Night Crow Master

Chapter 4: The unfortunate bard

Feile and Old Feile glanced at each other, somewhat wary, but looking at the young man without any weapons, they also let go of their vigilance.

Before they could speak, Yate first spoke: “My name is Kuwait and I am a bard. When I slept around here yesterday, my package was stolen, including my beloved harp.”

He pretended to be depressed, and then continued: “I don’t know where to find the **** thief, but I know that the hope of getting it back is very slim. Just this morning, I saw it near here. Black birds, two, can you catch one for me?”

He was a little distressed, and a little embarrassed, took out five copper coins from the inner pocket of his clothes, and said sincerely, “Although there are few, I hope you can help me.”

“This…” Feller glanced at his father, and then the old hunter said, “Oh, what a misfortune, Mr. Kuwait, I feel sorry for your misfortune. The thieves here are indeed Quite a few, your hope of retrieving the package is really slim.”

As for the identity of the young “bard”, Old Filer had some doubts, but he didn’t show it, and…has encountered a thief?

Such things are not uncommon. Among the 100 travellers who came to the village this year, 20 or 30 encountered thieves.

As for… the commission of five copper coins?

Although it was not a generous reward, it was also a smooth matter for the old Phile, who had lived on the Colola Forest for decades.

So, he will accept it, but this black bird?

Black woodpecker? Myna? Blackbird? crow?

Okay, I hope this young bard is not referring to Lin Diao.

Old Filer took the coin handed over by the other party, and then asked aloud: “Mr. Kuwait, what is the black bird you are looking for?”

A trace of embarrassment was deliberately shown on Yate’s face, and he looked a little embarrassed: “It doesn’t look very big. This morning, when I was frustrated to find that I only had harp picks, that kind of bird Appeared and snatched it away. If I remember correctly, it should be the crow.”

“Crow? Okay.” Old Feiler glanced at each other with his son. “The crow likes to collect more than other birds, especially shiny things, and then your harp pick is on top of it. Yes, but…”

Old Feiler coughed: “Mr. Kuwait, we still need to hunt in the forest, so we can only help you catch a crow. As for the one that took your harp pick, we cannot guarantee.”

After all, isn’t it disgusting with low pay?

Yate made a roll of eyes in his heart, but he still pretended to be disappointed: “Oh, what? I thought I could at least get the dial back… OK OK, two Just help me catch a crow.”

The frustrated tone and the dejected look made Feile and Old Feile couldn’t help but believe it, perhaps because of embarrassment, Old Feile didn’t say much, and immediately started preparing to catch the crow.

The two did not see the faint smile on the corner of Yate’s mouth.

However, it was not very smooth afterwards.

After a morning, Old Feile and Feile caught a beaver, a squirrel and a Gloria grouse, but they did not catch a crow.

The three were sitting together. Old Feile and Feile nibbled the dry food with fruits, and Yate bought half a piece of black bread with a copper coin, and nibbled the fruit in every way.

As rumored, the brown bread was as hard as a stone, and it was extremely unpalatable.

However, Cyclonus acting Yate needs to be very adaptable, at most, complain appropriately, and express his envy for the noble lords.

Finally, like a bard, recalling a certain song, gently singing the melody:

“She has breakfast.”

“She is out.”

“She forgot to take the basket and the handkerchief on the table.”

“She bought a lot of food.”

“Then I went home.”

“It’s late at night, and the town is quiet and peaceful.”

“The terrible wizard is in love with the girl in the small town.”

“However, the girl has an incurable disease.”

“She will die on her twentieth birthday.”

“The wizard can’t accept it, he is a little crazy.”

“So, the time in this village will always be fixed on that day.”

“Her last day of nineteen.”

“Every twelve o’clock at midnight, it’s like an opera house.”

“Repeat the same day repeatedly.”

“She has breakfast.”

“She is out.”

“She forgot to take the basket and the handkerchief on the table.”

“She bought a lot of food.”

“Then I went home.”

Yate sang softly. Although the sound was not beautiful, it was not unpleasant.

If he had a harp at this time, people would treat him as a real bard.

No, Old Phil, has been convinced of his identity as a “bard.”

“Oh, Mr. Kuwait, this is really a sad story.” Old Filer wiped the corners of his eyes. Old people are always more sad than young people.

Feller on one side shrugged his shoulders. Although the story of “Mr. Kuwait” is very touching, the tears are still too exaggerated. However, even so, he affirmed the identity of Yate: “It’s a pity, if at this time, you With a harp, it would be more perfect.”

The sincere praise came from the mouth of this young man.

At this moment, a voice came from a distance.

“Wow-wow -” the coarse hoarse sound came from the trap.

Both Old Filer and Filer were taken aback, and then the old hunter smiled: “Mr. Kuwait, if it is correct, our trap caught a crow.”

After Yate stood up, the three rushed over together.

In an inverted basket, a black bird was flapping its wings and making a rough, hoarse cry.

Old Feile stepped forward, and when he lifted his back basket, Feile, who was already ready, immediately reached in and grasped the two pairs of wings of the crow accurately.

The crow with its wings under control kept waving its paws and even tried to attack Feile with its gray-black beak.

But to no avail.

Old Feile reached out, controlled the crow’s feet and wings with both hands, took it from Feile, and handed it to Yate.

After Yate took over, the old hunter said: “Crows are not good creatures, they are very smart, and their vengeance is even heavier than a wolf. Mr. Kuwait, if you can’t tame it, then, It is more suitable as a meal…”

The old hunter made a suggestion.

“Okay.” Yate grinned.

Neither Phil nor Old Phil noticed. After the crow was picked up by Yate, he stopped resisting. As a faint light flashed by, the dark crow eyes showed even more submissive emotions. .

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