Night Crow Master

Chapter 3: plan

After half a day, night fell.

Outside the Colola Forest, in a small town.

“Sir! Sorry! Sir!”

A fourteenth-five-year-old boy with apologies on his face, hurriedly apologized to a man who was hit by him, and then left, looking like something urgent.

“Oh? What did I meet?” The man rubbed his bumped shoulder, looking depressed.

When he was about to complain about his bad luck on this day, he found that his wallet was missing.

The appearance of the boy just appeared in his mind, and the man couldn’t help shouting: “Damn thief! Guard! Guard!”

However, when the guards came from all over the town without walls, the boy had already run far away.

Outside the town.

“Copper coins?” The boy in plain clothes was naturally Yate.

According to his memory, he returned to the original place and took out his original aristocratic clothes among the trees, and the clothes he was wearing came from a certain yard.

He was very cautious. Although he was hungry, he was not stupid enough to swagger into the town.

This kind of foolish approach, after suffering a big loss in the virtual game “Roman Empire” five years ago, he has already remembered.


He tossed the money bag in his hand. At this moment, he felt that playing virtual games was still useful.

Most virtual games have a “skill completion degree” setting.

For example, stealing, if you are like a thief in the real world, if you do all the actions in place, you will get 100% skill completion, and the skill effect will be the best.

Thanks to his experience in virtual games, he was very successful this time.

But that’s it.

Just now, he saw a group of people in the town.

It was not Viscount Claurido, his cheap father, but another nobleman, one of the sons of the previous generation, Viscount Claurido, and his titular uncle’s subordinate.

It was also the one who hunted him and Towa.

However…Yat narrowed his eyes. If he read it right, Tova was in the team just now.

“Sure enough, are you unreliable?” He sneered. Medieval games, intrigue, betrayal, and tactics are never lacking.

Whether it’s the upper-class nobles or the lower-class civilians, or the hyenas in the gutter, it’s the same.

Yate understands that he will encounter a lot of dangers and suffer a lot of pain in the future.

It is not the virtual game suppressed under the level 4 pain, but the real crisis of serious injury and death.

But so what?

I have to say that before encountering real danger, many people have extraordinary determination. As for whether they can persist, it is difficult to say.

The same is true for Yate, at least, now he is not in danger that might make him give up.

After squeezing the noble young master’s clothes back into the bushes again, Yate’s figure disappeared.

He did not want to return to the small town just now, nor did he return to the Colola Forest, nor did he want to return to Viscount Claurido to take it.

Originally, it was like this.

However, he needs to try to capture a crow and contract a crow as a servant.

Without any hesitation, he turned and left. According to the news from the diners in the tavern just now, there is a village near the small town of Golola, which is one of the safest places outside the Golola Forest.

Compared to towns, the forest there is a better choice, a safer place to rest, and easier places to find crows.

However, before that, he needs to find some food.

Preferably, it can be eaten directly.

After all, he was hungry.

“Quickly go! Phile!”

Outside the small village, an old hunter is greeting his son, a strong young man with a basket on his back.

Behind the old hunter, there was the same back basket. Inside it were the hunter’s tools. Whether it was laying traps or skinning the prey, it was enough.

Today, they are going to the outskirts of the Colola Forest, hunting for some less powerful prey, peeling off their fur, and taking the fur and the rest of the meat to the town for money to meet the needs of his family.

“Old Phil, why are you so anxious?” The sturdy young man, Phil shook his basket and asked.

“Oh, no, you should call my father, not Old Feile.” Old Feile rolled his eyes, but didn’t care too much about it, and set off immediately, “This half a month, we need to do our best Hunt more to prevent the coming winter.”

“Winter?” Feiler was a little puzzled, “It’s still far from winter, four months.”

“No, no, this year is an accident.” Old Filer shook his head and quickened his pace. “Every 30 years, winter will be two or three months earlier. I clearly remember that thirty years ago That heavy snow almost made you just born into ice.”

“Oh my God, this is really unfortunate news.” Feller shrugged. He, who is just 30 years old this year, doesn’t remember what happened when he was born.

“Smelly boy, don’t believe it, every old man in the village is making preparations in advance, you don’t believe it, after a month, Lord Baron of Golola will probably send his knights over to collect taxes.” Feller shrugged. “The kind of tax you haven’t heard of before.”

“Oh, **** winter.” Hearing what his father said, Feller couldn’t help covering his face.

Thirty minutes later, Fei Le and Old Fei Le reached the outskirts of the Colola Forest. The two hunters were hunting as usual, and once again checked whether their belongings were sufficient.

Until… they watched a teenager.

It was a fourteen or five-year-old boy. Although he didn’t know if he had passed the coming-of-age ceremony, the two of them could see that that boy should also be a hunter.

Although, the technology is not very proficient.

This boy, Yate, is trying to make a trap for catching crows. The bait is the blue fruit he just picked.

Although crows eat fruit, he is not sure whether this fruit is a favorite of crows.

【Lantian Fruit: Fruit, can restore a little satiety. 】

Just like the last game he played in his last life, he can only view its information after he put it in his inventory.

The weather is not cold now, at least, he slept next to the tree last night, and did not feel very cold, although he did not sleep well.

After getting up early in the morning, he began to look for crows, the blue sweet fruit for dinner and breakfast, was the bait.

However, after about two hours, no crow appeared.

Well, this method is undoubtedly stupid.

However, he also expected this result and prepared other methods.

Standing up, Yate turned his head and waved to the two people in the distance: “Two! Can you do me a favor!?”

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