

However, a silver coin is not a big deal. He has obtained a lot from the thieves, almost thirty silver coins, and borrowing one is not a problem.

“No problem.” Yatong nodded, seemingly from the purse, actually took out a silver coin from the inventory and handed it to him.

“Oh, what a generous Yate!” Baruto smiled openly, but his heart was filled with anger. Yate’s daze was the source of his anger, and he made him popular! He would hesitate! ?

“What’s wrong? Is there anything else?” Yate looked at him strangely.

“No, nothing!” Baruto shook his head hurriedly, still with a smile on his face, then immediately turned around and gave the money to Baias who was standing behind him.

Baias received the money and glanced at Baruto: “We have three triangle-level professionals and four-square-level professionals. If there are only three triangle-levels, three, one four-square, but two. We only accept four silver coins, which is already cheaper.”

The triangle level and the square level are the official names of the professional associations for “low” and “middle”.

“Yes, I understand.” With a smile on Baruto’s face, he cursed inwardly.

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