Night Crow Master

Chapter 633: Transmuter

Under the preconceived consciousness, Yate originally thought that the trend of the world’s luck and bad luck could not be borrowed, so he had not specially observed the luck and bad luck of these hunters before.

but now……

Yate pondered for a moment, and immediately recalled a situation he had encountered before.

Or to be precise, that river, that strange river.


The mixed derived power of the mind and the road of the night.

Son of Eternal Night.

In the prophecy, in the poem of destruction, the pillar of this world, the tree of dawn, will be “destroyed” by the arrival of the Son of Eternal Night, and the gods and the world will usher in eternal sleep.

Related to the dark night, all existences that may be the sons of the eternal night, as long as they are discovered, should be monitored by the power of the gods.

This is Yate’s speculation.

But, more importantly, the luck of these hunters is locked.

Under the control of destiny rule props such as the slate of destiny, these locked and constrained luck and bad luck should only be unlocked or even not unlocked at a certain time, choosing to transmit bad luck or luck to other targets quantitatively.

In this case, as long as you observe which individuals’ luck and bad luck are inconsistent with their records, you can trace the root cause and at which link the orientation has the problem.

In just a few thoughts, a series of methods for monitoring and using the doom and luck of Qi Luck had emerged in Yate’s mind.

However, at the same time, he couldn’t help but think about it.

Can I seek some benefits in this process?

The body that he hides in the player’s emblem has completely purified the road, and only follows the path of bad luck.

To enhance his strength, the best way is to absorb more doom power.

Of course, this is not certain.

He himself also planned things about other roads.

Take the road of bad luck as the main trunk, and then take the bloodline of the crow race god, the road of faith, the road of soul, and the road of night as branches.

But this still cannot get around a problem.

In his plan, in the regular road knowledge he has learned, it is best to change the posture and promote the regular state with pure power when he is promoted to level 7.

In the knowledge he learned from the core of the system, the main point of the way he wants to step above the regularity and a higher level is purity.

That is, after he gradually controls the core of the system, in the knowledge hidden in the core of the system, he tells him that to be cautious about the conceptual state, it must be a pure rule in the regular state.

If you choose to change this method when you are promoted to level 7, you can have a variety of road structure rule states. Although multiple road structure rule states will consume a lot, it is also difficult to stabilize the structure, but it can allow the promoted to get better after being promoted to level 7. strong power.

However, a pure rule consumes relatively little cost, and because the rule is single, there are fewer methods that can be used, the combat power is weaker than that of a multi-rule mutator, and a single rule is not stable enough.

However, this is necessary to advance the conceptual state.

Transformers who are promoted with multiple rules are strong at multiple levels 7 and 8, but they will be determined to die in a regular state and cannot continue to transform.

Transformers who are promoted by a single rule are weaker at multiple levels 7 and 8, but they can continue to transform and become a “conceptual state.” Although they are single-rule, they encounter rules with similar roads. When a metamorphosis person, he has extremely terrible suppression power against enemies of the same path, and can even directly prevent the opponent from using the power of that path.

These things are the knowledge he obtained from the core of the system after he took control of the core of the system.

Moreover, the most critical thing is –

In the description of the system, he, Yate, is a conceptual transmuter of the path of doom.

But… not perfect.

His transformation does not seem to be complete.

He could vaguely feel this.

He can control the unowner’s rule-state doom power, but for the master’s doom power, although he has the ability to control it, he is not as strong as the description of the conceptual metamorpher in the core of the system.

This is also the reason why Yate very decisively chose to divide the power and divide all the power beyond the path of doom.

Therefore, in this case, even if he chooses other roads as his power aid, he must exclude them from the road structure, that is…

The use of foreign objects is not included in its own control.

The reason for this is to avoid the need to bother to separate the power of other roads during the transformation from the sixth level of the multi-factor to the seventh level of the multi-factor.

If he incorporates other road forces into himself, then when he is metamorphosing, he must remove the power of this road again.

But if he didn’t incorporate this path power into himself, then his control over power would not be the same as that of other powerhouses.

The multi-element five-level high level does not incorporate power into its control, and the effect that can be exerted is the multi-element five-level medium or even low level.

To grow further or to have the power in front of him, with Yate’s character, there is no doubt that he would choose further.

Because he has been worried about one thing.

Own source.

The core of the system has a lot to do with the game kingdom. Your predecessor, the original personality of the doom concept has a lot to do with the game kingdom.

However, his predecessor has become a metamorphosis of the concept of doom, but he is still dead and his personality is wiped out. Then, what kind of danger he encountered.

If he chooses the power in front of him and chooses a multi-rule structure for promotion, then he must change his path and cannot continue to change.

And can no longer continue to change, compared to the conceptually strong, in the battle of the same type of force, it will inevitably lag behind and be at a disadvantage.

In this case, can he save himself in the future from the crisis of his predecessor’s original personality?

I’m afraid not.

This is the most optimistic guess that Yate’s character can make.

He is a transmuter of the concept of incomplete doom, but how did this “incompleteness” come about?

It was completely, and then there was damage?

Or did you not complete the complete transformation when you were promoted?

The latter is normal, relatively speaking, the future crisis is also small, and the crisis represented by the former is far better than the latter.

With Yate’s character, he prepared, no doubt aimed at the latter.

Therefore, he is a transmuter of the concept of doom, but this is not entirely the matter he needs to solve most.

Therefore, he must solve this problem.

He must use the concept of doom as a single core to be promoted to seven levels to complete the transformation of the rule state.

He can take the crow race blood path, the crow belief path, the night path, and the spiritual path as branches, but it can only be used as an external auxiliary force, not as part of his own integration.

He needs to spend time on “Phantom” to create a “body”, a body that hides himself as a transmuter who is a single concept of doom.

This body is his disguise, and it also assists him in completely completing the concept of doom and becoming a complete transmuter.

The strange river is a derivation of the soul and the dark road. If it can be obtained, it is very good for casting and perfecting the “phantom” body.


If he is right, this group of hunters will encounter the strange river, or that he will encounter the strange river, it is because of this group of hunters.

That “strange river” is very likely to have huge bad luck or huge luck…

Son of Eternal Night.

Yate did not believe that the so-called “son of the eternal night” only refers to the players who descended from the game kingdom.

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