Night Crow Master

Chapter 34: Solicit

Yate certainly understands the difference between wizards and other transcendents-psionics.

I also understand the difference between a bard and other transcendents-the force of nature.

One uses the blood as a catalyst to transform the spirit into psychic energy, and the other uses the blood as a gateway to mobilize the forces of nature.

Although the two are similar, they are completely different.

The creator was a hybrid wizard of blue blood and elves. The meditation thoughts he created might make the spirit of the practitioners feel like half elves. However, he did not have the blood of elves, no matter how he looked like , Nor is it.

If he uses wizard spells, he still uses spiritual power to construct inscriptions—arranged into spell models—and then fill in the process of releasing his own psychic energy, rather than forming nature by leveraging the external forces of nature like a bard. Spells.

Regarding Hughes’s doubts, Yate did not intend to conceal his identity. He also inquired about it in the tavern. Although most wizards have their own circles and do not mix with other professionals, they can still be among professionals. I saw a “traveling wizard” in the circle——

Wizards who like to travel and adventure also exist.

When he was in Colora, he always concealed his identity, mainly to avoid meeting the people of Viscount Claudio, but also to prevent the people of the Count of Colora from knowing–

You must know that at least eight inscriptions must be engraved and become a junior apprentice to be able to memorize the spell sequence (models arranged in spell inscriptions) and cast spells. At the same time, Yate just showed his face in front of the Earl of Gorora, and has attacked all spells. No, so some things are best not to be too conspicuous.

Always be cautious.

And now, he had initially possessed the ability to protect himself, and he had left the Colola collar. The previous concealment was not necessary.

Yate, who was sitting in his mind, shrugged: “Actually, I am not a bard, but a wizard.”

“What!? Wizard!?” Hughes was taken aback, and then he looked incredulous, “Obviously your mental power feels like a bard…”

Although he felt that Yate’s mental power was a bit strange, different from his own, but it still had the unique feeling of a bard.

Seeing the incredible on Hughes’s face, the corners of Yate’s mouth were slightly tilted. Compared to Hughes who looked at him with “hot” eyes, Hughes with this expression made him feel better: “I wonder if you have Heard of a meditation called’Dark Night Poetry’?”

“Dark Night Poetry? Thoughts?” Hughes frowned. “However, there is indeed a poem by this name.”

He heard this poem sung by other tour singers in the northern port.

They, professional bards, call those non-professional bards “roamers”, just as the “stalkers” among professionals do not regard roaming thieves as similar.

For Hughes’ answer, Yate didn’t feel strange.

This “Dark Night Poetry” meditation was originally a poem, but the creator who really liked music and art passed it down in the form of poetry, and it was not a secret that it was sung among many people. Of meditation.

It’s just that because of the energy of “psychic energy”, only blue-blooded people with blue blood can produce it, that is, only blue-blooded people can practice meditation.

Therefore, only wizards will pay attention to the idea of ​​meditation, and this kind of meditation that does not even have a formal level of access, there is no wizard who wants to understand. Only the prostitutes of the little nobles, in the case of financial constraints, may consider cultivating. Practice this kind of meditation.

It’s basically the scraps on the street.

After talking to the earl’s daughter Elti, he learned a lot about this meditation.

This is not a powerful meditation, the only special thing lies in Yate’s body——

First: He only has the aptitude for the dark attribute, which is more in line with this idea.

Second: Yate has a systematic presence.

After obtaining the [Night Wizard], the upper limit of this class is directly lv25. Although he does not know the exact level, there is no doubt that there is a path after the official wizard.

If Yate didn’t have a system, then, with his second-to-last aptitude, it would take 240 days to advance to the elementary apprenticeship, which was much worse than the five or six days at the highest level.

Hughes didn’t know much about wizards, and he only knew a little about “Dark Night Poetry”.

So, he looked at Yate with some suspicion: “Yate, are you really a wizard?”

Yate suddenly had a headache. He originally wanted to explain his identity to prevent Hughes from continuing to entangle him. The other party was interested in him because he was interested in his identity as a “bard”. If he was not a bard, he probably wouldn’t Entangled by him.

However, he did not expect that the other party did not believe it.

My own Dark Night Wizard level is only lv2, and apart from Dark Night Poetry Meditation itself, there are no other skills…

Use the skills of the crow mage?

