Night Crow Master

Chapter 31: Skills Development Framework

First priority: core skills

[Meditation·Dark Night Poetry], [Crow Transformation], [Capture Crow], [Feedback Dedication], [Crow Shield]…

The first one is that now that you already have offensive skills, it is better to improve [Meditation·Dark Night Poetry] than learning other spells. The improvement of meditative thoughts can speed up the improvement of [Night Wizard] and increase the upper limit of spiritual power. , Which is to increase the spell power and blue bars.

In the words of the previous life, it means “sharpening the knife and not cutting wood by mistake.”

The second and third are the core skills of [Crow Mage]. The former is to transform other birds into crows. If these birds have special abilities, they can also obtain these crows through [Passive Crow Mage]. Ability, and the latter, is to increase the upper limit of crow minions.

The fourth and fifth are life-saving and continuation skills. You can guarantee your own health by getting the crow’s life value, and get the crow’s blue amount to restore your own blue amount. This is the case in the game. If you switch to reality, it is the crow. The vitality of the crow is exchanged for one’s own vitality, and the spiritual force of the crow is exchanged for one’s spiritual force.

This fourth and fifth one is also affected by the number of crow servants. Once the number of crows increases, one’s life-saving and continuation ability can be doubled. One hit can not die, but for a long time, oneself can be alive and kicking. One game.

After this, the second priority is attack skills:

Attack skills such as [Hand of Darkness] and [Erosion Shadow], but the effects of these attack skills are very simple, and you don’t need to learn each one. Choose the attack method that is not repeated, and concentrate on raising the level. Compared with learning All attack skills, but the skill level is only lv1, it is better to learn only a few and improve the level.

The third priority is auxiliary skills:

This is not a game, but reality. The situation in a virtual game is definitely not more complicated than reality. You need to think carefully about various auxiliary skills. Among them, the passive priority of the auxiliary skills is higher, and then the active auxiliary skills… …

However, it is only a preliminary plan. After reaching the tenth level, there will be a large number of powerful attack skills, with different effects. After reaching the tenth level, another skill framework reconstruction will be carried out.

The new skills that can be learned at present are [Group Command], [Psionic Ring (Dark)], [Psionic Hand (Dark)], [Dark Mark], [Feel the Quietness], [Dark Light Fear], [Charming Humans 】

He prefers [feeling tranquility] and [charming humans], and then [gloomy fear].

But he is more inclined to improve the skill level of [Meditation·Dark Night Poetry] and [Capture Crow].

However, the formula for calculating the upper limit of the skill level is——

The upper limit of the current level of a certain skill = the current occupation level-the initial learning level of the skill

In other words, the upper limit of the current level to capture the crow is the current level of the crow mage-3-0=3, which means it can be raised to lv3.

In the same way, because the level of the night wizard is lv2, [Meditation·Dark Night Poetry] is included when you get the job, the initial level is 0, and the current level is up to lv2.

After thinking for a while, he used his skill points on [Meditation·Dark Night Poetry].

【Useable skill point 1】→【0】

[Meditation·Dark Night Poetry lv2: Increase mental power recovery speed by 20%, provide a small amount of professional level experience, increase 40% during deep meditation, and increase experience provision by 25%. ——”Some people are born noble, some are good at praise. But I am always the end of this bloodline…”]

At the moment when the numbers changed, Yate felt a kind of tranquility, and the surrounding darkness became closer.

What a wonderful feeling.

In the game, I can’t experience the similar feeling at all. In the game, after the skill is clicked, there is basically no other situation except the change in the description of the value.

But now, the level of this [Meditating Thought·Dark Night Poetry] has brought him such a strange feeling.

When I learned the vocational skills of [Crow Mage] before, I didn’t feel similar at all…

Art frowned.

Forget it.

Yate wiped this vague premonition from his heart, and the visual sharing started again.

Black Crow Golola blinked her eyes, and the flaming Crow eyes scanned the surroundings.

The people of the mercenary team, surrounded by the simple campfire in the center, rested in several directions. The cushions taken from the carriage mezzanine were cushioned under them. They and Baruto were sleeping next to the carriage. Even though they were injured, they did not receive the treatment of cushions. The Frols hugged each other. In a location closer to the campfire, the two sisters Lena and Sivea slept together. Barbaro and others were distributed in several directions. The flax rope blocked a circle of warning lines on the periphery of the camp, and the hanging bell was obviously a warning.

Just by seeing these arrangements, he can understand the rich experience of these mercenaries.

Close his eyes, Yate enters meditation as usual, instead of sleeping.

He was about to carry out inscription engraving again. After more than half a month, he failed to engrave even one inscription. Under this situation, it may take at least one month for him to engrave successfully. However, there are eight inscriptions for advanced apprentices. Engraving, then 240 days…

That is the second lowest of the five qualification levels—lower qualifications.

It’s been too long.

Adding skill points to meditation is also hoped that it can be helpful to inscriptions.

He doesn’t want to put all his hopes on the system. If he can gain strength through self-learning, that is the best.

