Night Crow Master

Chapter 635: Snow Priest

All the members of the fallen hunting group were quickly brought back to the gathering place.

The small town of Zoria, ruled by the gray-eyed Georg, has a large population, but it is certainly not too large.

This hunting group was originally well-known in this small town. Although it is not the most powerful hunting group, it is also of medium level.

What happened to the hunting group soon spread to all forces, big and small, to the gray-eyed Georg.

A group of people got special powers, and after careful investigation, they sounded like the city lord and the gray-eyed Georg.

This point immediately made all the big and small forces interested in the hunting group, and even the gray-eyed Georg sent an envoy to the hunting group.

“Convair! Get your spirits up! We have a chance to join Chief Georg’s clan and even the Warriors!”

The tall man with blue and white braids, with the same attitude as before, patted Yate on the shoulder:

“Although you are just a rookie, you can’t just give up!”

In this world very close to primitive society, there is a difference between the warrior group and the hunting group.

The chief role of the warrior regiment is fighting, and the chief role of the hunting regiment is food gathering.

The hunters of the hunting group are like other people, like the people of the entire tribal town. They are the people of the leader. Under normal circumstances, they are not soldiers, but are responsible for the food source of the town.

Among the hunting groups, there are also “war groups.”

There is the difference between a battle group and a hunting group, that is, the battle group is specifically responsible for the food gathering of the leader forces, and occasionally it also cooperates with the warrior group, similar to the part-time job of a soldier and a hunter.

War regiments, this kind of soldier organization directly obeys the leader, the gray-eyed Georg soldier organization is a target for many hunting regiments.

Although the world is quite “primitive”, or at least the “Northland” Eckert is relatively primitive, and the currency is relatively primitive, using the bones or ore of powerful monsters as currency to exchange specious or two kinds of currency. The form constitutes a preliminary trading system.

In a world where material desires are not too much, power—how to become stronger, weapons and armors, more food, wine, and status—are basically their limited pursuits.

Yate naturally doesn’t catch a cold for these, but as a “Convair”, he needs to climb up and get in touch with higher-level opportunities.

“Yes, that’s right! Manor! We can join the battle! My fishing gun will bring back ice fish from the river!”

Yate responded, behaving as a young man who had just gained strength and still had the excitement that has not faded.

Manor, the tall hunter with blue and white braids, slammed his palms vigorously, but also paid attention to the strength, and did not touch Convair’s body skin.

He is one of the beneficiaries of the death of the ooze monster. He has acquired the ability of the ooze monster to corrode the ore and flesh and the ability to partially deform. The ability of the ooze monster to perceive the soul has also been obtained, but compared to the previous two To be weak.

He can quickly digest the flesh and ore that he eats, and can use these flesh and ore to strengthen himself.

This is an ability that ooze monsters don’t have, and with the ability to partially deform, Manor can soften his body parts locally without pain.

And the ability to perceive the mind is like a passive in him, it has become that he can perceive the attacking trend of the opponent very keenly.

Although it is still preliminary, it can be seen that it is very suitable for close combat, and it can almost be said that this hunting group has benefited the most.

Among the other people, there was one similar to Manor, named “Gertred”.

He can quickly digest the flesh and blood that he eats, but he is weak in digesting minerals and metals, but he can soften all his body at the same time——

Similar to but different from the pseudo-mud monster, his softening will make the whole body turn into a blood glue-like posture.

There is also a “Kanu” that can soften one’s body and corrode things. The corroded target will be interfered by the mind, disintegrating the mentality of resistance and resistance, making it difficult or impossible for the opponent to resist the mind. This kind of use is similar to “poison”.

The abilities acquired by these people, under the adaptation of their “human” bloodline, acquire different degrees of abilities, and these abilities have acquired different degrees of “assimilation”, making their abilities look different.

But in Yate’s eyes, these abilities are not too different, it is nothing more than the difference between the core of their own blood or the ability of the pseudo-mud monster.

In terms of roads, there is essentially only the difference between “assimilation” and “change”, and it is only preliminary.

And Yate, under his control, he acquired the ability to “be able to soften the body and imitate the image of others” and “be able to perceive and interfere with the mind of others superficially”.

Although the “imitation” is not very similar, a closer look shows that many flaws can be avoided or resisted. For example, if you need to perceive, you must directly contact your skin or something, but this is what Yate needs.

Too perfect and too powerful can make people jealous and jealous.

And if there are obvious shortcomings, then the other party will weaken the fear because of “there is a clear method of defense.”

And Yate also deliberately set aside the “weakness” of “not strong enough in combat”.

It looks like he is a degraded version of “Kanu”.

Although he has the ability to transform into flesh and blood, it can’t be used in combat. For this group of combat-oriented hunters, it is “pathetic”.

For the “compassion” eyes of a group of people with various abilities, Yate also appropriately showed some “unwillingness” and “strongness”.

As for his attitude, a group of people including Manor gave him a comforting look, and then a group of people began to look forward to the coming battle group and even the messenger of the warrior group.

And soon, under the waiting that Yate had to join in, finally, the gray-eyed Georg, the envoy of the retired Knight City Lord of the Winter King Knights, arrived.

However, something unexpected is that more than one came.

And Yate, who was hiding in the hunter, realized a situation instantly.

Maybe, there is an unfortunate player who has been discovered.



Appeared in front of a group of hunting group hunters, besides a tall man with many scars, there was also a middle-aged woman with a distinctive dress.


A force closely related to the Winter King but not completely controlled by the Winter King.

Among them, the high priest ranks second only to the Winter King.

Snow priest.

Looking at the other party’s long fur coat that was covered with complicated ornaments and wrapped in an extremely tight, Yate compressed and gathered the power of the Phantom itself.

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