Night Crow Master

Chapter 631: Approaching

But at this moment, a hunter seemed to have discovered something and suddenly shouted:

“Be careful!”

The hunter’s warning sound had just been yelled out, and there was a scream.


Afterwards, a series of screams came, and the few hunters in the front chasing the hunting beast were all slammed, and the screams stopped abruptly.

And the hunter in the third place, because of the warning from the former, reacted in time and let out a burst of shouts——


The hunter screamed, waved his broad blade, and brutally cut off the black shadow that had hit the two of them——

A gale passed by, and the black shadow that struck the two and stood up just now has been cut into two knots with the hunter’s broad blade, and bright red blood and internal organs are scattered all over the ground.

However, in the next moment, everyone who saw the dark shadow could not help being surprised.

It was a slightly turbid, semi-transparent colloidal soft monster, like water and mud.

And the blood viscera that was spilled were the blood viscera of the hunter who was swept by the monster and swept into his body!

There was only a gap in the soft monster’s body, and the liquid and muddy body quickly healed.

The brute force hunter only had time to swing another knife before he was hit by the mud monster.

“This is a saprosy!”

When the hunter was entangled in the monster and swallowed into his small body, the oldest hunter called out the monster’s name.

He and Yate randomly named the “pseudo mud monster”, this “soil monster” obviously attracted everyone’s attention.

Or, frightened.

Although people in this world are not as good as monsters, their physical fitness is not weak, and they have the talent to adapt to external forces. When powerful hunters continue to hunt various beasts and monsters, they use methods such as swallowing and bathing blood. Can get a certain amount of power.

However, most people gain strength by hunting and eating beasts, which is basically reflected in their physical fitness.

The ooze monster, or sapropel, is not afraid of physical attacks. No matter how strong the body is, in front of it, if there is no attack method other than physical, the only way to deal with it is –


Unless you have hunted monsters with special abilities and acquired those abilities that can attack by means other than physical, you can only escape.

After the old hunter determined the identity of the mud monster, all the hunters who were still alive immediately turned around and ran away in the direction they came.

And Yate followed directly.

Under “normal” conditions, Yate would not be able to kill the saprosy monster, nor could he gain the power of the saprosy monster.

However, Yate could see that this sapropel had a big weakness.


No, of course not, but the characteristic that it will swallow as long as it sees its prey, completely ignoring its own digestive ability.

The essence of its body is composed of the slime that has the ability to digest and emulate. Once too much prey is swallowed, the strength of its body structure, or the connection between the sludge, will become weaker before digestion is completed. , When it is unable to complete the digestion, it will swallow more, and even cause the body structure to be unable to continue to connect and cause death.

Yate’s goal was to become the last prey to be swallowed. When he swallowed him, the sapropel body collapsed, and he was able to successfully complete the “blood removal”.

Of course, for the sake of authenticity, he also needs to pay the price of some flesh and blood.

Such as broken limbs or something.

Yate’s gaze swept across a group of hunters, and according to his calculations, thirteen hunters, swallowed about ten in a short time, would let the gluttonous saprosy monster die.

In other words, Yate can finally get four witnesses.

Now, three people have been swallowed, only five more are needed, and he and the sixth are swallowed together, and it’s done.

Without the slightest hesitation, Yate’s eyes swept over the people who had mocked him before.

“Mind collapsed!”

Following the self-talk in Yate’s heart, a dark and invisible wave aroused from Yate’s body and fell on the people in front of him.

The collapse of the mind can destroy the mind and the skills of thinking and memory, thereby affecting the target’s actions.

“Phantom” is equivalent to a powerful attack of Multi-element Level 4, which is completely imperceptible to this group of ordinary hunters who are less than Multi-element Level 2.

Behind Yate’s side, the two hunters who were about to catch up with Yate stopped in unison, and their eyes became hollow in an instant.

And that saprosy monster–

After swallowing the two hunters, the saprosy monster with a soft body rushing in a nearly human form shook it directly, threw them down and swallowed them into the body.

Visible to the naked eye, two flesh and blood were submerged in the sapropel body, and the figure was a bit bigger.

Without any hesitation, the saprosy monster then rushed towards Yate, who was the slowest runner.

Yate just controlled Convair’s body, exploding like a physical limit, and jumped out toward the front side.

Almost at the same time, not far from Yate, among the remaining eight people who were desperately running, three of them all stagnated, and their speed suddenly slowed down.

Without being noticed by anyone, a twin shadow released by Yate sneaked into the body of the fifth person at the front and back of the escape team.

In almost an instant, the running saprosy monster. His gaze suddenly turned to the man.

However, the gluttonous sapropel did not let go of the three slow-moving hunters, who had grown like a ball, like a big-bellied man running, and involved the three of them.

The bodies of the three of them suddenly fell into the flesh and blood of the sacrificial sludge, and uttered a scream of abrupt cessation.

Eight people.

Two more.

The “line of sight” of the saprosy monster suddenly fell on the fifth hunter who was still running.

At this time, Yate did not hesitate at all. He fell to the ground and was “normally” swallowed by the saprosy inside his body.

Almost after he was swallowed, the saprosy monster threw out again as if going mad, and the constantly deforming body threw out like a mountain of meat, pushing the sixth and fifth people to the ground.

The remaining four also ran desperately until they ran a certain distance, and among the four who still did not hear heavy footsteps, the man in the front couldn’t help but glanced.

Afterwards, he saw that the sapropel body was constantly swaying and swaying in the position several hundred meters later, as if it was mad, the hunters who were swallowed into the body, their bodies were once in the ooze. The ups and downs in the water-like body keep going.

The man in the front couldn’t help but stop. The other three also realized something after running a distance. They also stopped and looked back.

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