After entering the meditation state, he immediately felt that as the meditation thoughts were running, the flow of mental power had changed, the speed of recovery had also accelerated, and the transformed psychic energy had also increased a little.

has hope–

Engraving inscriptions requires mental energy.

The whole **** is tense, and Yate is ready to draw the first inscription in the spirit sea.

However, at this moment, he suddenly felt a little abnormal movement in the mental power induced by the meditation, which seemed to be pulling his mental power.


Yate was a little confused, but then his inspiration flashed.

Could it be–

He no longer hesitated, his spiritual power followed the lead of the meditations to engrave the inscription.

With the influence of mental power, a cold and deep feeling emerged, and he could feel that this kind of feeling was the most suitable for him.

One stroke, one stroke, time flows slowly, mental power is constantly consumed, and the meditation is running and replenishing, but even so, it is almost insufficient, making his marking fail again—just like the previous few times.


As soon as Yate gritted his teeth, he was ready to meet the fainting caused by another failure to engrave——

But at this moment.


The sea of ​​spirit vibrated slightly, as if he was immersed in the water with a sense of heaviness and trance.

However, in an instant, this feeling was dissipated, and an inscription full of gloomy feeling emerged in the spirit sea, and then stabilized.

This is… succeeded!

Yate looked at the floating inscription with some surprise, and then he became puzzled.

Although this inscription is roughly the same as the first inscription recorded in the inscription book given by Count Colola, it is still somewhat different.

The size of the inscription is smaller than the one in the inscription book, the corners are rounder, and it also reveals a dark feeling.

How is this going?

This was the first time he successfully engraved an inscription, and he didn’t know what happened.

Is it a failure? Or is it inferior?

A bad premonition gradually spread.

He carefully looked at the inscription floating in the sea of ​​spirit. There was no defect in the shape, no missing strokes, except for the dark feeling and the smaller shape, there was no difference…

Darkness… Is it the unique inscription of the dark night poetry?

He suddenly remembered that the Count of Colola seemed to have mentioned that the inscription is condensed by spirit, but it can also be affected by meditation…

“The meditation of the fire attribute bias will make the inscription more aggressive…”

This sentence is just interspersed with the numerous explanations of the inscription by Count Colola, and it is not very eye-catching. His memory is not so good that he can clearly remember every sentence a dozen days ago. Blurred memory is normal. .


Yate breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it’s not a bad problem. There are surprises and no dangers…

Randomly, he felt a heavy feeling again.

Oops, lack of mental power!

Yate only had time to come up with such thoughts, the next moment, because of the body’s self-protection mechanism, he fainted.

“Mr. Yate! Mr. Yate!” The crisp and sweet girl’s call sounded in his ear, making him sober.

Yate opened his eyes and saw a smiling girl face.

“Good morning! Mr. Yate! It’s time for us to set off!”

“Good morning, lovely Lena.” Yate greeted casually, and then looked to the sky.

“Oh! God! So early!?” Baruto said with a slightly angry voice, “I can guarantee that even the hunter hasn’t woken up yet at this time!”

Yate turned his head and saw Baruto stand up with a sullen expression, patted the dust on his butt.

The sky at this time was only slightly bright, just as bright as when they started camp yesterday-only a road of about ten meters can be seen.

“The hunters will definitely get up earlier.” Barbaro came over with a lazy voice, “If they were sleeping in the forest.”

Baias came to Yate’s side and smiled at him: “Mr. Yate, the sooner you act, the sooner you can leave the danger zone. You know the situation yesterday. It’s not safe here.”

Hearing this sentence, the Frols, who were still a little confused next to them, were agitated, obviously thinking of the situation they saw yesterday.

Yate also stood up, this movement affected the wound on his back, making him gasp.

Hunting wild beasts, or hunting wild beasts at night, is a bit more dangerous, which also strengthened his determination to be a master instead of a warrior. This is not a game, it will be over after death.

ps: I saw a book review praised by a book friend. I will also explain the character of the protagonist here. The character I set is-a cautious, good at thinking and strategy, deliberative, focusing on self-safety, and doing everything in depth many times The person who considers, being steady and not arrogant, is his advantage.

The shortcomings are also too much consideration and not enough adventurousness. Therefore, if the danger is greater, they will choose to retreat and therefore lose some opportunities.

As a young man, the protagonist’s past life is set in an era of rich virtual games. He has played many medieval games. He is familiar with the background of the Middle Ages. He is located in the middle of the Middle Ages, and his various behaviors will be relatively stable to protect himself Lord, many people have been killed in the game, and their mentality has not completely changed after being reborn. Killing and killing monsters are basically the same concept, and there is no burden for thieves to start.

There are gains and losses, and there is no perfection.

As a young man, he is not mature in every place. For example, in his previous life, he chose the profession of “Crow Mage” because he “sounds handsome” and the reason may be a little superficial.

But after being reborn, he must rely on this profession again, and various considerations have gone through a series of considerations, so…

The story of the rise in strength may not be too fast, or that the story will be slower and slower. I know it myself and I am used to writing it like this…

In fact, I am still a little worried that the protagonist will be counseled…

If you write badly, please bear with it. If you criticize, please don’t be too heavy and calm.

Thanks for the support.

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