Night Crow Master

Chapter 37: Black Dog Lean

Although the Lourdes mercenary group and the surrounding small caravans enjoyed the music of the bard, it was clear that some people were not like that.

“Hey, your voices are too noisy.”

With a strong voice of dissatisfaction coming from the direction of the other mercenary team, Yate and Hughes looked at each other, and both stopped playing.

On the other hand, Lourdes stood up directly. As the leader of the team, his expression sank and directly revealed his attitude:

“Leon! What do you want to do!”

“What do you want to do? Your voices are too noisy.” It was the mercenary captain named Lien who had just competed with Lourdes to recruit Ater.

This is a middle-aged man wearing dark leather armor. His figure is not too tall. Under the bushy eyebrows, a pair of brilliant eyes has a different sharpness.

Behind him, followed by a dozen people, it seems that a whole team of mercenaries should be drawn.

“Damn black dog!” Yate heard Mai Ya’s low cursing next to him, “He’s looking for something again!”

“Black dog?” Yate asked with some confusion.

Seeing Yate’s puzzled expression, Mai Ya explained: “He is the captain of the’Black Dog Mercenary Group’ under the Slower Mercenary Group.’Black Dog’ Lien is a thief, originally just an ordinary professional. , I had a festival with our Lourdes Mercenary Group. I was taught by Baft. A few years ago, I awakened an extraordinary power and became an extraordinary professional. I was given the qualification to form a subordinate mercenary team by the Sloer Mercenary Group. He will compete with us every time he solicits.”

Her face was very ugly, and Yate could guess that most of these “races” should end with the opponent’s victory, and this time, she failed.

That’s why it was difficult to pick things up?

Seeing everyone in the Lourdes Mercenary Corps stood up, Yate also stood up and stood behind Lourdes.

Although he has just joined the Lourdes Mercenary Group and does not have much feelings for the Lourdes Mercenary Group, since he has joined, he still needs to have a proper attitude.

Cauthias, carrying an axe and shield, walked to the right of Lourdes and drew the axe from the wide back, with a fierce look in his eyes: “Leon, don’t think that you are an extraordinary person and you feel that you are very powerful. Once? I don’t need Buff this time, I will teach you a lesson!”

“You!” Lean didn’t expect that people in Lourdes would be so fierce this time, so if you say yes, you should say something cruel and tentative?

Looking at the axe blade reflecting the fire in Kotias’s hand, and the fierce eyes, Lien had no doubt that if there was a chance, the opponent would really cut it over.

With a faint expression, Baft took a step forward, standing on the left side of Lourdes, without saying a word, stretched his palm back, and drew out the great sword directly.

The indifferent eyes stared at Lien and the people behind him like this. The mercenaries behind him became tense, their bodies tightened, and their palms were on their weapons.

Without any hesitation, everyone in the Lourdes Mercenary Group drew out their weapons—

The two brothers Karrence and Lawrence drew the dagger at the same time, and the same expressions and movements made people even think they were the same person.

Andus and Maya also took out their longbows one after another, and touched the quiver.

Mars shyly pulled out a hunting knife from his back with a smile.

Only Dorgart did not draw out the weapon, but Yate, who was standing at the back, could see that he was holding a black iron ball in his right hand, and the flickering fire light swayed over the potted surface——

More than a dozen iron tribulus clusters stuck together.

Hughes held the harp with a smile on his face, and Yate could feel that a strong mental energy gathered on his harp, and the surrounding wind became active.

“Poem of the Wind” Hughes, Yate remembered the title Hughes proudly boasted just now.

Lien looked at Lourdes’s arrogant posture, his face became more ugly, he said solemnly: “Do you want to fight the Sloer mercenary group! Want to fight the Sloer mercenary group of the four major mercenaries in Sierra County? !”

When Lourdes and others heard this, their expressions sank slightly, but they still stood firmly there without any backlash.

At this time, Yate stepped forward.

Lien’s eyes lit up: “Boy, you are very smart, you don’t plan to go to war with us…”

When Lourdes and others saw Yate’s movements, their expressions became more gloomy. Yate’s relationship with them was not so deep, and it was normal not to fight against the Sloer mercenary group, but…

“No, no, no.” With a graceful smile on Yate’s face, he showed the posture of a nobleman. “The Sloer Mercenary Group can tell right from wrong, and we are not going to fight the Sloer Mercenary Group, just It’s just at war with you.”


“‘Black Dog’ Lean, you think you always make trouble under the banner of the Sloer mercenary group, don’t the Sloer mercenary group punish you?” He stared at Lien, his voice gradually raised. “Yes, you are an extraordinary person, but do you think you can’t operate without the Sloer mercenary group?”

