Night Crow Master

Chapter 5: Colola Crow

After bidding farewell to the two hunters, Yate left the forest.

The crow he had caught in his hand flew on Yate’s shoulder after the two hunters disappeared.

[Gallola Black Crow (lv1): This is a very ordinary Golola Black Crow. In addition to being smart, it does not have any extraordinary power. It will obey all your requirements and be a smart bird , It will understand your instructions. 】

“Colola Black Crow?” Yate thought for a while, “I’ll just call you Colola.”

“Wow-wow -” Gloria flapped her wings twice and flew.

“Well, I can feel you are very happy.” Yate shrugged, “Unfortunately you don’t have any special abilities.”

He has not forgotten that this world is an extraordinary world, and there are all knight and wizard churches, but he has not yet come into contact with it.

In the drowsy sleep last night, he also completely digested the original memory of Yate.

The area where he is now, whether it is the town of Colola or the Viscount Claurid, belongs to the Earl of Kelvin and belongs to the Kingdom of Allen.

And this Alan Kingdom is a small island suspended overseas, not as big as a Norway, probably slightly larger than the province of gD, and there are only two dukes in total.

Moreover, the current king of the Allen Kingdom is essentially a certain duke of a country on the mainland.

So, in essence, this Kingdom of Allen is more appropriately called the Principality of Allen.

This Allen Kingdom is also an extremely barren place, there are not many transcendents, and there are not many wizards.

At least, that’s what the former Viscount Claudio said.

After flashing this information in his mind, Yate’s focus shifted to himself.

Now, the most important thing is to improve your professional level, and then learn some spells, so that you have at least some self-protection ability.

As for extra spells? He is not sure if he can get it in this world.

The extra spell column is the spell obtained through the skill book, and this world is not the game world he knows well, drop the skill book? It is probably impossible.

Therefore, the only way is to upgrade the level of the professional “crow mage” and obtain professional spells.

Then go to capture the stronger crow.

The profession of Crow Mage is more similar to that of sorcerers and summoners. Among the many special professions in “The Extraordinary Middle Ages-The Rise of the Mage”, this special profession is considered to be a mid-rate, but in the Legion War, it is extremely A strong player, and the key point lies in the skill [Capturing the Crow].

The captured crow of lv1 can only capture one crow, but as the level increases, the number of crows that can be controlled will continue to increase. At level 25, the number of crows controlled will reach 4,500, an extremely terrifying number.

Reminiscing about the spread of a sea of ​​crows while waving his hands, Yate couldn’t help but start to be in a trance, and then he was awakened by a rough and hoarse voice.

“Wow-wow -” Gloria kept tweeting.

“Shut up, Colola, or make you a roasted crow.” Yate threatened viciously.

However, his threats didn’t work, and Colola’s annoying voice rang again: “Wow-wow -“

“I knew it.” After Yate watched Colola fly into the sky silently, he finally understood that he needed to make more serious instructions.

“Colola! Come back to me!”

“Wow-wow -“

“Okay! Stay on my shoulder! Then shut up!”


“Very good, our first cooperation was successful.” Yate lifted his shoulders, and Gloria, standing on his shoulders, couldn’t help but use a little bit of force with his claws in order to maintain balance.



The town of Golola is located on the outskirts of Golola Forest. There are four roads to leave the town and reach the next area.

The first is to go south, through a section of the outer Colola Forest, to reach the Viscount Claurido.

The second is to go north to leave the Count of Colola and head to the Grey Swamp.

The third is to go east to the Earl’s Castle of Colola. There is a plain. There are many villages and small towns in the core area of ​​the Earl.

Fourth, to the northeast, across the Colola Mountains, head to the Count of Filek. Incidentally, the Grey Swamp also belongs to the Count of Filek, but few people choose to pass there.

The direction he chose is the direction of the castle of the Count of Colola. In a prosperous place, it is more likely to be extraordinary.

Although the Kingdom of Allen is a southern island kingdom, the climate is biased towards the cold, and there will be a strange cold period every 30 years.

In the Kingdom of Allen, the County of Glorola and the Earl of Filek to the north are relatively barren areas due to the Golola Forest and the Grey Swamp. Agriculture is not very developed and the economy is relatively weak. .

These two counties can only rely on the make-up economy of Golola Forest and Gray Swamp respectively.

However, the dangers in the Colola Forest are extremely high. The powerful creatures can even kill the apocalypse knight, kill an official wizard, or an archbishop.

People only dared to hunt and fell outside the Colola Forest, but did not dare to go deep into it.

