Night Crow Master

Chapter 30: Skill allocation

Sylvia blinked, her beautiful eyes were more attractive than her face.

The situation is not bad enough to abandon the poet poet, just need to deal with it.

“Okay.” Yate stood up with a wry smile.

“Mr. Yate, do you want me to change it for you?” The girl’s eyes were sly and smile.

“No need.” His face is not so thin, but he is sure that if he agrees, the long sword in Miss Siviya’s hand will face him.

Yate gasped and walked behind the carriage with the package.

In order to conceal the inventory, he put normal travel items in his parcel, and of course his clothes were in it.

After changing the clothes, he walked out: “So, where should I throw this clothes?”

“Just throw it to the place just now.” Truno laughed, showing his white teeth, his sturdy arms stretched out, and took over the clothes in Yate’s hands. “I’ll just throw it away. You can clean it up. Go ahead and find another place to rest.”

As Truno left, several people also packed up their things and walked some distance. After Truno returned to the team, they found another place to rest.

Looking at Yate who was asleep by the carriage, Truno narrowed his eyes and sat far away.

The rough-looking man is also very careful.

After holding the clothes that Yate changed, he checked the tear marks of the clothes and confirmed that it was the tear marks of the beast, not the weapon.

As for the corpse, he also took a closer look. The back of his head seemed to be hit hard, and then the neck and heart were pierced by sharp blades-the weapon should not be a dagger.

Because it was too dark, he couldn’t see much, but it would be nice to be able to confirm that it was not Mr. Yate.

As a mercenary, he needs to be cautious. He doesn’t want to have a dangerous element who might attack him and others continue to exist in the team.

If the Mr. Yate killed someone, he would immediately expel the opponent from the team, regardless of whether the opponent counterattacked or attacked.

It now appears that this is not the case.

Yate closed his eyes and saw Truno’s gaze turn through Black Crow’s vision.

He was injured, and he would have been disgusted by the other party. After all, the wounded with new injuries on his body is as conspicuous as the sun in the wild. The mercenaries will not be compensated for the injury of the hirer. After all, this is Because of the injuries he suffered when he left the team, it is normal to blame him.

If you encounter a mercenary team that is not so good, you may even knock him unconscious and throw him in place, letting him fend for himself.

The current self is still too weak, and he needs to be restrained in doing things. Just like the situation just now, he was injured after hunting. Without the protection of mercenaries, he would not survive tonight if he did not avoid the beasts.

Hunting beasts alone is not easy.

It is even more difficult to cross the border alone to reach Di Lud Town.

It is even more difficult to hunt beasts when crossing the border alone.

Hiring a team of mercenaries to hunt while crossing the border was what he had planned.

After hunting, if you get injured, you can still be protected by mercenaries, making it safer.

The shared vision with the black crow was lifted, and Yate transferred his spirit to the career bar.

In “The Extraordinary Middle Ages-Rise of the Wizard”, the experience of killing monsters will be directly filled in the main profession. To upgrade another profession, you need to change the second profession to the main profession column.

This is the case now. The [Night Wizard], who has been changed to the main profession field, has given him most of the experience of meditation. Originally, it was only about one-tenth of the experience bar to lv2. After killing the two beasts, it was upgraded to lv2.

[Night Wizard lv2]

[Useable skill point 1]

In the battle just now, he has experimented with the power of [Dark Energy Corrosion]. A dark energy erosion can cause more damage than the damage he caused with a long sword, but it is only a little bit higher.

Because of the effect of [Passive·Dark Polar Region], cast at night, the effect can be increased by 20%.

Without this, the power of dark energy erosion should be lower than the damage of the long sword

But this is also normal, as in the original game. The early stage was a world of melee physics professions, and the early fighters were much better than Faye.

This little skill, a little bit on the [Dark Energy Corrosion], can increase its power, but this skill is only used as a transition in the early stage, and its power is not as good as a real sword.

Now that the mental power is not enough, using too many spells will cause trance and affect the battle.

It is possible to use crow servants to cast spells, because it consumes their own spirit and does not affect their own battles.

However, now I only have one Golola. If you want to capture more crows, you need to increase the level of [Capture Crows]. There is only one lv1, five lv2, and the number of lv3 can reach 10.

[Crow Mage] This profession is not strong in itself, but relying on the crow, similar to a summoner.

But now, in the absence of good crow servants, it is best not to promote this as master.

The Blood Crow I met in the Melancholy Forest last time was pretty good, but he couldn’t catch it.

