Night Crow Master

Chapter 29: hunting

Even though they were awarded the badge of “Professionals” by the Professionals Association, these people still maintained awe of the blue blood.

This is true whether it is the middle-aged Barbaro or the young Baias.

Yate’s gaze moved to the [Night Wizard] who had been changed to the main career slot, a little confused.

“If the wizard master dominates the town, those criminals will be directly handed over to the wizard master. Wherever there are opportunities for the sheriffs and guards to intervene, crimes such as human trafficking will be much less.” Baias shook his head. Young, he is much more mature than his face.

“It’s not necessarily.” Barbaro glanced at him. “It is impossible for the wizard master to deal with the criminals personally every time. There will always be people below to help deal with it. The main problem is not the criminals, nor the wizard masters, but those The sheriff responsible for catching the tail and interrogating criminals.”

Compared to the young Baias, Barbaro saw more clearly.

Yate was also a little surprised at what the two said, but they didn’t expect them to see it so clearly.

This is true. According to the saying in previous lives, it means “Hammer is better off, and the little devil is difficult.”

After chatting for a while, everyone will fill their stomachs, and after a rest, set off again.

After entering the forest, I began to encounter danger.

Only a few hours after the sun went down, five or six beasts appeared, but they were all killed by Truno and others and became meat for dinner.

After choosing a cliff backed by the rock, everyone arranged it, and everyone sat around the campfire. The meat of the wild beast was placed on the campfire and gradually matured.

Although he was despised in the hearts of everyone, Baruto didn’t notice it, or deliberately didn’t notice, and talked with everyone talkatively.

Whether it was the Frols or a few mercenaries, they were all aroused and communicated with him.

And Yate, after a few chats, used urine as an excuse to leave the camp under the instructions of several people to “come back early” and “beware of the beasts”.

Beast…Where is it?

Yate didn’t leave the camp too far. He, who was always cautious, certainly understood his weight. He didn’t become arrogant because he learned the first offensive spell, thinking that he could slaughter beasts at will.

Compared with humans, wild beasts react more quickly, and in the dark, their danger is much higher than before.

He searched for ten minutes, but did not find any beasts.

A failed hunt.

Sure enough, hunting beasts is more troublesome than killing thieves, and Yate sighed.

At this moment, the black crow Gloria on his shoulder let out a warning scream:


There were some rapid, crude and hoarse crows, full of warning.

Without thinking about it, Yate added an iron rod in his hand and swiped it hard.

The impact almost caused the iron rod to burst out of his hands, but it also brought a scream.


A painful cry came from the black figure that had been knocked off.

Although the moonlight was very bright, the intricate shadows of the trees did not clearly reflect the image of the other party in Yate’s vision, only the size of the other party-a little larger than the wolf dog.

Yate clenched his teeth and looked tense, guarding against the dark shadow.

“Roar roar—”

It seemed that his own stick made its pronunciation problematic, and a fierce roar with vibrato sounded with a hint of ridiculousness.

A smile flashed past, but Yate did not relax his vigilance.

When killing the thief, he had always been in ambush and took the lead. Now the situation is different, and the opponent is not human.

Twisting his wrist, the iron rod with red and black blood stain disappeared from his hand, replaced by a long sword.

When the beast discovered this situation, he was taken aback for a moment, but Yate didn’t let go of such an opportunity. Before stepping on his right foot, the long sword slashed down.

The beast dodges in a hurry, but Yate still leaves a deep wound on his body.

Although he can’t see it, he can still understand the touch of the sword’s flesh and the whimpering whine.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a gust of wind coming from behind. He hurriedly dodged to the side, but did not escape. A piece of clothing was torn off behind him, leaving three blood stains.

The pain came, so that Yate’s spirit was refreshed, and the backhand was a secret energy eroded away.

A ball of pitch-black fog flew out of Yate’s hand and hit the attacker.


The dark light that Yate threw out could corrode directly on the beast’s face, causing it to exhale horribly, and fell directly to the ground without maintaining a good balance in pain.

Without losing the opportunity, the loose right palm once again clenched the handle of the long sword, and slashed down at the fallen beast.

The sword slashed into the flesh and blood, hitting the position of the leg, which brought a sense of blocking. The beast fell to the ground and roared again, and the injured beast in front also roared at Yate. I want to jump over.

Where did Yate dare to hesitate, he drew his long sword forcefully, and slashed upward at the head of the beast that was leaping over.

However, the beast didn’t really pounce, just made a pounce, and Yate’s attack was directly missed.


