Night Crow Master

Chapter 35: Join the mercenary group

Hughes next to him touched his chin and put his arm on Yate’s shoulder: “I am more willing to play musical instruments than these. By the way, Yate, how old are you this year?”

“14, or 15?” Yate removed Colola from his hat. He was much older than this in the previous life, but he still told the age of this body.

“Hey, really young!” Hughes was a little surprised. He thought that Yate was at least an adult. He didn’t expect that not enough height was not a defect, but he was not an adult.

At this time, Yate’s height is close to 1.7 meters, which is slightly taller for a fourteen-five-year-old boy, and it is not uncommon among adults. Because of his talk and mature temperament, everyone regards him as an adult. But he didn’t expect that he hadn’t celebrated the coming-of-age ceremony.

Moreover, because a “bard” or a roving singer is generally in their twenties or even thirty-four years old, a troubadour less than twenty years old?

Okay, it’s a bit younger.

Hughes pulled the feather cap on his head and pulled Yate to the other teammates: “Come on, I’ll introduce our team to you.”

The members of the “Lourdes Mercenary Group” who knew that the captain Lourdes had recruited another extraordinary person, all approached.

Including Yate who had just been recruited, there were eleven people in total.

An archer, a ranger archer, a trap hunter and a taming hunter with a mouse, two “detectors”, or thieves, an axe and shield warrior, a giant swordsman, and an extraordinary Swordsman, a bard.

The bard is Hughes, and Lourdes, as the captain, is the extraordinary swordsman among them—the one I’ve inquired about before, the swordsman with the extraordinary power of wind and running faster than the stalker.

This team, including Yate, has a total of three extraordinary professionals.

For Yate’s arrival, the rest of the team expressed their welcome, and no one showed the meaning of rejection.

This was a surprise to Yate. I didn’t expect that Lourdes handled the relationship within the team so well. Originally, some rejection was normal. After all, according to the structure, the structure of this small mercenary group is quite perfect. To join a member hastily, the coordination during the battle also needs to be changed, and the distribution of interests in the future will also need to be adjusted. Such smooth joining has surprised him.

Lourdes noticed the accident on Yate’s face, and seemed to think of something, and couldn’t help but smile.

In fact, Yate thinks too much. The situation he is thinking about is indeed applicable. However, it does not apply to them. As the leader of the team, Lourdes has a much higher personality than other mercenary teams. Both the allocation and the handling of accidents are reasonable and very popular. This mercenary team trusts Lourdes to handle these things well.

“Everyone, today we will add a new member to our team, a young wizard…Yat.”

Lourdes began to introduce with a smile on his face:

“The tall axe and shieldman is Kotias, and the mature and steady-looking greatswordman is Baft.”

The strong axe and shield hand grinned, and the giant swordsman next to him nodded reservedly at Yate.

“The two handsome brothers are Callence and Lawrence. They are mainly in charge of investigative work.” A pair of similarly-looking young brothers showed the same smiles. Yate looked carefully and found that he could only pass The amount of freckles on their faces confirms who they are.

“This beautiful lady archer is called Mai Ya, and next to her is her brother Dorgart, a trap hunter.” A pair of similar-looking men and women smiled at Yate and expressed their friendship.

“There is also Mars, who loves to drink, he is a tame hunter, and with him is his partner, Jie Weilun.”

This was a middle-aged hunter with a slightly bloated figure, with a beard, and a small creature like a squirrel and a weasel sitting on his shoulders.

“Hello.” Mars looked at Gallola in Yate’s hand with a smile, “This is the black crows of Corolla County? I heard they are smart? Maybe we can share the experience of nurturing partners.”

“I will ask you if I have a chance.” Yate was very polite, which was in line with everyone’s impression of a “witch”.

“I’m a ranger archer.” The young man with a short sword slung around his waist and a short bow stretched out his fist at Yate. “My name is Andus.”

“Hello.” Yate took a look, then stretched out his fist and struck his fist together, “I am Yate.”

Lourdes watched the exchanges of several people with a smile, but couldn’t help but sigh with Yate’s response throughout the whole process: “Sure enough, he is of aristocratic background, and it is much better than other transcendents with higher eyes.”

Compared with the nobles, those extraordinary people who came from common people are sometimes more annoying. They have eyes above the top and are full of arrogance. When he recruited extraordinary professionals before, they were not at all polite and not very powerful. kind.

The current Yate, not to mention strength, at least makes him a lot more comfortable.

