Night Crow Master

Chapter 38: death

After the dinner, everyone was sitting in front of the fire, and Karens also helped Yate treat the wound—although it was simply replacing the bandage.

To Yate’s expectation, Karens, who seemed to be sleek and not serious, was a good at dealing with wounds.

“Alright!” After putting a roll of bandage back into his waist pocket, Karens patted his palms.

“Thank you very much.” Yate expressed his thanks.

Seeing Callens finished bandaging Yate, Lourdes nodded and said: “Take care of this, and then assign a night watch.”

Although the beasts basically won’t approach such a large team, they can’t relax their vigilance because of this. In order to prevent accidents, there are still night watchmen.

Lourdes’ eyes swept across everyone’s faces: “Yesterday it was Lawrence and Callens who were patrolling personnel. Butt, Mars, Cauthias, and Dorgart also patrolled. The rest, who Willing to be responsible for patrol today?”

They set off from the Sierra County border three days ago, and they can arrive at Dillard County tomorrow, as long as they visit one more night.

Each mercenary team will send two people to patrol the night, basically only need to move around the team.

He also does not designate anyone to join the patrol team, whoever wants to come, he will also patrol as a night patrol today.

Everyone looked at each other. Maya and Hughes blinked and turned their heads in unison. Andus thought about it, and then prepared to speak, but at this moment, he heard Yate’s voice: “I come on.”

Because of the injuries on his body, he couldn’t lie down and rest. He could only use meditation instead of sleep. The patrol was done by himself, and it didn’t affect anything anyway.

“You are injured, so rest.” Andus glanced at him, shook his head, “I will be fine with the captain, and you will do it next time.”

Lourdes also nodded. He had a good sense of Yate: “Wait for next time.”

Yate didn’t insist, and went to rest. The two looked at each other and walked out of the camp, preparing to watch the night.

As time passed, the weather gradually cooled down, and Yate, who used meditation instead of sleep, suddenly woke up from the peaceful meditation feeling.

The sudden pain caused him to open his eyes and look at the culprit-Black Crow Golola.

“What’s the matter?” Under the light of the campfire with only Mars, Yate looked at his thigh with some doubts, and lay down on his thigh hat to rest Black Crow Golola. He didn’t mean to rest at all, and kept going. Pulling the corners of his clothes, the pair of black eyes that reflected a little light stared at him straightly.


A deep, hoarse crow rang, and Yate could feel it with a sense of impatience.

At this time, a voice rang from his right side:

“Do you feel it too!?”

Yate turned his head, and with the slight sparkle of Mars and the moonlight leaking from the clouds, he could barely recognize who was the broad outline standing not far away.

“Mars? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know too well.” Mars’s voice was solemn, “Little Veron suddenly bit my ear and called me up. Let me wake up the others and light the fire.”

“Get up all! Get up all! Karrence! Lawrence! Buffett…”

Yate stood up, listened to the low call coming from behind, looked around, looking in the direction of other camps, and found that many camps were gradually lit up.

There should be something wrong.

Headed by the gathering places of mercenaries, the fires of many camps lit up one after another. At this time, Yate heard another shout:

“Wolf! There are wolves!”



The howls of wolves one after another rang around the camp.


Hearing his name, Yate quickly turned his head, and saw Lourdes and Andus running quickly.

“What happened? Wolves!?” He asked hurriedly. The others had already woken up, knowing that there was a situation, and hurried over.

The expressions of Lourdes and Andus were very ugly, and their weapons had been held in their hands, facing the direction outside the camp.

“Wolves, so many wolves!” Lourdes said solemnly, “All are on guard and ready to fight.”

Hearing what Lourdes said, everyone immediately drew out their weapons, formed a formation, and prepared to fight.

Because of the movement of the mercenaries and the howls of wolves, some people in the caravan woke up. Even the mercenaries were a little flustered. These ordinary people were even less calm and gradually rioted.

At this time, Yate also saw the wolves clearly…

Dense, dozens, no, hundreds of red wolves appeared in front of everyone, just in front of them, in other directions, there was also a sea of ​​red.

Thousands? Tens of thousands?

The huge number made everyone in the Lourdes Mercenary Group’s eyes widened, and Yate could even hear the hissing around him.

The same is true for him. These wolves are not ordinary beasts, but monsters.

And the black-red fur like lava and the orange-red light gap on the fur seemed to come from the abyss.