Yate cursed secretly in his heart, but he suddenly remembered something.

The beast that had a head injury and made a fake move to deceive Yate’s slash, rushed towards Yate who tried to slow down the surplus of slash.

This time it was a real pounce, the wide open blood mouth and the sharp claws glowing under the moon were about to tear the flesh and blood of Yate.

However, at this moment, because of Yate’s violent movements, the black crow Glora fell to the ground, and a circle of darkness flashed in the dark eyes——

Dark energy erodes!

A ball of dark energy energy that was half a circle smaller shot into the beast’s wide open blood.

Compared with the injury, the pain and shock of being directly attacked in his mouth caused the beast to lose sight of its head immediately——


The original attack aimed at the neck was missed, and the clothing on the left waist side of Yate was torn by sharp claws, the head of the beast hit his waist side, and the blood also left a bright red on his body.

His body was swayed by the impact of the beast. Even if he stopped, he just took a step back and did not fall. He raised the long sword, turned and slashed at the beast that lost his balance and fell to the ground.


The scream coming from the ear was mixed with sobs, the feeling of cutting to the bones–

There is no doubt that this is a serious blow.

The next moment, he slowly lifted his sword and cut it down at the severely wounded beast on the ground that wanted to climb up and flee. Deep bloodstains spread from the beast’s head to the neck, and bright red blood spewed out. Yate’s invisible fur was dyed blood.

Without pause, the long sword aimed at the beast whose leg was injured at the beginning and severely chopped down.

After a few swords, with two roars, the two wild beasts that could not escape lost their lives.

Squinting his eyes, Yate slapped his palm on the body of the beast, and received them in the inventory, the same goes for the long sword.

Then, he just sat on the ground like this, covering the wound on his arm.

Yate looked at the blood on the ground, a dagger appeared in his right hand, and he slashed in the blood pool at his feet, stained with some blood, and threw out the corpse of a thief killed in Malenko.

Gloria the Black Crow jumped up beside him.

Within ten seconds after he sat down, Baias’s shout came: “Mr. Art! Where are you!?”

“I’m here!”

In this way, even if the scene is processed-the bard who found the corpse was discovered and attacked by the beast, and then injured the beast with his self-defense dagger, and the mercenary who heard the beast howling came over, and the beast noticed the situation. , Chose to escape.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ .

This little guy doesn’t have much mental power.

After Yate responded, a series of rapid footsteps rushed to Yate’s side and took him back to the camp.

“It’s really thrilling, Mr. Yate…” Barbaro smiled as he watched Lena carefully bandage Yate’s wounds. “There are more beasts around here, and the camp is safer.”

“The camp and the flame are the patrons of the traveler’s night, and ordinary beasts can’t come close.” Baias also smiled, “Mr. Yate, can you tell us about the situation?”

Yate said with a “wry smile”, “I didn’t see what the beast was. I went there to solve the problem, but I saw a figure lying down there. I was a little nervous and took out a self-defense dagger. Check, but at this moment, the beasts rushed over from behind me. Although I tried to fight with them, facing two beasts at the same time, it was a little difficult for me… Fortunately you guys came and took them. Scared away.”

He showed a rejoicing expression: “I almost turned into a beast’s supper just after eating barbecue…”

At this time, the dagger was placed under his feet, stained with blood and sand.

A few people also saw the corpse just now, and Sivia rubbed the handle of the long sword around her waist: “It should be the blood of the corpse that attracted the beasts. Mr. Art, you walked over and you met them.”

Truno and Baias glanced at each other, and both nodded: “I checked the corpse just now, and the man died not long after. It should have been attacked by a beast.”

Although it was an inspection, it only glanced roughly, and searched the corpse by the way, but nothing was gained.

He was more inclined to the other party being killed and then taking away the property.

In the wild, such situations are not uncommon.

However, in order to appease these guests, he can’t say that.

My team does not have this “extended business”.

The expressions of the Frolls next to him were a little panicked, and Baruto stuttered: “Then, what shall we do?”

Siviya gave a gentle smile: “It’s okay, let’s move forward a little bit and stay away from there.”

Afterwards, she glanced at Yate who was smiling bitterly: “Lina, help Mr. Yate to wipe the blood off, Mr. Yate, do you have any clothes to replace? The clothing with blood on your body is best thrown away, otherwise, the beast Maybe follow the smell to find it.”

The situation is not bad enough to abandon the poet poet, just need to deal with it.

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