Night Crow Master

Chapter 628: Plan started

Yate spent a long time studying the basic conditions of the world——

In the case of hidden identity.

At present, as far as he knows, the main material world of this world is a few scattered continents.

However, when it is said to be scattered, it is actually only separated by a strait.

The northern country where he is now located is the giant island or mainland located in the north.

In addition, they are “Lenno” in the South, “Mi Mang” in the West, and “Ayre” in the East.

However, the population of this world relative to the land area, the gap is quite large.

Humans basically gather in relatively close places.

The humans of Eckert in the northern country are also gathered in a corner of this northern continent.

Other places are occupied by various monsters.

Although these monsters are not without wisdom, they basically don’t have a good attitude towards a weak race like humans.

In the Northern Kingdom, the ruling structure is relatively loose, and there is no sufficiently stable or perfect ruling class.

Including the king, they are basically power structures higher than the clan system and lower than the enfeoffment system.

The formation of such a structure is basically related to force and combat effectiveness.

Because of the high external pressure, although internal unity, the structure of unity is “force.”

Whoever has the greatest force will have the greatest power.

The ruler acts as the leader in the form of an “alliance” leader.

Each tribe has its own power, and these powers are governed by the “king”.

The ruler of the “Eckert” of the Northern Kingdom, the man called the “king”, and the man called the “Winter King”, is called Maien.

He has the blood of the Winter Gods, able to fight against powerful monsters and protect the people of the North.

And this “Winter King” Maien, his force is called the Warriors, Knights, or Guards. The people in it are all famous warriors in the North.

If in later generations, such people will probably be called the knight (warrior) class.

Because, according to the results of Yate’s investigation during this period, most of the members of this warrior group and this knight group are of good origin, and many of its members are current tribal leaders or future heirs.

The main body of this knight order, among the group of guards of the Winter King, has 13 people second only to the leader of the Winter King, and higher than the other warriors.

They are called the Winter Knights, except for two of them who are not tribal leaders or heirs, the others are behind them.

Although the knights will recruit warriors from all over the country, most of them are just ordinary soldiers.

However, it is also a very glorious thing to become a warrior under the Winter King.

Ordinary people, even if they want to be soldiers, are also soldiers in the tribal town where he is now.

“Gray-eyed Georg”

The tribal leader of the tribal town he was in was once a winter knight in the Knights of the Winter King, but because of the hidden danger of his injuries and his age, he quit the knights and returned to the tribal town.

Just looking at the legend, this man is also a very powerful person. He killed a monster with gray eyes, swallowed its heart, swallowed his eyes, drank its blood, and gained its power–

Able to decay the weapons and flesh and blood of others in battle.

The body occupied by Yate, the fisherman, originally intended to participate in the warrior spot competition of the King’s Warriors, but after losing, he turned to second place and prepared to participate in the gray-eyed Georg Warriors campaign.

Yate was not prepared to change his plan.

Because of this plan, Convair, the original owner who had just grown up, had already shown off to relatives and friends several times.

Speaking of coming-of-age ceremony…

In this world of sturdy folk customs, the coming-of-age ceremony for a boy to become a man is to throw it into the forest where there are beasts and monsters, and stay alive for more than a day before returning.

Because Convair was a fisherman and hunter, he had the ability to survive. There was a stream in the forest and he passed it smoothly.

However, Convair swelled up, feeling that no one else was as good as him.

However, the intention of throwing into the forest was to judge their comprehensive capabilities, including force.

Although Convair persisted for the longest time, he was actually not as good as those who came back the first day.

In this regard, Convair also exposed the lack of force in the campaign of the Winter King Knights.

If Yate wants to be stable and not show his feet, he needs to follow the facts…

Increased force out of thin air, but it is very doubtful.


Warcraft, monsters.

He needs to hunt monsters and monsters, win the power of monsters and monsters, and then become stronger.

Apart from other things, the humans in this world, unlike the humans in his impression, have a very powerful feature, which can also be said to be racial talent.


Or the jackpot.

It is highly adaptable to the power from other races such as monsters, monsters, etc., and blends into one’s own use.

Different people have different adaptability.

And Yate now this…

Coincidentally, its adaptive attribute is shadow.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this that Yate will be possessed and become the “son of the eternal night”, right?

However, Yate could not go to hunt monsters with shadow attributes.

“Eternal Night Poetry” clearly stated that the world is wary of “Son of Eternal Night”, and he went to get a shadow skin. Isn’t that a lantern to go to the toilet to die?

He needs to hunt monsters with other attributes to gain power.

But here comes the problem.

What is the purpose of the players entering this world?

Just to survive?

Of course not, the high degree of freedom and high authenticity of the S-class world is to allow players to freely gain power while surviving.

It just doesn’t make sense to survive.

Yate is too.

He needs to meet three conditions.

First, it is in line with Yate’s own strength growth.

Second, the power growth in line with the phantom identity.

Third, the power growth that conforms to Convair’s identity, otherwise Convair can grow “rightly” and “securely”.

The direct selection of the shadow and night attribute certainly meets the first two, but Convair estimates that it will be targeted soon.

But it doesn’t work if you don’t choose the shadow and night attribute.

What Yate himself needs is the power that can fit the “doom”.

Dark night, crow belief, etc.

The mind can barely meet the “doom”.

The combination of “dark night” and “mind” of dream is also in line with bad luck.

However, the dream itself is also reminiscent of the night, so…

The mind, what he can do is to obtain the mind and the power of darkness, but only show the power of the mind, and hide the power of darkness and night.

This is the only option that meets the three identities of Art, Mirage, and Convair.

Then, he needs to find out where there are such monsters.

He needs to find it.

Also need to find someone.

Of course, it is obvious, he needs to find someone, and best, he can show the process of hunting the corresponding monster and adapting to its power before people.

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