“NO, I have not……”

“No, you do.” Yate’s voice gradually grew louder, and the surrounding caravans and other mercenaries who approached could hear his voice, “You are the captain of the Black Dog Mercenary Corps. , Relying on his subordinates of the Slower Mercenary Group to cause trouble everywhere and destroy the reputation of the Slower Mercenary Group!”

“The Slor mercenary group is one of the most powerful mercenary groups in Sierra County.” Although Yate didn’t know the Slor mercenary group, it did not affect his promotion of the Slor mercenary group. One hand, “As for you, do you consider the Black Dog Mercenary Group your own? Let the people of the Black Dog Mercenary Group follow you to cause trouble?”

Yate squinted. Although he didn’t know the details too much, the current situation was nothing more than that the opponent had a backing. The Lourdes Mercenary Group only worried about the Sloer Mercenary Group. For the Black Dog Mercenary, he Mai Ya’s disdainful tone can tell that the opponent’s combat power is nothing.

As long as the behavior of the opponent is defined as a personal behavior in the public, or a personal behavior harmful to the Sloer Mercenary Group, then the matter will be resolved.


There are not many teams as united as the Lourdes Mercenary Group.

Hearing what Yate said, not only the surrounding merchants and mercenaries started to talk, but even the mercenaries of the Black Dog Mercenary Group behind Lien hesitated. People who knew Lien and the Lourdes Mercenary Group had grievances even Started to complain about Lean.

They are not as united as the members of the Lourdes Mercenary Group, because Lean is somewhat selfish and greedy, and the dissatisfaction caused by the uneven distribution of benefits several times has made everyone not so good to his senses.

And because of the strength of the Lourdes Mercenary Group, they also had a sense of retreat. At this moment, as soon as Yate’s words came out, they immediately pushed all the faults on Lien’s body, bringing the original and Lourdes Mercenary Group’s previous The dispute is all due to Lean’s fault.

There was even a young man who had just joined the Black Dog Mercenary Corps and mumbled: “Why should we fight Lourdes and the others for your business?”

He was originally hesitating in the solicitation of the two mercenary groups of Lourdes and the Black Dog, but was lured by the Black Dog. However, after coming to the Black Dog Mercenary Group, he did not get the benefits of the original agreement. Lourdes’ senses are just fine…

His voice directly detonated the dissatisfaction in other people’s hearts.

Although the others didn’t say anything, Lien also immediately realized that Xixisuoso’s movements were not good.

At this time, a middle-aged man with a sweating face ran all the way: “Captain Lien, I want to talk about the matter about Di Lude.”

He was one of several businessmen who hired the Black Dog Mercenary Group, and when he heard the news that the Black Dog Mercenary Group had come, he rushed over.

“Damn…” Lien also knew that the situation was not good. There was a step down, so he went straight down. He stared at Yate’s face as if to remember him deeply, and then bit his After gritting his teeth, he glanced across the faces of everyone in the Lourdes mercenary group, “Lourdes, you will remember it for me.”

Afterwards, he turned around with a gloomy expression and looked at his subordinates, especially the young man who was muttering just now. He turned pale when he saw him.


Everyone in the Black Dog Mercenary Group stepped aside, let Lien leave, and then followed him back to his camp. The merchant also hurriedly followed.

The other onlookers also dispersed. The remaining mercenaries also glanced at Yate’s face, then turned and left, ready to tell their captain.

Seeing the members of the Black Dog Mercenary Group leave, Lourdes also breathed a sigh of relief. Although his attitude is tough, this is just his rule all along, and it is also the reason why he has such a high reputation and such a high personality charm. One, in fact, he didn’t seem to be in conflict with the Black Dog Mercenary Group. The Sloer Mercenary Group with their backs was not something they could resist.

Yate was able to force the opponent back with words, which made him somewhat unexpected, and at the same time, Yate’s senses were much better.

This is not only true of him, but also the other team members. Kotias hung his axe back, snapped the leather armor on his back, and then came to Yate with a big smile and hugged his shoulder. : “Hahaha! I didn’t expect you to say so!”

A smile appeared on Buffett’s face, and he nodded slightly. In his heart, the performance of the other party was already qualified as a team member.

However, Yate frowned deeply, making Hughes who walked over couldn’t help asking: “What’s the matter? Yate?”

Everyone was a little confused about his expression.

Yate hissed coldly, turned his head and said to the doubtful Courthias, “Courthias, there is a wound on my back…”

Although the wound is not deep, it still hurts.

“Huh?” Kotia was taken aback, and then hurriedly let go. The big man smiled awkwardly, “Sorry, sorry, I don’t know.”

After knowing the reason, everyone who was obviously enthusiastic also prepared to bandage his wounds.

“Come on! My technique for bandaging the wound is very good!”

“All right! Hughes, last time you…”

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