Regarding the relationship between the team, Lourdes, who was born as the son of a businessman, valued it very much. He would rather want an ordinary professional than an extraordinary person who would affect the team.

I hope that after a while to discuss the distribution of remuneration, Yate can also perform so well.

In fact, he is not worried, because most of the wandering wizards he has seen, not to mention wealthy families, are basically not very concerned about ordinary materials, and will only be interested in some special materials, compared to others. The transcendents are much better. If you talk about this, there will be no problem.

However, at this time, he suddenly heard Hughes next to him yelling: “Captain! Captain! I haven’t introduced me yet!”

“…” Not only did the other people show their helpless bodies, but the corners of Lourdes’ mouths twitched. Hughes is actually quite easy to get along with, but his mind is a bit wrong.

However, to his surprise, he could see that Hughes was playing Yate, but he picked up the harp and played the melody:

“I am Art, and the crow guided me here.”

Hughes was very satisfied with his reaction and plucked the strings: “I am Hughes, the spirit of the wind let us meet here, it is a wonderful fate~”

“…” The people next to them looked at them silently, and the corners of Lourdes’s mouth froze. He turned his head and looked at Mai Ya:

“Is all bards like this?”

“How would I know? Maybe?”

“Come on, my partner, no matter how dangerous the front is, we can get through. The wind will guide us through the darkness.”

The team moved forward slowly, a melodious melody wafting in the sky, and Hughes’s singing sounded.

Yate also smiled and plucked the strings, and the mental power attached to the strings shook the quiet strings and made harmony.

Although he felt that such behavior was not very meaningful before, but…Unexpectedly, he felt quite good.

Gloria lay on his hat and closed his eyes to rest, the wings healed were still mutilated, making it unable to fly anymore.

Mai Ya walked beside them. The young girl’s big eyes stared at them curiously: “Hughes looks very happy.”

Hughes turned his head and flicked his flaxen hair angrily: “Music is always pleasant~”

“Forget it.” It should be Calence’s youth with a stunned look. “After being dumped by the tavern girl in Kadar, he played the harp all night and was so noisy.”

“Hey! Lawrence!” Hughes looked at him dissatisfied, “What is being dumped? I just found a new inspiration! Besides, you haven’t even tasted a woman, right?”

“…Why are you talking about me again?” Another young man with a more mature temperament twitched, “I am Lawrence! It has been two months, Hughes, why can’t you remember! ?”

“Hey”. Karens looked at Hughes with a smirk.

Knowing that he was mistaken, Hughes blushed and coughed: “You two brothers look so alike. I need to get used to it for a few months.”

Yate looked at him and thought these people were really interesting. Joining this team can also relax.

Seeing Yate’s quiet smile, Mai Ya’s eyes lit up: “Little Yate, where are you from?”

“Don’t call me Little Yate…” Yate sighed. Although this body is indeed not very old, the soul is not. Then, under everyone’s attention, he said, “I am from The leader of Claredo of Colola County is now following the instructions of Lord Colola.”

He did not hesitate to pull on Fast’s tiger skin banner.

Although he knew that his aptitude was too bad, he should have been given up by the earl, but the other party did not say “to give up him”, did he?

This identity can still be used.

“Earl!?” Hearing his words, everyone in the Lourdes Mercenary Group exclaimed, causing everyone to turn around, but because his voice was not loud, the others did not hear clearly.

“Yes.” Yate shrugged, “Miss Elty has just returned to the castle, and there is no shortage of manpower for the time being. Lord Earl asked me to travel for two or three years before returning.”

His expression was natural, with a trace of “satisfaction”, which made Lourdes start to be surprised. Originally, he only thought that he had accepted a wizard like the second son of an ordinary nobleman as a member, but he did not expect to meet an “earl’s apprentice”.

Those who can become earls are all official wizards, that is to say, behind the opponent stands a great figure of “Apocalypse” level.

However, Lourdes still didn’t believe that his luck was so good? How about accepting such people directly?

“Don’t worry.” Yate said with an expression of “seeing his worry”, “Captain Lourdes, I am only traveling now. I know the rules, so treat me as an ordinary member. If you need something, I I will exchange for items of the same value.”

“…I’m not worried about this…” At Yate’s words, Lourdes had a smile on his face, but a wry smile in his heart.

And Yate’s heart also showed a smile.

There shouldn’t be a problem with the tiger’s skin, and there will be no obvious opposition to his move.

However, no matter how dangerous he is, the earl will not really send a helping hand to take care of him. If he gets into trouble, the other party will throw himself out the first time.

After all… he “has not much value”.

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