The demonic wolves made Yate immediately think of what he discussed last night-the demon warlock.

Hundreds of beasts, mercenaries may be able to deal with, but… thousands of demon wolves?

The burning red wolf sea that has surrounded the entire camp, and the howling wolf full of madness, made everyone’s hearts be infested with despair.

“Why are there so many…” Andus’ voice trembled, and he, who had always been calm, couldn’t help it.

“Don’t be timid!” Lourdes growled, “If you work hard, you still have a chance to survive. Those who want to escape will only die!”

Mai Ya’s face was extremely pale, her voice was a little hoarse, and a little desperate: “…you will die if you desperately, and you can’t survive.”

Yate clenched his fists and said nothing.

Are you going to die?

“No, no…” Yate said in a hoarse voice, “They haven’t launched an attack yet, maybe there is a chance…”

Everyone was filled with despair, and there was a glimmer of hope.

Is there really hope?

However, at this moment, the wolves launched an attack.

The wolves pounced like a sea of ​​scorching red.


In the outermost mercenary group, a pale man screamed when he faced the terrifying wolf pack.

The swordsmanship that he was originally proud of could not be calmly used. He swung his long sword in a panic, trying to block the wolves. Some of the mercenaries around him raised their weapons, some ran away desperately.

However, it is of no use.

In an instant, they were overwhelmed by the burning and crazy wolves, and there was no room for resistance. The demon wolves that came directly were torn into pieces of flesh and blood.

Behind the pack of wolves, a humanoid creature with a wolf head and two horns on its head watched all this silently.

The rest of his body, like a combination of humans, demons, and wolves, was distorted and chaotic. His bright red eyes were filled with madness and hatred, and a trace of clarity that flashed from time to time was finally overwhelmed by chaos.

“Die all… all die…”

The hoarse voice amid the screams of people and the crazy roar of the devil wolf did not stir up any storms.

He slowly turned around and looked in the direction of Dillard Town: “I’m back, Duff, Simmons, I’m back for revenge.”

He looked at his palm, because he desperately exchanged for the power of the abyss, there was no human form anymore.

“I am An Suxi, I am back for revenge…” He yelled, his voice with unquenchable hatred, “I did nothing! I did nothing! I didn’t kill anyone! Hide the castle! Why!?”

The words that have been said tens of thousands of times sounded again.

The screams behind him gradually disappeared.

All that is left is howling the wolf.

The burning red demon wolves gathered behind him again, but after the killing, the eyes of these demon wolves were filled with the madness of the killing, and the eyes looking at their owner An Suxi were also full of richness. Killing intent.

“The goal is there.” An Suxi turned a deaf ear to this strong killing intent, raised his arm and pointed at Di Lude Town in the distance.

A wave of mental fluctuations released from his body, guiding them.

Most of the magic wolves roared, roared, and rushed towards Di Lude Town. The distance of ten kilometers is nothing to these crazy monsters, they have endurance.

An Suxi watched quietly as the red wave rushed towards Di Lude Town, and moved forward with the wave.

Time passed slowly, and the sky gradually lit up.

The only thing left in place was blood red.

The team of more than a hundred people originally located here has been fragmented, with incomplete and fleshy bones scattered all over the place, it is difficult to piece together even a complete body.

The same is true for the camp of the Lourdes Mercenary Corps.


Suddenly, under the pile of corpses mixed with demon wolves and humans, a shadow moved, and the corpses above him suddenly disappeared one by one, revealing a deep pit. This embarrassed figure emerged from the deep pit that was full of corpses. Climbed out.

It is Yate.

He was covered with blood, his body trembling.

“Dead…All dead…” Yate’s voice was a little hoarse, he turned his head, looked at the corpses, and looked at the [ Mutilated human corpse].

And… [Bird Corpse]

A crow with broken wings.

At the last moment, he pulled out a deep hole in the ground, and the corpses of the magic wolf and the people who should be teammates pressed on top of him, allowing him to escape the wolves.

But…only he survived.

“Hahaha…” Yate, who lost his strength, lay down on the ground, looked at the sky, and laughed silently.

unfortunately? lucky?


Soon after, the chirping of birds came from Yate’s ears-even though he knew that they weren’t the partners who had been with him for a month, he couldn’t help but look at it.

He turned his head hard and looked at the group of scavengers attracted by the smell of blood:

Hyena, vulture, raven, black crow…

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