Night Crow Master

Chapter 28: Wizarding Law

“Yes, among the people I teach, Yate is the most talented one.” Baruto held his head high, telling how talented Yate is, and how he would say “as a teacher” from time to time. kind.

At one side, Yate sat in the back of the carriage, closed his eyes and rested, completely ignoring Baruto’s bragging.

For Baruto’s words, he sounded a little sick.

After all, those music and lyrics have nothing to do with me. I just combine the folk songs and hero hymns collected by “Yate” with the theme songs of the medieval games in the previous life.

He himself is ashamed to say that he created it, at most he can only use a “patchwork” title, but Na Baruto is all kinds of bragging.

Forget it, there is no need to worry about him, just like a clown.


Yate opened one eye and glanced at Baruto’s back. The other party kept boasting about his relationship with him, maybe it was not in Durard County, but he needed to do something by himself, and went to Durard by himself. The county also needs to do something through others.

Just use him.

Think of it as a transaction.

And Baruto, because of the young girl Lena’s adoring eyes, continued to show off. At first he also paid attention to Yate’s reaction. After discovering that the other party hadn’t said anything, his words became more and more excessive.

Baias, who was following, could see the disgusted expression on Mr. Art’s face in the carriage that opened the door back and forth, plus what Barbaro said just now, and he understood who Baruto was.

Listening to the various boasts of the other party, Baias shook his head and walked forward: “Mr. Baruto, please be quiet. There may be beasts and monsters nearby, and your voice will attract them. .”

Hearing Baias’s words, Baruto’s face became stiff, and he scolded again in his heart, but his face still calmed down.

The sun gradually rose, and the dazzling sunlight swayed above the ground below.

Although the weather is getting colder, sitting in a carriage without a hood still makes everyone feel a little hot.

The same goes for the few people walking nearby.

However, the few people who were accustomed to walking did not look tired. When the wooden wheels of the carriage occasionally hit a few stones, their breathing was still steady.

Under the **** of the four people, the not-so-strong horse-drawn wagon was steadily moving forward on the dusty and muddy road-towards Durard County.

As the team progressed, they were getting closer and closer to no man’s land.

The so-called no-man’s land is an area where people rarely come, even hunters do not often visit. Of course it cannot be compared with the extremely dangerous area deep in the Golola Forest. Because humans rarely come here, wild beasts and monsters do not come here. Relatively more and more dangerous.

However, because this is a common passage between Colola County and Durard County, there are people passing through it from time to time. Mercenaries passing by will also kill monsters and beasts. The danger is safer than nearby places without roads. .

Even if there are beasts or monsters, generally speaking, three low-level mercenaries can **** several people through safely.

With Truno, a mid-level mercenary, the danger is a bit less.

However, even so, they did not relax their vigilance.

Sylvia was mature and pretty, with her palm resting on the hilt.

Baias also turned his head and said to the people in the car: “Everyone, we are going to cross the border of Colola County to Durad County. There are many beasts and monsters here, please keep quiet. If you find a monster or beast by accident, please remind us as soon as possible.”

Everyone nodded. They hired a squad of mercenaries to **** them because they were worried about attacks by beasts and monsters. Of course they wouldn’t be joking about this kind of thing.

In this area, there is an elevated terrain similar to hills, and they are below the elevated terrain.

No, to be precise, both sides of the elevated terrain were flattened by powerful forces, leaving only the elevated terrain in the middle.

There are many trees growing in the flattened place.

The carriage lined up along the road stepped on by many travelers, gradually passing through the forest.

Lena sitting on the frame, like everyone else, kept sweating from her forehead, leaving her face like spring water, soaking her clothes.

The clothes on her back were also drenched because of this, but because the outer gray leather armor did not expose the spring.

But even so, this girl, who seemed to be less than twelve or thirteen years old, had no complaints at all. Just like her sister, she had been staying on both sides of the carriage. She was very used to it.

While flicking the whip at the horse’s **** familiarly, Lena blinked her big eyes and asked Barruto about the bard.

And Baruto, the great bard who has been bragging about his talents, past experiences, and achievements just now, is like a wolf dog in a hot day, leaning on the railing of a carriage that is not high. I didn’t want to say a word, I almost stuck out my tongue and panted.

