Night Crow Master

Chapter 36: Lourdes Mercenary Group

Also in the big team, in the team on the other side, Baruto looked at the location of Yate and others from time to time.

He thought to himself that he should find a chance to lean over.

That guy Yate is also true, he didn’t even say his identity? An extraordinary person! A wizard! A noble!

Next, as long as you rely on it, you can get some money yourself.

Not to mention Baruto’s meditation, at this time, Lena also cast her eyes over from time to time.

Mr. Yate turned out to be an extraordinary person! A mysterious wizard!

No wonder it has always been so elegant.

She thought to herself: “If I go to him, I should be able to listen to them up close? The music just now is really wonderful!”

Even in Di Lude Town, she had only heard such beautiful music once.

Compared with the two of them, Baias and others just sighed and stopped talking about it. This matter can be their talk, but it will definitely not affect their lives.

Only Truno and Sylvia had strange expressions, they couldn’t help but glance at each other when they heard the music coming from the other side of the team.

However, others have not noticed this.

Time slowly walked into the night.

This plain also fell into silence, and the leaders of each mercenary team looked for a good position with their team, set up the camp, and instructed to guard against the wolves.

“I will arrive at Di Lud around noon tomorrow. This is the last part of the journey.” After the arrangement is over, it should be Callens’s youth who came to Hughes and Yate’s side, “I told you that many years ago, There are tens of thousands of wolves gathered here. At that time, no one dared to stay overnight here.”

Karens looked serious, and then Hughes said: “Many years ago? How old are you?”

“You don’t care how old I am. This is not what I have experienced.” Karens curled his lips. “There are legends here, saying that a powerful demon warlock lived.”

At this moment, Lourdes and Mars, who had finished their work, walked over and sat down across from them. Mars said with a smile:

“The matter of the wolves is true, but it was destroyed. This is indeed the domain of a demon warlock, but he was purified by the Holy See.”

“Exterminated? Tens of thousands of wolves?” Karens exclaimed, looking incredulous.

“At least I heard that at the time.” Mars pulled out the wine sac on his waist and poured a sip of wine into his mouth. After Lourdes glared at him, he put it away embarrassedly. Living in a small Orion village near Tirude County, when Uncle Cardas came back one day, his face was full of horror, and he kept muttering,’All dead, all dead…'”

“Are all dead?” Yate repeated curiously, “All the wolves are dead?”

“The hunters are dead, but the wolves are all dead.” Mars nodded, “We only learned after asking that he and other hunters accidentally entered a castle while hunting in the Plains of Di Lud. Then, countless wolf corpses were found inside, as well as wild wolves locked in cages.”

“…After that, he was the only one to come back.” Mars said with emotion, “At that time, the news was reported that Dillud had gone up, and Dillud had not been the same town as it is now. Because of the wolves, Di Lude has always rarely traveled between travelers. It is just a small town. After the report went up, Viscount Di Lude came to us. There were also people from the Holy See. They asked Kardas. Uncle’s situation, and then left.”

“After a few days, it was rumored that the Holy See found the secret castle of the Demon Warlock on the Plain of Di Lude and killed the powerful Demon Warlock. I don’t know how the Demon Warlock hid the castle on the plain, but in short, After that, no large number of wolves appeared again, and no powerful monster wolves above the middle level appeared. Only a few wild wolves were wandering.”

Without drinking, Mars had to tease the mouse on his shoulder, and the mouse jumped around on his shoulder: “I was only ten years old at that time.”

“Now?” Hughes blinked. “I don’t know how old you are yet.”

“Forty-five.” When asked about his age, Mars was not angry. “Thirty-five years have passed.”

“Thirty-five years…” Lourdes also sighed, he had just turned 34 this year.

Wolves? Demon warlock?

Yate’s expression was a bit strange. He recalled that when he came out of Cindy before, the Gray Wolf mercenary group–

The last time he saw the pattern on the sheepskin scroll through Black Crow Gallola, he always felt strange. After drawing it according to his memory, the description in the inventory is:

[Incomplete Devil Summoning Picture lv4: It seems to be a summoning picture for summoning a certain devil, which requires sacrifice of all the blood and half of the flesh of a whole creature. ——It is incomplete, and it lacks the most important summoning spell and cannot be used. 】

When talking about the Demon Warlock, he unconsciously thought of this thing.

“I don’t know what the specific situation is like.” Karens looked curious, “Uncle Mars probably can’t remember, he’s so old.”

“Boy, I can hit you with this arm.” Mars turned dark and raised his strong right hand. Although he looked a little fat, it was not all fat, most of it was muscle.

“Yes.” Karens raised his palm with a smirk. “Uncle, don’t be angry.”

