Night Crow Master

Chapter 627: Song of Destruction

[Enter the dungeon world——]

[World name: Song of Destruction…..]

[Introduction: Long process, difficult invader world. ]


Gods are powerful but not omnipotent, and the world is vast but not eternal. Eternal night will come.

In this world, “poems of destruction” spread

The Son of Eternal Night will bring destruction, so that the tree of dawn will never see light, and the world and the gods will fall into eternal sleep.

The gods feared and hated the Son of Eternal Night, hostile to the Son of Eternal Night who brought destruction.

They will kill all the Children of the Eternal Night that are discovered and wipe out their existence.


[World Type: Interference (the world will with an interference attitude will interfere with the player’s actions)]

[World Rank: Seventh Rank]

[Number of planes: multi-planes]

[Special power levels supported by the rules of the world: Multi-level seven and below]

[Special power types supported by world rules: spirit, soul, life, magic, element…]

[Main Mission: None

Requirements: Survive to “Eternal Night Time”

Task reward: You can take any item in the world away from the instance. ]

[Task time limit: None (Eternal night time comes)]

[Ability increase and decrease: 15% increase in vocational skills in line with the world view]

[Pain reduction: none]

[Information Shielding: Diversified intelligence can be leaked to creations in the world in any form, but at your own risk]

[Creating identity disguised——]

[Detection of pedigree “psychic phantom”, does not match the worldview race. ]

[Has the title ‘Phantom’. ]

[Do not assign the identity of the creation, please hide your identity as soon as possible]

[Currently the number of players in this instance: unknown]

[Player relationship: can be hostile, can hurt]

[After ten seconds, the obscuration aperture dissipates. ]

One prompt after another appeared in front of the “phantom” that Yate possessed.

However, almost all the requirements have become extremely loose, with almost no restrictions.

For example, “task reward: can take any item in the world away from the copy”.

The world below the S level is basically limited to the amount that can be brought out.

However, this mission world is not limited.


Judging from the explanations between the lines, the possibility of “can take any item in the world away from the copy” is probably –

With your own strength, you can bring as many as you can.

Moreover, the meaning of “long process and difficult intruder world” is already obvious.

It is simulating the scenario of invading other worlds.

High risk and high difficulty.

Moreover, the Phantom hasn’t reached the fifth level of Multi-element, but still the pinnacle of Multielement Four.

But the upper limit of combat power in this world is multivariate seven.

Moreover, he needs to hide on his own, and there is no node country system to handle the early hiding methods and deployment.

The key is…..

“You can inform the creations in the world of multiple world intelligence, but at your own risk”

The worst result is not whether the player will inform the creations in the world of multi-world intelligence.

But the creations in the world can get information from other players through the mouth of the player.

In other words, once one of the creations in this world discovers the player, and discovers the player’s identity as the “son of the eternal night” through mind reading, plundering memories, etc., the situation of other players will become difficult. stand up.

Yate’s mood gradually stabilized due to the worst possible situation that could be brought about by rotating every piece of information at a high speed.

His Yat’s situation was more dangerous than the Phantom’s situation.

He Yat is actually carrying out the invasion of the game kingdom.

He not only has to control the phantom to avoid being discovered by this world, but also to avoid being discovered by the game kingdom.

Of course, the worst may be that he has been discovered, and he was prepared for the worst result.

Recalling the plan as “Phantom” and “Yexing”, he settled down, his eyes turned four times, and fixed on the bodies of passersby and men, preparing to use the power of phantom to sneak into each other’s body after the obscured aperture disappeared.

Ten seconds later, as the obscured aperture dissipated, Phantom’s body turned into a shadow, and quickly escaped into the body of a man who had passed by the obscured aperture.

“Convair, even trash like you wants to join the King’s Knights?”

“You are too thin, Convair, the king’s warband knights, all of them are such powerful heroes. Their courage and strength are the best warriors for the king.”

“Hundreds of people like you are all idiots. How can the king’s knights be so good? I heard that some of them were invited to the Snow Realm by the Protoss in the winter, and they were legendary warriors favored by the Protoss.”

“You might as well think about fishing and hunting rather than joining the Knights overwhelmingly.”

Memory after memory was discovered by “Phantom” as Yate controlled the Phantom to sneak into the man’s body.

Yate also confirmed the experience of the man who passed through the town with a fish and a metal fork.

This man named Convair is just an ordinary fisherman. Sometimes he goes fishing in streams and creeks, and sometimes he goes to the forest to hunt animals and pick fruits.

However, his experience has given Yate some information.

This area is called “Eckert”, which means the country in the north.

The ruler of this region, the so-called “king”, relies on the authority established by the “Winter Gods” in the north, is one of the agents of the human agents of the “Winter Gods”, as one of the agents of the Winter Gods , And fight with other Protoss agents.

The so-called “Protoss”, in this man’s perception, should be located farther north.

However, according to Yate, they probably lived on other planes.

However, in any case, what he needs to do is to obtain more resources that can help the Phantom’s advancement as a Phantom, and at the same time not to be known by the “Protoss” and other creative forces that may represent the will of the world. Found and wiped out.

Obtain as many resources and information as possible carefully.

Turning the metal fork in his hand, taking a look at the fish in his hand, Yate quietly left the town with simple folk customs, looking for a sparsely populated place.

The phantom’s ability to hide the soul by means of shadows, whether it is a collection of intelligence or concealment, is a very clever ability.

Yate needs more information to plan its operations.

in spite of……

In his field of vision, he can clearly see where the bad luck and the great fortune are, and where the bad luck and the small fortune are.

However, although these can be used as reasons for his actions, they cannot be used as reasons for Mirage’s actions.

Start by learning about the forest near the town and the house where he lives.

After thinking about it, Yate finally glanced at the most lucky direction of the town, and silently disappeared to the edge of the town.

Fortunately, his actions did not attract anyone’s attention.

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