Night Crow Master

Chapter 6: My dear, your supper is so rich

Randy likes hunters very much, whether they are civilian hunters or professional hunters, because they bring themselves a lot of cheap fur and dried meat.

He is not very rich, at least, compared with those big chambers of commerce, it is like this.

However, this businessman from Syndra, relying on the business of a few familiar hunters, gradually expanded.

He is very willing to help others. Of course, the premise of helping is that the other party has the value of help, or that the money is in place for an equivalent exchange.

What he dislikes the most is those extraordinary people, especially mercenaries, he loves and hates them.

When they need their protection, they always like the lion to speak loudly, but the protection is not always in place, which is annoying.

Well, it doesn’t matter, it’s better than the nobles.

The nobles control the selection of wizards, just as the Holy See controls the power of knight baptism.

Whether it is the Holy See or the nobles, they are all vampires, sucking blood from those who want to become apprentices of wizards and knights, and then these people **** blood from their own poor merchants.

This small caravan of its own, carrying a cart of goods such as fur and dried meat, is going to Filek County. The long distance represents the price difference of the goods.

By the way, he also received a book from the illiterate villagers in the name of the poetry book of the bard.

In fact, if he didn’t admit his mistake, that thing is the notes of a nobleman.

It is also the notes of an apprentice of an advanced wizard.

Unfortunately, he has no way to learn.

However, even so, it can be sold at a good price.

Fortunately, when passing through the village, he needs to pay business tax when passing through the small town, so he would never choose to rest in the town unless necessary.

However, there is no alternative, it cannot be done in one step.

“That group of bats is really annoying.” After complaining about tariffs in his heart, Randy muttered and looked forward.

A steward that he usually relies on ran over.

“Mr. Hansenton.” The steward stopped, breathing out as he said, “It’s almost in Ferro Town.”

The town of Filo is located in the county of Colola, only half a day away from the town of Colola. They departed from the town of Glorola in the morning, and after lunch time about two hours, they arrived at the town of Filo.

If you are riding a horse, it probably only takes more than three hours.

The speed of caravans is faster than walking, but it can’t compare with horse riding.

For Yate, it is naturally the same.

In his hand, holding a dead branch with the thickness of a girl’s wrist and slightly taller than him, the Black Crow Golola stopped at the top of the dead branch, making him look like a wizard and mage.

“I’m sure! Colola! We will be able to reach that town in half an hour.” Yate looked at the outline of the town in the distance and said confidently.

“Wow-wow -” Gloria flapped her wings and let out a hoarse crow.

Along the way, there is no companion at all, it is really boring, and Colola has become his communication partner, although he can’t understand what it is saying, Yate probably understands its emotions, and he nodded: ” Don’t worry, I said it, it will definitely give you delicious food.”

A few years ago, at the gate of Ferro Town.

“Caravan, really rich.” Yate couldn’t help but think of it when he looked at the several carriages blocking the front.

He had already let Black Crow Gloria into the town. After all, carrying a crow with him seemed strange, and even reminded people of those professionals and those extraordinary.

He is not yet, and Golola has no combat effectiveness, there is no need to show off, and he has other plans.

After the caravan passed, he also successfully entered Ferro Town.

This is not a period of war preparation, and inspections are not so rigorous.

The first place he will go is-the hotel.

“Hello, sir.” The innkeeper raised his head and looked over. “Do you need to stay in a hotel?”

“of course!”

Ten minutes later, Yate’s figure appeared in a restaurant not far from the hotel. As soon as he walked in, he said to the waiter who was approaching:

“Please give me a pound of roast beef, any position will do! Another glass of colola ale!”

“Of course, please sit down.” Looking at the brilliant smile on Yate’s face, the waiter asked him to his seat while wondering if the other party had any good luck recently.

After sitting in his seat, and looking at the waiter standing beside him, Yate immediately reacted, smiled and patted his head: “Oh, I almost forgot.”

He took out his wallet and poured out all the money in it-a total of eight copper coins.

After stuffing the two copper coins back into his wallet, he gave the six copper coins to the waiter.

Seeing the six copper coins in his hand, the waiter’s smile became very bright: “Okay, sir, please wait a moment, I will bring it to you immediately.”

