Night Crow Master

Chapter 32: Ancient legend

It seems that because of lack of sleep, the four of them are very quiet, and Yate has not been relieved because of mental exhaustion. When sitting on the carriage, he has been meditating with his eyes closed to restore his mental strength.

The lively Lena seemed calm at this time.

The Frolls didn’t mean to speak either. On one side, Baruto didn’t even bother to speak several times. He could only helplessly start looking at the scenery outside.

This section of the road went smoothly. As time passed, the sky gradually lit up. At this time, Lena began to chat with everyone.

Seeing Lena’s interest, Baruto’s eyes lit up, and he seemed very familiar with it, and immediately began to chat with everyone about various legends and experiences he had heard.

Especially the legends thousands of years ago.

“It is said that in ancient times, it was not wizards who ruled various dynasties. The nobles were not blue-blooded, but just a group of ordinary people. In that era, wizards were just a kind of extraordinary profession among many professionals, and their power was also Not very powerful.” Baruto waved his arm, telling vividly the historical legend he once heard in the northernmost port city of the Kingdom of Allen.

Yate couldn’t help but open his eyes and looked at him.

“How is it possible?” Lena was the first to sneer, “Aristocrats are ordinary people? Then how can they become lord? How can those extraordinary people be willing to pay taxes obediently? Why not overthrow him?”

Nobles-powerful, powerful humans, blue blood, spellcasters.

Such a concept is already a deeply ingrained concept in everyone’s hearts. No one will believe that ordinary people without power can stand on the heads of powerful spellcasters and other professionals.

You know, even if they are the priests who have a reputation as strong as the Holy See and represent “holy” and “righteous” in people’s hearts, they have never said that nobles are evil, and holy magic will not affect wizards and nobles. They cause harm.

This direct question made Baruto’s face flushed. As usual, every time he talked about this in a tavern, which one of the other people would be surprised first?

How can one question it?

However, he himself had thought about this issue, combined with his knowledge, he made this inference:

“The royal family and nobles recruit extraordinary people. These loyal extraordinary people can suppress other professionals.”

Lena curled her lips: “Scramble? Why is an extraordinary person solicited by ordinary people?”

Yate was listening, but there was no doubt in his heart.

Although Baruto had a lot of knowledge and thoughts, he himself did not take them too seriously, nor did he think too deeply, and did not think of another mode that could replace the current mode of governance. .

Baruto, who was stubborn and speechless, was naturally despised by others.

As ordinary people, the Frols have even labeled Baruto such labels as “liar”, “boasting”, and “to spread falsehood”.

Such gaze made Baruto more anxious and his face burned red.

At this time, Yate suddenly said: “The ruler is not a blue-blooded person, but he is also an extraordinary person. Those ordinary people are the descendants of the relatives of the extraordinary.”

Seeing everyone’s surprised eyes, Yate added: “In fact, it’s almost the same as it is now.”

Baias, Truno and the others nodded suddenly, there was indeed not much difference.

Noting the expressions of the people around him, Yate curled his lips in his heart, much worse.

The current multiple wizarding dynasties are in fact the rule of power and power.

This so-called “ancient” dynasty, the form of existence of the nobles, he can probably guess it too-

It is nothing more than power and power.

The aristocratic class itself has powerful professionals. With this as the core, it recruits other professionals. Without Baruto’s words, he can know that the aristocratic rule at that time was like this.

A rather primitive form of existence, like a beast dividing a territory.

With “strong” as the core, blood, relationship, and interests as the bond, the natural law of whoever is strong will be the king. The subordinates and relatives of the strongest are the ruling class, and the chains are scattered to form a ruling grid.

Blood ties and relationships are secondary, and the core is that the transcendent recruits the transcendent, using interests as the final bond. In the case of maintaining this ruling class to allow themselves to obtain more benefits, in order to protect their own interests, the transcendents will of course To protect its existence.

The current ruling model is based on the “blue blood” as the ruling class. Only with blue blood and strength can one’s status be improved.

Compared with the previous model, there are advantages and disadvantages. The most conspicuous point is that other supernatural beings will be willing to rule by wizards and nobles?