The magic of the wizard relies on psychic energy, while the crow mage uses psychic power directly, unlike the wizard, but more like other extraordinary professions.

Wait, maybe Hughes can’t see it either?

The crow mage also consumes his own mental power, instead of leveraging the power of nature, Hughes may not be able to tell!

Under Hughes’s gaze, Yate’s right hand moved away from the harp, and with the consumption of mental power, a mist-like black sphere appeared in his palm and hit the ground.

Dark energy erodes!

Seeing Yate’s magic, Hughes was stunned.


As a bard, he could feel that the opponent’s spells did not show any signs of leveraging the forces of nature, that is to say… is what the other party said is true?

The mercenaries around the two also noticed this situation, especially Lourdes who was planning to recruit Ater, his eyes widened.

“Then, why your mental power…” Seeing Yate’s “psychic spell”, Hughes still couldn’t believe it.

“The creator of the dark night poetry idea is a blue-blooded person and a half-elf. He has taken the path of a wizard, but he also has a lot of research on the power of the bard. Therefore, the practitioner of the dark night poetry will bring spiritual power. There are some half-elves, but I can’t use the force of nature.” Yate explained.

A very legitimate explanation, basically, all wizards who have studied the meditation of Dark Night Poetry know this feature.

The team composed of plural caravans and mercenaries all turned their attention.

Yate even saw some of the transcendents he had inquired about coming over.

Then they were stopped by Lourdes:

“Fitz, Callout, Lean, according to the rules, it was my first invitation!”

“No, no, this is an extraordinary person, and also a nobleman, this young man has the right to choose his team.”

“Yeah, Lourdes, we all gave in the last time you recruited Hughes, but this time it won’t work!”

“Your team has extraordinary people, but our team doesn’t have one. Should we give one to us? Hey, Mr. Yate, consider our Slower mercenary team. We are the most famous in Sierra County One of a mercenary team!”

The last Lien said, even directly crossing Lourdes, and directly soliciting Yate beside Hughes.

Lourdes scolded inwardly. When Hughes was recruited last time, it was obvious that these guys were not interested in the bard. Later, after Hughes showed strong support ability, these people used this as a bargaining chip, saying it was theirs. concession.

It was the same this time. At first, after Hughes’ performance let everyone know that Yate was a “bard,” these guys were surprised, but they didn’t show any solicitation.

Now that he knew that Yate was a wizard, he immediately ran out to solicit.

Wizards are the least popular and most popular among all professionals.

The unpopular ones are the noble wizards who live in the castle. They are powerful but terrifying.

The most popular are those wandering wizards who join the mercenary team. While they are strong, they are friendly and not scary.

Among professionals of the same level, wizards are the strongest compared to other professionals. Even those extreme demon warlocks and demon warlocks are not necessarily better than them.

Being able to recruit a wizard is a good thing for any mercenary team. It can improve the strength of their mercenary team. Even a large mercenary group is very welcome. A wizard joins his team.

Although Yate hasn’t shown any powerful traits yet, but…

The deep-rooted concept of “Wizard = stronger than other professionals” first reflected in their minds.

And Yate couldn’t help but smile.

It is his plan to show his strength and be recruited.

Rather than contact with other powerful wizards, he is more willing to contact a group of people whose strength is as different as his own, especially if there are not too many transcendents among them.

He must have a way to collect gems. Having a team is a good way. He also considered Baias and others before.

It’s just that the other party’s main route of activity is to go back and forth between Di Lude and Golola, which is basically a long-distance bus with a fixed route. He doesn’t think they have any chance to come into contact with any gems, even if they do, it is very small.

Of course, being able to make Hughes see the fiery eyes of the same kind fade away is also one of his purposes. After all, it is too uncomfortable to be watched by a man like this.

In the face of everyone’s gaze, Yate blinked, and then said loudly: “Thank you for your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I only have one person, and I love music, otherwise I won’t travel as a bard. ….. I think Your Excellency Hughes is a good communication partner.”

At this point, everyone still didn’t understand what he meant. Other people who were planning to recruit some grinned reluctantly, some shrugged indifferently, and some clearly expressed their discomfort.

Lourdes smiled triumphantly.

Baias and others who had escorted Yate looked at each other, and they all showed wry smiles.

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