Night Crow Master

Chapter 33: True bard

There are various professionals in this team. Although most of them are ordinary professionals, the rangers, swordsmen, archers, gun shields, etc. can only rely on their own physical strength and skills. Or crossbows as weapons.

However, there are also some professionals with extraordinary powers.


Unlike the “superior pros” imagined by Yate, the “superior power” of these “superior” professionals is quite powerful at first, but after careful inquiries, we can understand…Super weak .

For example, “Warrior of the Wind Blessed by the Wind”-a swordsman who runs faster than a Stalker.

What a “man favored by the earth”-a fighter whose physical strength is twice as strong as a normal person.

And “a thief who can smell the breath of the wind”-a great sense of smell, but stealth skills are not outstanding thief.

What else is the “Sword of Frost”-a swordsman who can make his weapons cold.

There is also…”A bard who can summon wind”-a professional bard.

The latter two sounded a little more decent, which also made Yate interested in them.

Yate was very curious to find the bard. Although, in the legend, the professional “bard” is a person with the blood of the elves and looks more handsome than the nobles, but… .

Except for the smile difference of five or ten degrees with his ears sharper than him, Yatzhen hadn’t seen how handsome this real bard was.

It’s almost the same as him, just a little more handsome than ordinary people, but it’s the kind that doesn’t feature much in the crowd.

However, the bard named “Hughes”, when he saw him, his eyes lit up–

“Hey! I heard the sound of the wind! You and I are the same! I haven’t seen other bards for a long time!”

As he spoke, he stared straight at Yate with a big smile on his face.

And his companions, those mercenaries, after hearing Hughes’ voice, they also cast their sights on Yate’s face.

For others, the meaning of Hughes’s sentence may be that those bards who can only sing, play music and tell stories meet their counterparts.

However, they understood that what Hughes said was saying–

“You are also a bard!? I mean a professional.” One of the mercenary captains who had just walked out to negotiate with Truno, came to Yate, and stared at him with straight eyes.

“……” Being stared at by the two men with such “passionate” gazes, Yate felt a little scalp tingling, and then he thought of the earl’s daughter—Miss Elty. What he said:

“The creator of this meditation is an apprentice of an advanced wizard. He is also a bard with elven blood. He likes music and poetry very much, and his pursuit of art even exceeds the pursuit of truth. All his energy It’s all put on the research energy and the bard.”

At that time, the countess’ eyes were full of pity:

“Although this meditation has some special effects, there is no doubt that the hope of this meditation to break through to the official wizard level is almost zero. Later, none of the wizards who practiced this meditation can even reach the higher level. At the level of apprenticeship of wizards, when they reach the realm of intermediate apprentices, they will stagnate and cannot improve at all. I advise you to change your mind…”

This so-called “special effect”, isn’t it?

Yate was a little speechless. The “special utility” of this meditation was to make the other party regard himself as a professional bard.

In other words, can this meditation make one’s breath closer to spirits?

Seeing Yate looked a little dumbfounded, the mercenary captain smiled friendly: “My name is Lourdes, are you interested in joining our team? Although I don’t know why an extraordinary person like you did not join the team, But if you can, please consider us.”

Although their mercenary team is not small, an extraordinary person is still attractive.

Especially after Hughes joined, under his special strength, their entire team has gained a lot of improvement.

Another bard? This is not the roaming singer, a truly extraordinary professional is worthy of him.

After Lourdes sent out the invitation, Baias and others, who were not far from Ater, were still a bit at a loss, wondering why their guest suddenly became an extraordinary professional.

“This…” Yate has already reflected. Although I don’t know what Hughes used to regard himself as a bard professional, it is estimated that he can’t rely on his identity now. After they speak out , The people around have moved the realization to him.

He asked about extraordinary professionals in the team just now, and let everyone know that he is a solo with no fixed team.

“I need to think about it…” Under the “fiery” gaze of Lourdes and Hughes, Yate couldn’t help but answer.

In fact, he still prefers to walk alone. After all, he needs to “hunt” and then increase his level. Moreover, although he is a transcendent, his identity is a wizard, not a true bard professional.

Although he got an answer like “think about it,” Lourdes could also tell that the other party moved something intentionally, as long as it moved intentionally, and other things could take time.

At this moment, Hughes enthusiastically pulled Yate to the side: “Come on, Yate, let’s play together!”