Hughes stroked his chin: “It would be great if I could borrow an automatic secretary from Viscount Di Lude, but unfortunately this is impossible.”

“Automatic secretary?” Karens couldn’t help asking when he heard this word for the first time, “What is that?”

Hughes looked at Yate, and Karen also turned to Yate.

Atelier groaned, and explained: “The middle-level apprentice spell of the automatic secretary wizard is a spell book created by the great wizard emperor Barlogan combining various shadow spells, recording spells, and creating a spell book thousands of years ago. This spellbook can record anything the user wants to record in text and image mode.”

The predecessor Yate was obsessed with epics and all kinds of poetry, and what he wanted to learn most was this spell, but the learning condition for this spell was to reach an intermediate apprenticeship, but before he crossed, Yate could not even awaken psionic energy.

But because of this, in Yate’s memory, this spell has the deepest memory.

Although the predecessor could not learn at all.

Under Yate’s tireless struggle, the former Viscount Claurido also handed over the arrangement of this spell to Yate, and many of Yate’s memory fragments contained the arrangement of this spell.

Hughes sighed: “Middle-level wizards and above are all polymaths. Their automatic secretaries will collect a lot of books. As long as they are recorded, there is no need to carry all kinds of books.”

“It’s amazing, wizard…” Karens looked up at the sky, “Unfortunately, only blue-blooded ones can become wizards. Non-blue-blooded ones can only try to awaken extraordinary powers or join the Holy See.”

Hughes glanced at him: “Maybe your ancestor was also a blue-blooded person with thin blood?”

“No, no,” Karens shook his head like a rattle. “Don’t be a blue-blooded person. A blue-blooded person can only become a wizard. A blue-blooded person cannot be awakened at all, and cannot become a wizard. To be ordinary people.”

Yate also sighed in his heart. Although wizards are powerful, blue-blooded people have only the option of becoming wizards. They cannot awaken other extraordinary powers. Even if they join the Holy See, they cannot obtain the power of Holy Light, nor can the power of demons and demons. Contaminate a blueblood.

As a person of blue blood, he seemed to be glorious, but he was also crucified on this glorious banner, crucified by the “blood”.

Qualifications and blood are closely related, and they can be almost identical.

If he does not have this system, with the fourth-level qualifications, 240 days of advanced elementary apprenticeship, which is eight months, and advanced intermediate apprentices, it takes about 4000 days, which is nearly 11 years, advanced advanced apprentices, It can be said that there is basically no hope.

Unless there is some adventure.

And Yate, can rely on the body system, although I don’t know how it appeared on his body, but he can only rely on it.

In other words, at present, only by relying on it can there be hope.

Karens looked firm: “I also hope to awaken extraordinary power in the future!”

Then he turned to Lourdes: “Captain Lourdes, you seem to be a psionic awakened when you were 15 years old?”

Lourdes nodded: “To be precise, I was 16 years old, just a month after my birthday.”

He said to Karens in a comforting tone: “Before the age of 50, there is hope to awaken the psionic energy. The strongest mercenary in Sierra County, Heras, didn’t he awakened the psionic energy at the age of 49? He is the strong man in Sierra County second only to Earl Sierra.”

“Of course.” Karrence looked confident, “Lawrence and I will become extraordinary. But, like you, do I chase the eagle every day?”

“…Everyone is different.” Lourdes chuckled, then stopped talking.

At this time, Mai Ya’s voice sounded: “Karens, your ability to make people angry is really strong, don’t you have awakened? Strength is to make people angry?”

Yate smiled and shook his head. Although he knows the extraordinary powers are so strange, is there still an awakening taunting skill?

Then, he looked at the brothers and sisters Maya and Dorgart sitting on his left side: “Is it all over?”

The two of them are responsible for setting up warning traps, just like Barbaro and Loft, the hunter of the Gray Wolf Mercenary Corps yesterday.

“Of course.” With a sweet smile on Mai Ya’s face, she gave the young girl a different style.

“Maiya, you have become more beautiful today~”

Hughes’ whistle rang suddenly, full of teasing.

“Of course, I have always been so beautiful, Mr. Hughes~” There was a smile in Mai Ya’s eyes, “Then, would you like to play a song for a beautiful girl?”

“Of course!” Hughes replied immediately, simply picking up the seven-string harp and playing a passionate and romantic ballad.

With the sound of singing and chords, Mai Ya’s beautiful eyes looked at Yate again:

“Mr. Yate, don’t you want to play a song for a beautiful girl?”

Yate shrugged his shoulders and put out his piano, “Of course I do.”

Quiet strings and enthusiastic singing sounded again in the camp.

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