In his heart, the waiter complained: “There are only two copper coins left? Well, thank you for your generosity, although tomorrow you will worry about money.”

The food this customer wants, a catty of beef, depending on the parts, is worth two to four copper coins, and the price of malt liquor is one copper coin, but these six copper coins?

Obviously, the extra one is my own tip.

Of course, it is also possible that the customer remembered the price incorrectly.

No matter which one it is, he has also gained at least one more copper coin today. If he manipulates it himself, maybe he will have two copper coins?

No one will have trouble with money.

Yate didn’t know the price, but he knew the price of beef and ale in the town of Gelora not far from here, and at least one copper coin had been added.

He didn’t care about it.

After all-his helper, Black Crow Golola, will bring him back more money.

People go to steal money, the goal is obvious, and the crow goes? The goal is small and easier.

He is already very familiar with this technique in the game——

[Passive·Crow Mage lv1: You can use the abilities of the crow itself, or vice versa, cast spells through these cuties, but no matter which direction it is, the power will decrease by 50%. Note that if the crow dies, then the abilities you get Will disappear. ——I said, cherish your little cuties, just like caring for your own arms! 】

After he got this job, the first thing was to learn the stealing skills of thieves.

Then, there are more “crow thieves” in the game. Players who have been attacked by crows will find out sadly that they are missing something in their backpacks.

In this world, he doesn’t know if there is a stealing technique, even if it is, it is difficult to get started, but it can still be done through crows.

As long as you don’t steal the transcendent human beings from professionals.

This is why he is not worried about costs.

“Sir, your ale—” The waiter brought the ale first. As for the beef, it must take a while.

Watching the waiter leave again, Yate’s gaze swept across the rest of the restaurant, just like the other diners waiting to be served.

Among the casual seats on the first floor of the restaurant are ordinary people, and there are no professionals.


He has no way of judging professionals.

The system on his body can only generate information for the things that belong to him, the items in the inventory, or the servants like Black Crow Gallola.

No professional?

Yate looked around, knowing that the waiter brought his beef up, but he didn’t see any suspected professionals.

Also, in this barren Alan Kingdom, there are not many transcendents and professionals.

Since ancient times, extraordinary power has always existed.

The nobles, relying on the power of blood, embark on the road of wizards.

The Holy See controls the “Holy Power”, and the baptisms of priests and knights are controlled by them.

The rest are all kinds of professionals. The path they took is different from wizards, priests, or knights.

These professions may be guilds for wizards, or they may have accepted nature, demons, demons, or power from a different plane.

For example, druids and hunters who are gifted by nature, demon warlocks with demon blood, demon warlocks who have reached an agreement with the devil, and stalkers who are gifted by the plane of shadow.

Of course, this world is still controlled by the wizard and the Holy See.

The two biggest forces.

Yate’s father, the former Viscount Claurido, who is estimated to have passed away, was a wizard, an apprentice of a middle wizard.

The descendants of the noble blue blood.

The blue blood flowing in the body represents the dignity of their identity, and it is this blue blood that gives them the ability to cast spells, allowing them to have a powerful force to control their territory.

This is the information Yate got after finishing his memory.

His cheap father tirelessly instilled the dignity and greatness of the blue-blooded nobleman into the former owner of this body.

In fact, their blood is no longer blue.

Yate, who was cut out of the wound by the spiked flowers and plants, was bleeding red blood, but the color was lighter, and there was no blue tone at all.

“It’s a pity, if there is no such thing, I might be able to start learning wizards and get a second job.”

Yate was enjoying his late lunch, thinking about it.

In the game “The Extraordinary Middle Ages”, the second profession is not a strange thing. On the contrary, everyone will have a second profession. This does not refer to life professions such as enchanting or alchemy, but the second battle. Occupation.

After reaching the level, the core breakthrough, indispensable, is the second job.

Of course, he doesn’t need to think about this now.

Now being able to raise the “crow mage” to a higher level and gaining strength is the first priority.

“In other words…can the cultivation method of this world raise my level?” Yate’s thoughts began to drift.

Just as he was eating beef while his thoughts were flying, a loud noise suddenly sounded in the restaurant.

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