He is completely half-hearted, where is there any dry goods in his stomach, facing the curiosity young girl Lena, even she said that until now, he has been digging out dry goods, but from time to time he responded, using heat and fatigue to hide himself .

However, although Lena was fooled by the various “terms” in his mouth to believe most of it at first, but after continuous inquiries, the other party’s statement became more and more strange, and there were some things that were different from the previous ones. contradictory.

Since childhood, she followed her sister in Uncle Truno’s mercenary team. She is not a deceitful little girl, and every time she meets a bard, she will chirp and ask, those bards face this A girl basically doesn’t show a bad face. For a long time, Lena still knows a lot about bards, and now she has gradually realized that this “Mr. Baruto” is a liar.

After understanding the nature of the other party, Lena curled her lips and looked at Mr. Yate, who was sitting at the back, not talking, but resting with her eyes closed.

“Mr. Yate must have been deceived by this guy too, but because of the friendship, how can such a person’s level be high without revealing him?” Lena took it for granted that she had been listening to Mr. Yate’s performance these days Sing, that wonderful music is real!

Baruto, groggy, didn’t notice that Lena stopped questioning him, and was dozing half-dreaming.

The carriage was not too shaky, nor did it wake up the tired Mr. Baruto.

The Frols also intervened some topics along the way, but because Lena kept asking Barruto, they didn’t say anything in the end. The two leaned together, squinting their eyes to refresh themselves.

Yate, who was immersed in meditation, was interrupted twice because of the noisy conversation. However, after that, he got used to this environment and continued to meditate. Because of the sudden silence, he was a little uncomfortable and opened. one eye.

Siviya and Baias, who followed him on the opposite side, saw him open their eyes and smiled friendly: “I will enter the forest later, although it is better to leave as soon as possible, but I still need to rest. Now, something to eat.”

“Okay.” Ya Fei nodded and smiled back.

Soon after, the carriage stopped slowly, awakening the groggy people.

Yate got out of the carriage, leaned aside, and talked with Baias, Barbaro and others:

“Uncle Barbaro, is there any danger to Di Lude? I have never left Colola County before, and I have never been to Di Lude.”

At this “uncle”, Barbaro raised his eyebrows:

“Hey, Mr. Yate, I’m still young…Forget it, my age is also an uncle for you.”

He walked to the carriage, sat down with his back on the wheels, with his hands behind his head: “Dangerous places… The castles of the noble lords are the most dangerous. Those noble lords are all spellcasters, even in Among the extraordinary professionals, they are also outstanding. Every noble master’s castle hides many dangers.”

Looking at Yate’s young face, he laughed happily: “Otherwise, those underground forces are quite dangerous. Mr. Yate, you look quite young. It’s best not to run outside alone at night, Golo Ra is not the same as Durad, and Myenco and Dillard are different.”

Looking at the weird smile on the corner of Barbaro’s mouth, he couldn’t help thinking of what he had heard in the town of Filo and the Cindilla Tavern: “Trafficking people?”

Barbaro spread his hands: “Di Lude is more prosperous than any town in Colola. Compared to Colola, those guys are more willing to stay in the prosperous place. There is a master of wizards, and those guys show up. I dare not do anything, but of course I will not be idle secretly. It is rare in Colora, but there will be in any big town in Durard.”

“This is already very good…” Bejas next to him broke the mouth of the water pouch, drank his saliva, wiped his mouth, and handed the water pouch to Barbaro. “Unfortunately, the wizard does not live in the town. They are much better than those sheriffs who often collude with gangs.”

“Master Wizard can’t wait to have more criminals. Their laboratory lacks a lot of materials.” As he spoke, Barbaro suddenly trembled.

At this time, Yate remembered that this world was different from his original world.

As an extraordinary wizard, as a ruling class, one of the laws is that, in order to “avoid waste”, criminals will be sent to the wizard’s castle as a noble experimental material.

Ranked according to the severity of the crime.

This law is deeply ingrained in the minds of people in this world. Although it is cruel, there is nothing wrong with it.

Crime has a price.

However, it is a pity that because the stronger the wizard, the psionic radiation will infect the surrounding environment, whether it is an object or a living thing, and because of the experimental relationship, basically, whether it is an apprentice or a formal wizard, it will Stay away from town.

In the memory of “Yat”, not far from the Wizarding Castle, there was a dungeon from which the father of “Yat” often mentioned prisoners.

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