And in that gray swamp the size of a county and an earl collar, there are not only powerful monsters, but also powerful half-orcs—lizardmen with gray scales and powerful physical fitness, with gray scales, capable of Snake man spraying venom.

Whether it’s a monster or a half-orc alien, when ordinary people encounter it, there is almost a dead end.

Compared to the Colola Forest, where no monsters can run out as long as no one is provoking them, the half-orcs of the Gray Swamp are extremely aggressive. Near the Gray Swamp, there are many armies stationed and many extraordinary people are stationed.

At present, Yate will never run into the Colola Forest, although the way he raises his class level is a bit special-he can only gain level promotion by killing creatures higher than his level or finding powerful treasures directly Level up.

This setting is very criticized by players in the game, although it greatly improves the life of the game, but…

For Yate, this is another difficult thing.

The early stage was okay, there were more high-level things than him.

But to the back…

Yate shook his head and threw this distant difficulty out of his mind.

Now that the direction was decided, Yate didn’t delay anymore and set off quickly.


Walking is painful, especially for a fourteen-year-old who is not very physical.

And, after walking for a long time, he didn’t encounter any caravans, hunters, or mercenary teams.

To know.

This road is an avenue.

However, after five hours of walking, no one was seen.

“I know it, I know it.” Yate sat leaning against a tree by the road. Now, he needs to think carefully about his identity.

As the only heir of Viscount Aykaya Angus Claurido, he should have the right to inherit the town of Claurido and obtain the allegiance of the seven manor knights under him. However, among the seven manor knights, five This has been put under his uncle Andac Angus Claurido.

If he died together, Andak would have a period of time to fully carry out various forgeries to make the deaths of the father and son look “normal”, and then he would “justly” inherit Viscount Claurido’s position.

But now, the escape of “Yat” will inevitably add an uncontrollable factor to Andak’s plan. It can be expected that the other party will speed up the exchange and reorganization in Claurido.

Even after he returned to the Viscount Claurido, he would become a “criminal who killed his father”, or a “scammer pretending to be Art” or something.

In any case, his identity is no longer safe.

Even if he went to the territory of other baron viscounts, he couldn’t use this status.

He needs to change his status. It doesn’t need to be too high, just like a free citizen. He doesn’t need to live for a long time and he doesn’t need to stand up to scrutiny.

“Let me think about it…” Yate touched his chin, “I remember that there were many servants around Viscount Claudius who were freedmen…”

“That’s right!” He patted his legs. “In the Viscount’s mansion, the housekeeper’s son is called Lat! Lat Yat, it’s almost the same, staring, Lat… Lat… .Is it Bronte or Browning?”

Forget it, whether he is Wuthering Heights or a pistol, the pronunciation is almost the same anyway.

Although the butler’s son was only four years old, the identity registration similar to that of the medieval times was not strict. At most, he only remembered a name, and he didn’t even know his age.

As for the identity? The butler was originally the last son of a certain baron, and his son still has the status of a freedman.

After understanding, Yate was ready to eat dinner.

As for what to use for dinner?

He looked to the black crow Golola on one side, grinning grinning: “Dear Golola, I need five fruits!”

Twenty minutes later, Yate looked at the five blue fenguo in his arms with a smile.

“Golola, you are a great hero, so I’ll give you one.” He put a medium-sized blue Fingo in front of Golola.

“Wow–” Gloria called, and the bird’s beak pecked Yate’s hand.

“Ah!” Yate hurriedly retracted his hand and said in an angry manner, “Isn’t it just for you to find more fruits? As for that angry?”

“Wow-wow -“

“Okay, okay, I have other food in the future, I will give it to you.” Yate rubbed his hands. Although it hurts a little, it just hurts. There is no bleeding or broken skin.

“Wow-wow -“

Yate looked at Gloura, who was pecking at Lan Finguo, and the corners of his mouth curled up, and he started eating his own dinner.


“To be honest, eating fruit at every meal is really uncomfortable. I don’t know how those girls can stand it.”

late at night.

Early morning.


Yate, who went to bed early and got up early, stretched his waist, then stuffed the bed sheet borrowed from the town of Colola into his inventory and shouted: “Colola~”

“Wow-wow -“

After two hoarse crows, a black shadow flew down from the tree and fell on Yate’s shoulder.

Throughout the night, it was responsible for vigilance.

Moreover, it seems to be very alert.

Yate looked weirdly at the place where he slept just now, two dead scorpions, half a centipede, and… half an earthworm?

“Thank you, dear Colola, I think your supper looks very rich.”

Driving at night is dangerous and tiring, but it is also dangerous to just find a tree and sleep underneath.

After all, snakes, insects, rats and ants.

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