Night Crow Master

Chapter 630: Strange river

“Did the tree-eater escaped or was eaten?”

During the march, a hunter asked aloud.

The old hunter who checked the situation touched the beard of his chin, and said solemnly:

“It should have escaped. Although the tree-eaters are timid, they move quickly. Moreover, there are so many tree-eaters, how can they be eaten by them all.”

The old hunter’s answer made the hunter relax a bit.

However, at this moment, a low voice came from the front:

“Be careful! We are about to enter the strange river, be careful!”

The roar of the man who had been reprimanding Yate in the camp came from the front of the team.

The Weird River, Yate has heard, is an active river, and it doesn’t have much active harm in itself-as long as you don’t drink the water in the river.

However, there is a monster that is interdependent with the strange river, or lives near the strange river.

A monster that changes its appearance. It often changes into horses that appear by the river or across the bridge. Once you ride on a horse or step on a bridge, it will be stuck by this monster and then dragged into the water.

This kind of monster does not only appear near the strange river, but also appears in other places, but mainly rivers.

And once this kind of monster appeared at the same time as the strange river, it would be a disaster.

Being dragged down the river abruptly, drinking the water of the strange river, the body will lose strength.

The goal of this group of hunters is to cross the strange river, or to find monsters around the strange river that have lost the ability to resist because of drinking the water by mistake.

For hunters, sometimes, this strange river is their good helper.

However, Yate did not want them to do this.

Yate also confirmed that there are monsters in this forest.

He finally determined that he should “hunt” that fake mud monster that looked like a slime.

According to his investigation, the pseudo-mud monsters have two abilities. The first is the ability to soften the body and efficiently digest and corrode. The second is the ability of the mind to interfere with the perception of the mind. Without other senses, they can only perceive through the mind. Look for living creatures and release mental influences, attracting all kinds of minded creatures to approach you to kill the target.

The first ability, Yate, didn’t care and didn’t want it, but this kind of soft deformation ability can be used as a cover for the “phantom” deformation ability.

The second ability, Mirage also has, and is stronger, just to cover up.

He needs these people to witness him kill the fake mud monster.

Yate lightly patted the leather armor on his body, and gave instructions to the twin shadows he released.

[Twin Shadows] The most critical part of this skill is the “Twin”.

The twin shadows sneaked into the soul between the shadows, there will be a subtle induction, so that they can approach each other on their own without any external influence.

And now, one of the twin shadows had sneaked into the mind of the pseudo-mud monster, and the other twin shadow parasitic beast was sent by Yate to lead the pseudo-mud monster out of the lair.

As long as he ordered the little beast to move nearby, the fake mud monster would also move.

However, in order to avoid being suspected, he cannot and cannot move out, so the fake mud monster can only have a “reasonable” reason to approach him.

A little beast with the aura of a pseudo-mud monster that was hunted but did not die is the best reason for the pseudo-mud monster to go out.

Yate’s actions did not make the group of hunters who rushed to the strange river cautiously react.

In other words, they don’t care about this new rookie.

As long as you don’t cause them trouble, everything is easy to say.

Yate also waited silently for the arrival of the ooze monster that was not moving fast.

As the team continued to advance, the surrounding environment had obviously changed.

The vegetation withered, the ground dried up, and the whole forest exuded a breath of silence.

Blame the river.

The water of that strange river can not only make animals sleep and lose their power, but also plants.

Plants infested by strange rivers, plants that draw water from strange rivers, will fall asleep to death.

The old hunter at the forefront picked it up, holding a dead branch in his hand.

And Yate picked up a dead branch with a “curious” attitude.


Derivative roads of the two roads of mind and night.

The power that can plunge the mind into silence.

However, this path is also dangerous, and it is easy to fall into eternal sleep.

That strange river…

Yate’s gaze narrowed. As he had clearly confirmed in this forest before, there was no strange river at all, only a monster resembling water element hiding in the river…

Did he show up after he checked? Or did the so-called Weihe River leave when he was investigating?

His mind became contemplative.

If this is the case, chances are you can encounter some players and the forces in this world that oppose the “Children of Eternal Night”.

At this moment, the old hunter muttered:

“It’s completely dead…”

The palm full of calluses exerted a slight force, the dead branches held by him did not easily shatter, the knowledge made a slight crisp sound, and some sawdust fell from the gap in the palm.

Yate looked at all this, and his face changed like everyone else.

At this time, a hunter standing not far from him was surprised:

“Could it be that Guaihe woke up?”

The strange river moves, but it does not move frequently. When it is inactive, it looks like an ordinary river just by looking at it.

Obviously, although this place has withered and dried up, there is no river within sight.

In other words, Guaihe left.

“Then we continue to walk?” The hunter who asked Shen Sheng had a heavy heart. It was not good news for them to blame the river for moving.

“Look again, and leave if you can’t find it.” The old hunter made a decision.

“Where do we need to go?”

“Go ahead! Keep going, keep walking along the withered area, and you can find it.” The old hunter dignifiedly clenched the weapon in his hand and started to move forward.

Thick withered leaves and branches piled on the ground, but no sound came out when they stepped on it.

And at this moment, the group of hunters on the left edge suddenly made a defensive posture.

call! ! !

Suddenly, the leaves flew up, and a black shadow passing through the pile of leaves suddenly stopped.

It was a little beast that looked like a pig, covered with fur and had countless sharp fangs in its mouth.

Although it stopped in time, it still fell into the sight of the hunters.

“It’s a hide hunter!”

The hunters’ eyes lit up. Although this little beast is fierce, it has low combat effectiveness and is a very good source of fur.


A hunter at the forefront of the team threw out his javelin without any hesitation. The javelin pierced the pile of leaves and made a rustle.

However, instead of being stabbed, the little beast immediately turned to escape.

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