Not to mention anything else, the second power outside the nobility, the Holy See, is a powerful threat.

However, this model has lasted for nearly ten thousand years, so there must be some deep-seated reason that can delay or even resolve contradictions.

There is another possibility that the rulers are all ordinary people, that is, these “dynasties” are all puppets, or in other words, these dynasties are the vegetable gardens and animal pens of the extraordinary, allowing ordinary people to rule as spokespersons. It doesn’t matter if you die, just support a spokesperson.

Power power mode, alliance mode, puppet mode.

In a short period of time, several modes of governance emerged in Yate’s mind.

The core of everything is-interest.

There are only individuals who betray the class, not the class of betrayal.

A slave in the lowest class, after climbing to the highest point, will of course defend the class he currently lives in, and at best release goodwill to the original class. However, if these goodwill go against the interests of the class, they will be affected. Obstructed in every way.

Not to mention others, after this slave becomes a merchant, he will give priority to safeguarding the interests of the merchant class, and when the slave becomes a nobleman, he will give priority to safeguarding the interests of the noble class.

Even if he succeeds in breaking down class and affecting society, there is no such thing as absolute fairness. The class is impossible to disappear. The idea of ​​a world like one can only be a fantasy.

The existing form of the noble class is that every noble has its own strength, not only the ruler of a region, but also the guardian of a region. Those nobles and royal nobles are powerful transcendents themselves, but these transcendents. It’s not just a wizard.

Of course, this is only one of the possibilities, and there may be other possibilities, but he has not learned the original history in detail, and most of the hero biographies and poems collected by Yate are within ten thousand years.

Originally born in a different world of information explosion and universal education, Yate’s knowledge is much broader than theirs. Although he doesn’t know much, he can still say it because he likes to study various game backgrounds. .

Such names as “keyboard historian”, “keyboard political scientist”, “keyboard folklorist”, and “keyboard economist” are still affordable.

The fact that Yate can imagine it does not mean that others can imagine it.

“This…” Baruto didn’t think about the depth of the puppet mode. However, although Yate denied the saying that “ordinary people are dynasty nobles”, it also solved his siege. After his sight shifted, he wisely chose not to speak.

However, Yate did not let go of his plan, he wanted to hear more information:

“Baruto, are there any interesting rumors?”

Yate classified his statement as “interesting rumors,” and others turned their attention.

“Yes.” After secretly deciding not to believe in these “ridiculous legends” in his heart, Baruto began to tell rumors in other regions with a smile on his face.

Although he likes to brag, his conversation is humorous and funny enough. With a mentality of “being a story listener”, Lena and others have not corrected their rebuttal actions, which is just occasional complaints.

Yate narrowed his eyes, carefully discerning the various rumors Baruto had said.

Yate, who is also an extraordinary person, certainly does not believe it, but he did not easily veto it.

Maybe in the future I will encounter it, if so, maybe it will come in handy.

Rumors can harm people, but in the eyes of smart people, rumors have different messages. Even the spread of rumors is an important message—who spread it, where did it spread, and why did it spread?

As he said, the sky was completely cold. After Truno and Baias and others beheaded a few beasts, they also left the forest completely and came to the road.

Nearly half an hour after the team walked out of the forest, they met another team.

This is a large team. It looks like a caravan. There are several small caravans and a few medium caravans in it. The various signs tell Yate this.

Without saying much, Truno and Baias decided to move closer.

When they got closer, Yate could see that they were coming from another direction. It should be the Count of Ludi or the Count of Sierra.

This location is already very close to Di Lude Town. With the speed of this caravan, it will be possible to reach Di Lude in about a day. It is normal to be able to meet here.

In addition to the caravans, there are many professionals who participate in the caravan’s employment as mercenaries and protect the caravans along the way.

When they saw Yate and others, these mercenaries immediately clenched their weapons and secretly warned.

“I am Colola’s mercenary team!” Truno shouted loudly, stepped forward, and held a badge similar to the one on his chest, but with a different emblem in his palm.

A few people walked out of the team, it seemed they should be the mercenary captain responsible for protecting these caravans.

After a few minutes, Truno turned around and waved to Yate and others:

“You can come here!”

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