Night Crow Master

Chapter 634: "generator

Yes, Yate’s idea is that these hunters are people who will come into contact with things related to the “children of the eternal night” in “destiny”.

As for the “child of the eternal night”, if it does not refer to the “player” but the character in this world, then it is the character related to that strange river.

Yate glanced at the top of Convair’s head, who was possessed by him. Bad luck… is not locked.

The loss and growth of luck and bad luck often happen when events of various sizes occur, and under normal circumstances it does not flow at will.

At the beginning, Yate preconceived that the fate of this world was also excluded from the core. It was also because when he controlled Phantom Possession at the beginning, he discovered that the fate of Convair’s head was not affected by [悠悠读] locked status.

So… Is it normal that the bad luck on Convair’s head is not locked, or is it normal for the bad luck of this group of hunters to be locked?

Logically speaking, Yate naturally prefers the latter——

There are several reasons.

First, the knowledge he obtained from the core of the system and the several worlds of order he had come into contact with before were all driven by air luck and misfortune. The changes in fate and misfortune moved the river of time and drew strength from the river of time.

The game country adopts this method too. So, if luck and bad luck are excluded from the core, and there is no definite “destiny”, then this kind of “power generation” method cannot be used, so the operation of such a huge world group will Other energy is needed.

And Yate still uses this method of drawing power from the long river of time as a method of “generation” in the world group where another identity was before.

The anomaly of the dark night world group is either that there are other more massive energy sources, or the builders and controllers of the dark night world group are on the alert while concentrating the “power generation” world that incorporates the operation of air transport and carrying out these worlds. Strictly monitor…

Second, it is also connected by the first. The existence of “players” is to cultivate talents on the one hand, and to treat them as power generation components that change “destiny.”

In this case, there is no difference between the “players”‘s bad luck, locking or not-

No, there is a difference. In the locked situation, if the player picks a carrier with poor luck, then the probability of wanting to succeed is relatively small, but if it succeeds, the fate will be more affected.

But this is too difficult–

Yate couldn’t understand better that the lowest level of the forces of doom is the regular state, not the regular state of transformation and conceptual goals, and the forces of bad luck and luck cannot be moved before the seventh level.

Locked luck and bad luck can easily kill the player.

And if it is not locked, it is better for players.

Moreover, Yate has a “trap” feeling.

Finding that the hunters’ bad luck was locked while Convair’s luck was not locked in his own control of the Phantom possessed, he also came up with the idea of ​​”utilizing”, collecting bad luck to strengthen himself.

However, Yate’s character of taking one step and looking at three steps made him subconsciously suspicious of this “good opportunity”.

Just like what he said before, if the structure of the night world group is as he thinks, a few large “power generation” worlds are concentrated instead of all worlds with the “power generation” function, then combining the night world group may be guarding against bad luck. With abnormal flows, the world is closely monitored.

Under this assumption, if he really does something to the doom forces of this world, he will fall into the eyes of the monitor.

The so-called “trap”.

Thinking of this possibility, Yate’s original idea of ​​collecting doom power was also suppressed.

Sure enough, it is safer to develop other types of power first, not to incorporate it into your core, and to stack to the multi-level six peak, and then to use this foreign object to find opportunities to collect doom power.

After making a decision, Yate took a look at the fate and bad luck that flowed slightly above his head, and the body gathered in the player’s emblem was completely quiet.

Not thinking about other things, Yate controlled the Phantom, and absorbed the power of the pseudo-mud monster with Convair’s body, with the adaptability that all “humans” in this world have.

The Phantom is also close to the multi-level five, and Yate is actually the multi-element five, and the “fusion” of the pseudo-mud monster “blood” that is at most multi-level two is quite smooth.

Taking this opportunity, Yate also took a closer look.

The “adaptability” of the “human beings” in this world is very suitable for taking the path of the “bloodline” category of life.

Incorporate the excellent characteristics of various powerful monsters into the body with “adaptability”, and gather various strengths…

Yate instantly thought of the “Queen of Babylon” he met when he planned to enter the game kingdom again.

The one who takes the path of “life” and “world” bases all kinds of blood on one body and becomes the direction of the origin of everything in the world.

The adaptability of the “human” in this world can also be regarded as a special kind of blood, very suitable for that female “human.”

But it is not suitable for Mirage.

Phantom takes the path of mind + shadow, giving up the bearing of the material body.

Although there are many races in the “blood” path of the branch of life without material bodies, they are not suitable for phantoms.

The “crow race” path that Yate decided in relation to the “blood” is more accurately the “crow race faith” rather than the actual blood.


Sweeping around the surrounding group of hunters who were waking up, or with lingering fears or expressions of disbelief, Art controlled the phantom and let Convair’s body fall into a deep sleep–

Under the indirect suppression of his control of the phantom, the “human bloodline” in Cornwell’s body smoothly incorporated the extraordinary power from the pseudo-mud monster into the body.

Pseudo-mud monsters possess several abilities, and the abilities that hunters gain through the strong adaptability of the “human bloodline” are not self-controlling.

Among the abilities of the pseudo-mud monster that can soften the body, the ability to efficiently corrode, the ability to intervene in the mind and the perception, what Yate needs is the first and the third.

With this, Phantom can use psychic abilities in a “justified” manner.

And the other hunters–

Yate found several hunters who had acquired the ability of the pseudo-mud monster to corrode flesh and ore.

These pseudo-mud monsters can indeed quickly corrode and digest things such as flesh and ore, but the pseudo-mud monsters themselves do not have a strong physique…

In other words, it can be digested and absorbed quickly, but it cannot be “stored”.

This ability can be used to quickly recover when hungry or weak, but it cannot be saved additionally.

This is also the reason why the pseudo-mud monster collapsed on its own after swallowing many hunters.

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