In “The Extraordinary Middle Ages-The Rise of the Mage”, every player, due to the complexity of the profession, has to face countless judgment questions. Originally, the gameplay was improved because of this setting, but now-

This is a difficult problem. If you don’t have enough skill points, you can’t die.

The crow mage focuses on the crow servants and is good at fighting more and less legions. The crow mage’s own strength does not have much influence, except for the buff, it basically has no other effect.

But now it’s different. What he needs to improve is his own survival rate and his own strength.

Then, before he can make a core breakthrough and combine the two professions, he needs to prioritize himself. However, he has also discovered a situation now.

Although [Night Wizard] pays more attention to itself than [Crow Wizard], but…

This is a support-oriented profession!

He didn’t see it clearly last time, but after carefully reviewing each of the following skills this time, he discovered this serious problem.

At least, in the early stage, the skill bias of the two professions is mainly auxiliary.

First is [Crow Mage]——

lv0【Passive·Crow Mage】【Passive·Crow Affinity】【Capture the Crow】

lv1【Sharing Vision】

lv2【Curse of Weakness】

lv3【group order】【dark energy erosion】

lv4【Black Mist of Crow】【Group Rage】

lv5【Location Exchange】

lv6【Crow Shield】

lv8【Feedback Dedication】

lv10 [Crow Transformation], convert other birds into corvides (the level of birds that undergo this transformation will be reduced by lv1-lv5)

In the first 10 levels, the crow mage should take the [capture the crow] as the core and improve the combat effectiveness of the crow servants. Only one attack skill can corrode the crow, which belongs to the professional system of summoning stream.

And the night wizard…


【Passive·Dark Polar Region】

[Meditated Thoughts·Dark Night Poetry]


【Psionic ring (dark): Manipulate psychic energy to form a low-level defense. 】

[Psionic Hand (Dark): Use Psionic Remote Control on light objects. 】

lv2【Dark Night Mark: Mark a hidden dark attribute psionic mark on the subject. 】

[Feel tranquility: make the subject fall asleep and be affected by the spirit of the subject]

[Dark light fear: change the posture of light and shadow, causing fear. 】

[Charming humans: Let a human regard you as a friend, subject to the spirit of the subject. 】

lv3 [Dead Poet: Make a corpse make a sound, and apply a cold and fearful state to all surrounding objects. 】

[Low-level Shadow Servant: Form an invisible power entity that obeys orders. 】

[Dark dust gushing: sprays out a dark mist of psychic energy, causing damage and reducing the vision of the subject. 】

lv4【Shadow technique: Form a darkness, all existing vision within the affected area, affected by the power of psychic energy. 】

【Erosion shadow: A shadow is formed, and the subject suffers continuous dark attribute damage. 】

【Shadow activation: activate a shadow, whose strength is affected by the caster’s psychic strength. 】

lv5【Sterious and terrible: Make the face of the subject become terrible, and the person who sees it may become trembling. 】

[Shadow wall technique: forming a shadow barrier, obstructing sight and obstructing passage. 】

lv7【Erosion Shadow: Summon a shadow, and suffer continuous dark attribute damage to the subject. 】

[Hand of Darkness: Form a black shadow, physically crushing the subject. 】

[Passive·Shadow Fusion: Reduced consumption of shadow spells by the caster]

lv8【Howl of Undead: Howl hoarsely, causing damage to the subject. 】

[Passive Player: Phantom sound system skill consumption reduced. 】

lv9 [Shadow Information: Within a certain distance, transmit information through shadows. 】

[Elegance of Night: Temporarily increase the agility of the subject. 】

lv10【Passive·Curse of the Night: All objects in the surrounding area are randomly affected by abnormal states of lethargy, tiredness, cold, and negative fear. 】

Although the wizard has more skills than the crow mage, but in its class column, all the skills are related to the night, and the active skills of the first few levels are basically debuff skills…

Yate suddenly had a toothache. Although he already knew about wizards and knew that he could learn other wizard spells, he didn’t need to be entangled with the spells related to the night wizard itself, but this is what it comes with… The future core breakthroughs will be affected by the original professional skills of the two professions.

Moreover, I have the best aptitude in the dark attribute, and I will follow the dark attribute path in the future, so I basically compete with the dark attribute.

No, no, the core breakthrough is still far away, don’t worry…

He closed his eyes, thinking about his direction of development.

The learning of skills should be assigned the order of learning.

Now that you already have offensive spells, with “development first, self-protection first” as the principle of conduct, the priority order of the top ten skills is:

Core skills, attack skills, auxiliary skills.


As a senior game player, when talking about skill development, the brain circuit immediately began to build a skill framework——

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