Play? Before Yate had time to think about it, the other party took out his own instrument, which is similar to the harp owned by Yate. Yate’s harp is closer to the “u” shape, while the other party’s is smaller than his. It can be held with one hand and has a “D” shape.

Without waiting for Yate to say anything, Hughes’ slender fingers plucked on the seven strings of the harp, and the sound of Ding Dong was linked to the melody of the melody:

“The rose petals were scattered on her toes, and the brilliant blonde hair fell on her chest.”

“Beautiful girl…”

After singing a paragraph, Hughes looked at Yate with satisfaction:

“Hey, Yate, why don’t you come together?”

I can’t sing you.

Yate rolled his eyes. Before he came to this world, he had only learned the guitar for a year. Playing the harp is gradually familiar with the feel of the guitar, not particularly proficient.

Besides, his mind was still dealing with the series of things before, and he did not respond to this sudden harmonization request.

“I’m good at heroic epics, not like this…merry song.”

Although I haven’t heard this one, but from this short lyrics, it can be seen that this should be a poem admiring the beauty of a young girl.

“Oh, it’s like this?” Hughes touched his smooth chin without a beard. “Nayat, you come to sing and I will accompany you.”

After speaking, Hughes held the harp in his arms again and stared at Yate with scorching eyes.

Seeing the hot eyes, not only did Yate feel a little scalp, but even Gloria, who had been lying on his head, couldn’t help but move back:


Hearing Colola’s tweet, Hughes’ eyes lit up: “Hey! Little Crow! Do you want to accompany you too!?”

“…” Yate sighed, dealing with such a familiar guy is really a bit troublesome.

Taking off the harp hanging around his waist, Yate recalled the heroic poems in his predecessor’s memory, plucking the harp strings:

“In the depths of the forest, there is a crooked river flowing with reeds.”

“The school of fish is moving forward, going back to their hometown.”

As Yate plucked the strings, a slow and melodious sound of the strings sounded.

After listening to it for a while, Hughes also began to wave the strings. Although he had never heard this piece, he could not play a melodious and quiet piece. For harmony, you only need to express such an atmosphere.

The marching team also seemed to be infected by the sound of the two pianos, and gradually quieted down.

“The petite fish, through the rusty armor in the river, swims through the skull of the resting dead.”

“The night sky is silent, and the moonlight follows the river.”

“The war is gone, the crows no longer soar, covering the sky and the sun.”

The team moved forward slowly, and many mercenaries showed a trace of sadness on their faces.

Yate also noticed this. Although the lyrics are touching, it doesn’t make them perform like this.

Then, he thought of the speciality of a professional like a bard–

They can use music to stimulate natural forces to form spells, and they can also use music to infect emotions.

While playing, Yate observed Hughes beside him.

An obvious and wonderful mental power gathered on the harp in his hand, and with the fluctuation of the strings, this mental power spread out with a special frequency.

The other party did not cover up at all, in other words, could not cover up at all.

Yate thought for a while, and followed the other side’s way, a spiritual force filled the harp in his hand.

The melodious piano sound brings a sense of tranquility and leisure.

As the music ended, everyone broke away from the situation just now, and then there was a round of applause.

“Amazing epic!”

“It’s Hughes!”

“Musician Hughes!”

“The guy who just arrived is also very nice! What’s his name?”

“Yate! His name is Yate! Looks young? My little friend Yate!”

“Hey, who has wine! Who has wine! I want a glass!”

The mercenaries gradually clamored and broke away from the atmosphere just now.

Hughes looked at Yate’s eyes even more hot: “I feel the power of the night! Yate, I didn’t expect you to be the poet of the night!”

The poet of the night? What the **** is this?

Yate couldn’t help thinking.

However, Yate looked at the four characters “Night Wizard” on the career bar-will mental power have its own characteristics?

He has the highest aptitude in the dark attribute…or rather, he only has the dark attribute aptitude, and the practice of “Dark Night Poetry” meditation thought also brought his spiritual power to the dark night poetry. Special taste.

“But.” Hughes was holding the harp, his face a little weird, “Yat, why do I feel your mental power is a little weird?”

Of course strange, I am a night wizard, not a “night poet”, and my spiritual power is also the spiritual power of a wizard, not a real bard.

Moreover, he not only has the profession of “Night Wizard”, but also the profession of “Crow Mage”. There are more changes in the characteristics of mental power, and he will not be surprised.

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