Night Crow Master

Chapter 636: Purpose of the priest

Snow priest.

Looking at the other party’s long fur coat that was covered with complicated ornaments and wrapped in an extremely tight, Yate compressed and gathered the power of the Phantom itself.

Soon, Yate also got the answer.

The head of the hunting group, when he went outside to meet the envoy of the Winter King, was constantly looked at by the snow priest and took out something to test—

Although no one else saw it, Yate could feel it.

The priest of the Winter King was using a power that did not belong to her to sense the members of the hunting group.

And the source of that power…

There is a sense of regularity, but not regularity, but belief.

In terms of strength, it is about six levels of multiple…

The power used by the priest of the snow is not her own.

Yate can clearly feel–

The strength of this Snow Priest is also four-level, judging by the specific amount of the game kingdom, it is about 43, 44, which is a bit weaker than the Phantom.

But this priest of the snow realm did not change the path itself, and the power of material state, soul state, and belief state coexisted.

Rough and ordinary.

However, the important thing is–

The power of faith she possessed was implanted from outside.

Yate can clearly find the connection between the various forces in her body.

And the power she uses is not her own, but the nature of being endowed, implanted, or guided by others, carrying the power of others.

And this is also a characteristic of the power of faith.

The material state, the soul state, the belief state, the rule state and the “concept state” that Yate is also pursuing attention, all have different characteristics.

The power of the material state must be described in specific words, namely “carrying”, “inclusive” and “stability”.

Perhaps the characteristics of the power of the soul state should be called “change” or “instability.”

The power of the soul state is uncertain, and the body is extremely easy to change, and it is extremely easy to change the power.

Or “easy to be changed”.

A soul-state creature with no attributes can easily be replaced with elemental paths such as flames.

It is like a piece of drawing paper, which can be painted in various colors, and it is like plasticine, which can be deformed at will.

The state of faith should be said to be “difficult to remove.”

The power of the belief state is similar to but not the same as the soul state. The belief state also has a similar “easy to change” situation, but it is only at the beginning. Once the power of the belief state chooses a specific path, it will basically go to the dark one by one. .

“extreme”? “stubborn”? “Tendency”?

Once a certain path has been chosen, it is extremely difficult for the faithful beings to change.

Moreover, there is another property that is “infectious.”

The power of faith will erode other powers, assimilate other powers, and dye them into their own colors.

If the soul state is drawing paper, then the belief state is paint, which is paint.

And the regular state…..

The regular state can be said to be the most similar to the material state.

But it’s just similar.

To be precise, the regular state has part of the characteristics of the material state, the soul state, and the belief state.

Stability, change, pollution or assimilation.

The rule state is extremely stable? It is difficult to change.

And the characteristics similar to the soul state? It is not so much “change”, but rather “plasticity”? Isn’t it easy to be infected by external forces? It is able to coexist with other forces, while adapting to other rule-level forces? Maintain your own nature .

Stable and plastic.

The nature of itself is difficult to change, but it can be shaped under certain conditions.

Yate could easily see? This woman? This “Snow Priest” possessed the belief power that was spawned by the belief power of others or was simply derived from the belief power of others.

As for who? It’s also very obvious-the snow protoss followed by Eckert in the northern country, those winter protoss.

And what is she checking?

“Son of Eternal Night”.

But the question is, “Which” Son of Eternal Night?

Yate has three speculations about “Son of Eternal Night”.

One is guided by the introduction words when entering this world? “Players are the children of eternal night”.

One is the existence of “son of eternal night” in this world.

The last one is to include both.

This is a very critical thing.

This snow priest came here? He came to his hunting group to search, saying that he didn’t come for the Son of Eternal Night, Yate would not believe it.

but why?

If it is the first kind of guess, then, there are snow priests appearing here to search? Then it means that those “protoss” are the source of intelligence for the player’s arrival.

So, what happened to Yate here? It was also an “exposed” situation, the difference was only “detailed or not”? How much of his “Phantom” personal information was exposed, and those “Protoss” knew enough details.

Have players been caught by those protoss and then gained information?

The second guess? Yate also expected it.

“Strange River”? That strange river that makes everything sleep peacefully? The power of the soul and the dark road may come from some “son of eternal night”.

Those protoss information was information about the Son of Eternal Night that the world itself had, and he was just “a coincidence.”

But “coincidence” this kind of thing, Yate does not place hope on it.

There is another possibility, a possibility that is neither good nor bad for Yate——

A certain player may control part of the “Protoss”.

This is not impossible.

Controlling the phantom, controlling “Convair” to put out a curious and reverent gaze, revealing a temperament that was a little unconfident but didn’t want to shrink, he silently watched the power sweep over him.

With a touch of coldness, a feeling of death…

Ice and death?

While silently judging this power of belief, Yate did not act rashly, observing the actions of the priest in the snow.

After the other party checked everyone in the hunting group, he spoke a few words with the envoy of the Winter King.

Then, Yate heard the envoy of the Winter King and the head of the hunting regiment start talking again——

“A good group of fighters, more meat and bones, plus fighting, can make you stronger.”

“Tell me in detail, which people performed the best in your encounter this time?”

The envoy of the Winter King who seemed to be careless and unrestrained began to attack.

Except that Yate knew it well, everyone in the hunting group didn’t know the purpose of the other party. The head of the hunting group also scanned the people around, and began to describe the experience to the envoy of the Winter King with a smile. Describe the performance of each hunter.

The envoy of the Winter King also asked some details several times, and then praised the hunter who was boasted in the description of the hunting regiment leader, but the details that did not stop asked, let Yate understand that the other party did not reach purpose.

Until talking about the “weird river” thing.

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